Faltu 27th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Faltu gets praised

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Faltu 27th June 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Faltu checking her cupboard. Everyone welcomes the guests. Kumkum comes and asks her to come soon. She compliments Faltu. She asks Faltu to wear jewellery. She says Janardhan is feeling guilty, he insulted you and your family, he wants to introduce you. Faltu says I feel someone touched my cupboard, my two dresses are missing. Kumkum asks is this such a time to think, forget it, come. She goes. Faltu says I have to find out. Tanu comes to call her. She compliments her. Faltu says I have to talk to Ayaan. Tanu insists and takes her.

Janardhan says the star of tonight, my son, Ayaan Mittal, my family and I have struggled a lot, Ayaan had to go to jail, so much happened, but Ayaan and Faltu didn’t break down, they stood strong. Janardhan asks about Faltu. Faltu comes. Ayaan thinks no issue is imp than love, I will sort out our issues. Faltu sees Ayaan. Janardhan praises Faltu.

He says she is my son’s wife, this house’s bahu and my daughter, I m proud of her. Everyone claps. Tanu thinks the family drama started. Janardhan says we aren’t ashamed of Faltu, she had put her biggest dream on stake for the sake of family, I respect her even more, she is our pride. The servant says we will execute our plan when the party begins. Janardhan says its begin the party. Ayaan and Faltu dance on tu safar mera…. She says I need to talk to you. He says me too, but we will talk after the party. She worries. Ruhaan speaks to the servant. He says keep an eye on Faltu. He says you will know it today, I can do anything when I like something. The family dances together on Gal mithi… Tanu calls Ruhaan. She says don’t know when is he coming. Sid asks Tanu what happened.

Ruhaan asks Roy to burn the warehouse, but no one should know about it. He says it’s a small gift for Janardhan from my side. Faltu says I need to talk to you, something strange is happening here, I went to Ruhaan’s house. Ayaan says don’t take his name, I m trying my best. She says its imp, listen to me once. He says guests have come. Janardhan asks him to come soon. Tanu says he is double crossing me, I will go and show the pics to Ayaan.

The servant adds some drugs in the juice. She lies to Faltu. Faltu drinks the juice.

Faltu gets drunk. She says I have to talk to Ayaan. Ayaan asks what, fire? He says our warehouse caught fire. Inspector says someone did this with a planning, do you doubt anyone. Ayaan says yes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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