Faltu 22nd December 2022 Written Episode Update: Faltu finds a way

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Faltu 22nd December 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Faltu trying to sell the eggs. She sees the competition and loses heart. She recalls Ayaan and her moment. He encourages her and teaches her marketing. She tries the same skills. She helps the lady in selling the eggs. Ayaan receives the gift and thanks Tanisha. Tanisha and Kanika leave. Janardhan says Tanisha is a nice girl, she has set an example, that sacrifice is done in bonds of love. He goes. Bua asks Ayaan whose face did he see when he closed his eyes. Ayaan says its time to open eyes and live in reality, not in dreams, I can’t break my dad’s trust again, nothing is imp than my dad, not even me, my dreams and love. Faltu says I will sell more eggs if you say. The lady blesses her and thanks her. She says you will get a place to sleep today, come with me. Faltu hugs her. The lady asks her about the family. She says fine if you don’t want to say, sit here, I will get something for you. She goes. Faltu thinks what will I tell dad if he asks me where am I.

Angoori gives food to Som. She curses Faltu. Charan says Ratan and Som have come empty-handed, it means Faltu is nice. She argues with him. She says you are getting happy. He says if they got sense, then just spare Faltu. She says not so easily, the game isn’t over, Pappi is still in the city, he won’t return. Jamuna asks her to stop it. Angoori says she has become a burden and got us insulted, I want Pappi to teach her a lesson. Lajwanti says he can’t do anything to my sister. Pappi calls Som and scolds him. Som says we wanted to stay but we got unwell. Pappi talks to Charan. He says Ayaan has left Faltu alone to wander on the roads. Charan worries. Angoori asks Pratap not to call Faltu. She takes him along. Faltu gets the pau bhaji. She thanks the lady. The lady says thanks, you have earned this, else I would have gone home empty hand and my kids would sleep hungry, tell me about yourself. Faltu tells her everything. The lady blesses her. Faltu gets Charan’s call. The phone goes off. Faltu says he would be calling me, he would be so worried, is there any place to charge the phone. The lady says yes, sit.

The lady says you will get place to sleep. Faltu gets happy and prays. Tanisha says I just love Ayaan, I m so happy that everything got fine. Kanika says don’t you think you hurried in naming the shares to Ayaan. Tanisha says I m in love with him. Kanika says I m happy if you are happy. She asks Tanisha to go to the salon. Tanisha goes. Kanika says I can see Ayaan’s truth, you are innocent. He calls Shukla and says make a video of Faltu’s trial session.

Faltu asks a man to charge her phone. He asks for 100rs. She says you will take money to charge the phone. The man asks her to leave. She says sorry, I don’t have money. He says no honey without money. She sees a man there. He turns away. She stops him. She says you are following me since long. He says no. She says sorry to misunderstand you, you buy eggs from Kaki’s shop right, can I get advance, I will return the money. He asks her to come. He gives the money and asks the man to charge her phone. She thanks him.

Sid sees Ayaan’s phone ringing. He sees Friend calling on the screen. He answers. The man tells him about Faltu. Sid smiles and says fine. He says yes, God is with me, now see Ayaan, what I do.

Pappi tries to kidnap Faltu. Ayaan and Tanisha are getting married. Faltu gets kidnapped.

Update Credit to: Amena

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