Faltu 25th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Faltu visits the Mittal house

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Faltu 25th July 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dada ji says I want to establish my company in this city, I don’t know much people here, I want staff here, Faltu has won my trust already, she has saved Neil’s life. Neil says I also saved them. Dada ji says you reached there by fate. He asks Charan to stay back until Faltu’s work starts. Charan agrees. He says Faltu isn’t ready to go with me, I will be relieved if she stays here, take care of her, I can’t trust anyone. Dada ji says she is like my granddaughter. Charan thanks him and says I will go tomorrow morning. Dada ji says give me a chance to serve you. Charan says no, it will be good if I leave. Faltu thanks Charan and says don’t worry for me. Neil goes. Sumitra asks Tanu in which hotel is Sid staying. She says you are worried for Ayaan, you have no time for your husband.

She warns Tanu. Tanu says I know everything about Sid, I worry for him. Sumitra says sorry, everyone is just thinking for Ayaan, I m hurt, so I told that to you, Sid has gone for their work. She goes. Inspector says we got to know about Faltu, goons were troubling Faltu and her dad, a guy helped them and informed the police, officer didn’t know about Faltu and let her go. She says it means she is with Charan. She thinks is that guy Ruhaan. She asks inspector to check the pic and say is Ruhaan that guy. Inspector says no, he isn’t the one. She asks who can it be, trace the auto and tell me any details. He says fine, inform this to Ayaan.

Faltu sees the divorce papers and cries. Ayaan says sorry, I have hurt you a lot. She says you taught me to stand for own self, I will be thankful to you, I won’t forget her dreams. Charan thanks Dada ji and says I will leave now. Dada ji says I will get her admission in a cricket academy. Charan says it can’t happen, so much happened with her. He tells everything that happened. Dada ji says I will talk to her once, I know the pain of broken dreams. Kaka comes and says Faltu isn’t in her room, she is nowhere. Charan asks where did she go early morning. Neil comes. Dada ji stops him. He says Faltu will come back. Neil says she has run away, yes. Dada ji says she is a sportsperson, she might have gone to jog. Neil jokes. Charan says she plays cricket well, if you have time, then see her videos on internet. Neil asks is it. Faltu puts the papers in the post box. Savita asks Janardhan not to worry. Janardhan says we have to meet Brijmohan, ask Ayaan to get ready soon. He sees Faltu and calls her out. She leaves. Security stops her. She runs. Janardhan says Faltu has come outside, she doesn’t want to come here. Ayaan hears this and says stop her. They go out. Guard says she has run away. Ayaan scolds the guards.

Janardhan says I saw Faltu. Ayaan asks why didn’t she come here. Janardhan says I saw her near the letter box. Ayaan gets the papers. He checks it. He sees the divorce papers signed by Faltu. He says Faltu signed the divorce papers. Tanu smiles. She says she broke the marriage with you, she didn’t meet you, she doesn’t want to see your face. He says it means she will never forgive me. Faltu says you stay happy in your life. Charan worries. Dada ji says I will buy a phone for her. Neil shows Faltu’s videos to Dada ji and says she is popular, don’t worry, she will come. Dada ji says yes, she will come. Faltu comes and says I went to Ayaan’s house to give the divorce papers. He asks why did you go alone. She says I wanted to do this myself. He asks did you meet Ayaan. She says no, I was putting the papers in the letter box, Janardhan saw me and I had to run, they would have got the divorce papers. Neil asks Dada ji why are you tense. Dada ji says we have a meeting with Ayaan, Mittals don’t know that she is staying here, they don’t care for her. Neil says grow up, we won’t talk of personal things, its their matter, let them handle, we will talk of business, get ready soon. Charan thanks Dada ji. Dada ji says you can come anytime, this is your house. Faltu thinks to start a new life.

Tanu says Faltu doesn’t want to stay with you. Ayaan tears the papers and says I won’t let Faltu go away from me. Faltu holds Neil in arms to save him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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