Faltu 22nd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Ayaan answers the family

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Faltu 22nd November 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ayaan running on the road and seeing Faltu. A procession passes between. Faltu cries seeing Ayaan. She sits tired. He goes to hold her hand. Sid comes there and sees them together. Sid thinks you gave me the gold mine, now I have to tell the family about this. The family is having a good time in the party. Janardhan says Tanisha is the best for my best son. The man asks where is Ayaan. Uncle says he would be around. Kanika says he isn’t at home. Suhana says he went out. Sumitra asks what is he doing, he disappeared before engagement and after engagement. Uncle says I will go and see them. Janardhan says I will find out. Sumitra asks Kanika to meet the guests. Ayaan says I m not fine, I m foolish to listen to you, what if anything happened to you. Faltu holds her ears. He says I admire your courage but you have to learn things here, this world isn’t clear as your heart, you have to take care of yourself. She asks will you scold me now. She says you are standing in between the road now also. He says your safety is imp for me, I got you here, I promised your dad that I will take care of you. She says your family should be your priority. He says you are imp for me now, this happy day would have become regretting if anything happened to you, I would be blamed, nothing is imp to me than your safety. Janardhan’s wife asks him to talk to his mum. She says Maa is upset, you should have invited Mrijula here, Ayaan is fond of her. He says I asked Maa to invite her if she wants. She says she can’t come here if you don’t respect her mum. Sid comes home and tells everything to Sumitra. He says Ayaan won’t be marrying Tanisha. They smile. Ayaan explains her. She says I will go to hotel, you go home. He says you will do what I tell you. She says okay, drop me to the hotel. He says no, you won’t go there, you will go somewhere you can play cricket and stay safe.

Uncle asks Kanika not to leave. Kanika says Ayaan has insulted us in front of the guests. Kanika asks Tanisha to come. Tanisha says I won’t come, you were impressed with him before, I trust him, he is busy in his work. Janardhan says Ayaan is a responsible guy, I would have not told this about Kinshuk or Sid. Sid says I would have not let this situation arise. Janardhan says Ayaan is more responsible than me. Sid asks shall I say where is Ayaan, I followed him, I had no option, I thought he might be in some problem. Janardhan asks where is he. Sid says I followed him and looked for him, I didn’t find him anywhere, he went to find some girl, I hope its not a serious issue. Janardhan says stop this nonsense, what’s the matter, you are lying, tell me the truth. Sid says Ayaan would have a valid reason to find that girl, but Tanisha’s imp day spoiled, don’t know when will Ayaan find that girl and come. Ayaan comes and says I have come. He says I m okay, Maa. Sid says I m also this house’s son, why would I say wrong about Ayaan, he knows I m saying the truth, I followed him as I was concerned. Ayaan says Sid didn’t do anything wrong, he is saying the truth. Kanika taunts Ayaan.

Ayaan apologizes to Kanika and everyone. Sid says I didn’t lie. Ayaan says you just know the half truth. Janardhan asks who is that girl. Ayaan says I saw a girl in trouble, I couldn’t ignore that, I had to help her, tea vendor told Sid about that girl. Sumitra says it was your engagement today. Ayaan says its not imp than someone’s life, I had to help that girl for the sake of humanity. Badimaa says you did right, even your dad would have done this, you proved you are your dad’s son. Ayaan feels sorry. Tanisha asks how did you go to save that girl. Janardhan says yes, why did you go leaving the engagement. Ayaan says to meet her. He brings Bua there. Everyone sees Mrijula at the door. Janardhan turns away.


Faltu says I will become a cricket star. Pappi scolds her on call.

Update Credit to: Amena

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