Faltu 22nd February 2023 Written Episode Update

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Faltu 22nd February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ayaan thinking of Faltu. He asks does Tanu know this. Vishal asks what happened to Faltu. The girl says she fell asleep, she was tired after the practice. He says strange, you all enjoy, don’t get late for the practice, happy birthday. He goes. The girl says I had hit the bottles seeing him come. The girls talk that their plan flopped. Tanisha comes to call Ayaan for dinner. He holds her hand. She says its hurting, leave my hand. He says I got a call again, he said Faltu is lying, I had applied sindoor to Faltu that night, he said you knew all this, Tanisha… I want to hear it from you, is it true.

She denies it. She thinks to go to Sid and tell him. Sumitra stops her and says Sid is unwell, he is sleeping, talk to him later. Tanisha says no, let me talk to him. She goes inside and sees Sid resting. Sid asks what happened. Tanisha says I have to talk to you, its imp, why are you sleeping in these clothes. Sid says I had a headache, so I fell asleep, what happened. Tanu signs about Sumitra. Sid says give us 2 mins, mom. She goes. Tanisha says Ayaan got a call again, he told Ayaan that I know the truth, how long shall I lie to Ayaan. He asks what, we will get details soon. She thanks him and asks him to hurry up. He asks her to go and sleep, everything will be fine. She goes. Sumitra says Sid, when did you come back. Sid recalls coming inside the room from the window. He says Ayaan doubts Tanu now, I have to show Faltu’s confession video, then Tanu and Ayaan won’t unite, Tanu is just mine. Kanika asks what, are you out of your mind, who asked you to give one whole tablet. She scolds the girl.

The girl says we will ruin Faltu’s career, sorry. Kanika threatens her. The girl says she is so angry, Faltu’s career will get ruined, not ours. Tanisha gets food for Ayaan. She says where did he go. Faltu hears the door knock. She goes and checks. She sees Ayaan. He says I have come to get my answers, I want to know the truth, come with me. He takes her to the temple. He asks her to say, who applied sindoor to her. She denies it.

He says someone called me and told me the truth, you can’t lie now, just tell me, swear on Matarani. Faltu cries and says yes…. Tanisha comes and counts her favors on Faltu. Tanisha cries. She asks her to think what she will tell Ayaan. Faltu worries. She says you want to know the truth, right, you didn’t fill sindoor in my maang, stop troubling me. Ayaan says you are lying. Faltu wakes up from the dream and looks around. She thinks what does the dream mean.

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