Faltu 25th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Sid plans to leak the news

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Faltu 25th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Charan says I trust Matarani, but this day has come by much difficulty, we don’t know if we catch anyone’s bad sight, focus on your eyes, we didn’t get the money, yet, we have to stay grounded. Faltu hugs him and says I trust you both. Tanisha hugs Ayaan and says I will not leave this chance to go out with you, I feel I love you a lot after marriage, this love is increasing because you are the best husband in the world, wait, I will get ready and come. Ayaan asks why are Tanisha and Sid behaving so strange, Tanisha ran away from business on my saying, she agreed on Sid’s saying, on the day when Faltu got 20 lakhs donation, is there any connection or am I thinking wrong. Faltu says I trust Matarani, she will make us succeed, my eyesight will get back, I will get selected in cricket academy, Ayaan trusted me, he got me here, I won’t leave his dream incomplete, I will become a cricketer and give him the Guru Dakshina. Sumitra asks what are you saying, Ayaan has filled Faltu’s maang. Sid asks her not to shout. She says I wish to sing and dance, Sid, you got a great news, imagine, Ayaan had filled Faltu’s maang before marrying Tanisha, I will tell this to everyone. Sid says no, we can’t tell them. She asks him to tell Kanika. Sid says no, Tanisha will know that I leaked the news, I can’t lose her and her faith, do you want this.

She says I couldn’t control my emotions. He says I won’t let her go close to Ayaan, I have already thought the next move, how the family will learn this news, the entertainment will be too much fun. She says I m proud of you. She hugs him. Angoori asks Pratap did he forget his mum. She asks him to come back home. She emotionally blackmails him. He checks the video. Faltu says her tears aren’t fake, you go back. Pratap refuses. Angoori says Pratap didn’t melt his heart. Charan says you should go back now. Pratap says I will call mum, see her. Angoori says he is making a video call. Som asks him to act sad. Angoori answers and acts in front of Pratap.

He says your drama won’t work in front of me, I will think of coming back after Faltu’s operation. Som says Faltu’s eye operation will happen, how did they get the money. She says I think Ayaan has helped them. Som says even Pappi isn’t updating me. Ayaan surprises Tanisha. She likes the food. He says we will have food. She says you are doing this because of your guilt, you are pampering me. He says no. She says don’t lie to me, I know you still have Faltu’s tension, so we aren’t able to start our married life as we should, you planned this lunch to make me happy. He thinks to ask her if Sid and she gave the money to Faltu. He gets a call. He asks what, 20 lakhs, for Faltu’s operation, how did they arrange, thank you, I will talk to you.

Tanisha worries. Ayaan says our office employee lives in the chawl where Faltu lives, its surprising, Faltu got 20 lakhs, how. Sid meets a man. The man gives the pendrive and says this has Faltu’s confession. Sid pays him and asks him to keep his mouth shut. Sid asks the man to keep an eye on Faltu. He checks the video. He says it will be fun when this truth comes out, Ayaan’s life will become a blockbuster. Tanisha asks what do we need to do, its good that Faltu will get fine, we can also move on. Ayaan says yes, she can see after the operation and move on, she doesn’t need me. She says we will discuss about our honeymoon also, mom is also excited. She thinks its good that Ayaan wants to remove Faltu from his life, I will do anything to do this. Its morning, Pratap prepares Faltu. He says cricketers get much money, what will you do of that money. He imagines Faltu as a successful cricketer.

He asks Faltu to close eyes and see a good dream. Faltu also imagines meeting a fan. Ayaan comes and calls her a selfish and liar. He scolds her. He calls her a fraud. She shouts I m not a fraud.

Ayaan gets a courier. Sid smiles and thinks it’s a storm. Ayaan says pendrive, who has sent it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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