Faltu 26th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Neil and Ayaan’s argument

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Faltu 26th July 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ayaan says its my mistake, not Faltu’s. He asks Tanu to give Lajjo’s number. Tanu says no, I had reset my phone, the number got deleted. Ayaan asks where is Suhana, she has Pratap’s number. Harsh says she went to school, we can’t get it until she comes. Ayaan says I need to talk to Faltu, I don’t want the divorce. Harsh says we have an imp meeting, shall I attend it. Tanu says Ayaan must go, they can get offended seeing someone else, Faltu left, she wants divorce. Ayaan says but I don’t want the divorce. Tanu says she doesn’t want to stay with you. Janardhan says Ayaan is right, Faltu is upset, Ayaan has sent the divorce papers to her, don’t worry, she will come back. Savita says if she doesn’t want to stay with you, will you force her. Ayaan says yes, but I won’t let her go away from me. He tears the papers and goes.

Savita asks what did he do. Janardhan says he wants to fix his relation, no one should interfere. Tanu gets upset. She calls Charan. He asks did you get the divorce papers. She says yes, she didn’t need to come here, you know Ayaan is much upset. He asks why does he care, he got the divorce papers, she has no relation with you all, stay away. She asks isn’t she going back with you. He says no, she will stay here to fulfill her dreams. She asks what, why does she want to stay here, I mean she shouldn’t stay here, if anything happens again. He says you don’t worry. She says Ayaan submitted the papers in court, he was happy that Faltu signed the papers, shall I send her some money, can you tell me her address. He says no need, she is capable, no need to call me or my daughter, stay away from her. She says we want to be away from her, so I have worked hard, my chapter will start after Faltu’s chapter ends. Sid comes and asks what chapter. He holds her.

Dada ji asks Neil to come fast. Kaka asks him to have karela juice. Dada ji says you should give me curd and sugar. Kaka says this is good for your health, drink this, else I will call Neil. Faltu looks on. She collides with Neil. She holds Neil in arms. He jokes. She drops him down. Dada ji drinks the karela juice. He sees Neil arguing with Faltu. He smiles. Dada ji says I won’t tell Mittals that you are staying here. Faltu says yes, I don’t want my past to affect my future. He says fine, don’t worry. He asks Neil to come fast. They leave.

Tanu says Faltu signed the divorce papers today, her life will get sorted. He asks what, she also signed it. She says yes, she came here and left the divorce papers, she has moved on, Ayaan should also move on. Sid says yes, you can stop worrying for Ayaan, we can concentrate on our life, we will go on honeymoon. She asks him to freshen up. He says its already late, I missed you a lot. Faltu talks to Charan on call. She asks him to take care. She cries thinking of cricket. She practices. Tanu says take rest. Sid says I m not tired, I was thinking of mom’s words, she wanted to become Dadi, I know you aren’t ready, we can never get ready, does anyone prepare for this, we have no reason to stop, you won’t have any burden, it’s a benefit to stay in joint family, everyone will take care of child. She says everyone will think we are selfish, Ayaan’s marriage broke, what will he think. He says you are talking about Ayaan. She says we are a joint family, we will share joy and sorrow, once his life gets sorted, I can get guilt free and think of it. Faltu gets a file. She says Dada ji said this is imp file, how will deal happen without this, I will ask Kaka to give this, I forgot, he took off and went to hospital, how shall I send this. She thinks of Ayaan and stops.

Dada ji and Neil meet the Mittals. Neil says I heard a lot about Ayaan. Dada ji says Neil was researching about the deal. He stops Neil and says she asked us not to tell anything. Neil says I remember. Ayaan asks what will you have. Dada ji says nothing. Neil says what I will have won’t be allowed here, drinks. He laughs and says I wouldn’t mind black coffee. Ayaan says okay. Janardhan asks Dada ji to explain his thought to them. Dada ji asks Neil to give the file. Manager says Sir, you were going to get it. Dada ji asks did you forget the file. Neil says its okay, we will ask Faltu to get it. Dada ji says he forgot it, sorry. Ayaan says this meeting can’t happen without documents, we will postpone it and fix it again. Neil says I will send the driver and get it. Ayaan says we don’t have time, we have more meetings scheduled. Neil says meeting is imp, I told sorry, you are saying like you didn’t make any mistake. Ayaan asks how are you talking to me in my office. Faltu says Dada ji came here for his business, if the deal gets cancelled then… how shall I tell him that I have this file, maybe he doesn’t know it, I have to take it to him. Dada ji calls home. He asks Ayaan and Neil to stop fighting like kids. Neil says no way, we won’t do business with them. Ayaan says we don’t want to work with ill-mannered and irresponsible people. He asks Dada ji to teach manners to Neil. He says this deal isn’t happening.

Neil says we have no interest in doing business. Sid and Harsh come. Sid asks what’s happening. Ayaan says he is misbehaving. Dada ji asks Neil to apologize. Neil says no, he can’t handle his life, I m still better than him, I m not ruining anyone’s life. Ayaan asks whose life did I ruin. Dada ji asks Neil to end it here. Ayaan asks Neil to say it. Janardhan asks Ayaan to stop it. Ayaan says I had enough, Sir, please take him home and teach him some manners. He scolds Neil. Dada ji cries and says Neil, you got us insulted, come. Neil says you made him cry, I know you, you don’t respect anyone, so your wife left you. Ayaan catches his collar and asks how dare you comment on my wife, what do you know about us. Neil says everything, because your wife is staying in our house. Janardhan asks is Faltu at your place.

Faltu gives the file to Dada ji. Kinshuk stops her and asks her to show her face. She worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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