Faltu 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Pappi threatens Faltu

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Faltu 23rd November 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Suhana saying Mrijula Bua. Janardhan turns away. Aryan says sorry, I did this without telling you, our happiness would be incomplete without Bua, our family should be together today. Ayaan recalls taking Faltu to Bua’s house. She asks who is this girl. He says I will tell everything. He sits and tells about Faltu. Bua says Faltu has undergone a lot in life. Faltu says I m glad you trust my talent, thanks for giving me a place in your house. Bua says daughters don’t fold hands or touch feet, they just hug. She hugs Faltu. Faltu says I want to learn and move on, I won’t let Ayaan’s trust break, I will never lose, I will become a cricket star.

He says I want Bua to attend my engagement, else I won’t have happiness, I want you to be with me. Uncle comes and meets them. He congratulates Ayaan. He says I m proud of you, you are marrying your childhood friend, Tanisha, what are you doing here. Faltu says because of me. Bua says I will tell you later, I will change and come to attend engagement. Ayaan says love you Bua. Faltu says I m feeling bad, you left your engagement for my sake. He says I promised your dad, just focus on your game. FB ends. Ayaan asks his mum did I do wrong. Badimaa says no, you got Mrijula home. Janardhan says Ayaan didn’t break my trust. Ayaan feels sorry. Tanisha says no, I want to clear few things with Ayaan. Faltu gets fever and cold. She thinks to call her dad. Uncle says you have high fever, I will call Ayaan. She says no, I m fine. He says Ayaan asked me to call him. She says no, not anymore. He checks her temperature and says 102, it won’t get down easily, just listen to me, have food, I will give you medicines, then take rest. She says you reminded me my dad. Faltu’s parents think of calling her. Faltu says my phone got off. Uncle gives his phone. Faltu calls Charan. He asks are you fine, why is your phone off. She coughs. He asks are you unwell. Ratan’s wife hears them talking to Faltu. Faltu says Ayaan made me stay in his Bua’s house, everyone is good here. She doesn’t tell about the incident. She says I m okay. He asks her to take care. Ratan and Pappi talk about Faltu. Ratan’s wife comes and says Faltu is in Mumbai. Pappi asks do you have relatives in Mumbai. He goes to ask Charan about Faltu. He takes Charan’s phone and calls Faltu. He threatens her. She scolds him. He shouts on her. They argue on call. He says I will burn Ayaan’s dream and also his shop. Faltu and her parents worry. Charan asks Pappi to spare Faltu. Pappi says I won’t leave her, she insulted me, she will become my wife and see her pride burning. Faltu recalls Pappi’s words.

Tanisha says nothing will be imp to you than our marriage, promise. Pappi says I will get all my answers there. He talks to Sid on call. Sid says Ayaan kept that girl at Bua’s house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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