Faltu 21st November 2022 Written Episode Update: Ayaan arrives home

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Faltu 21st November 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Janardhan calling out his business heir. Suhana sees Ayaan coming and calls him out. Everyone sees Ayaan. Janardhan and everyone smile seeing Ayaan. Janardhan announces Ayaan’s name. Sid gets back. Everyone claps. Janardhan says I m so proud of my son, the engagement mahurat is for a hour, cheers everybody. Faltu runs on the road. Goons follow. Sumitra says Ayaan, you disappeared and forced us to think a lot, I thought you eloped with some girl. Janardhan says I know my son, he will never put my respect at stake because of some girl. He asks Ayaan what’s the reason.

Ayaan thinks to tell him later. He says Sid is right, there was no emergency at the Maath, the person who helped us in rebuilding it needed my help, I had no option. Janardhan says I knew it, you will never let me down. He praises Ayaan. Ayaan goes to get ready. He checks for Faltu’s call. He says something is wrong. His mum comes and asks him to get ready fast, no calls now. She says its good your dad’s trust didn’t break, we will talk later, get ready first, you will get this phone later. He says Faltu… Faltu runs on the road. Charan asks Jamuna not to worry, Faltu is safe with Ayaan. He tells her everything. He says don’t worry, you are a mum, you will worry for her. He consoles her. Janardhan says Shank is playing, go ahead with the engagement ceremony. Ayaan and Tanisha start to exchange the rings. Everyone claps. He thinks of Faltu.

He says Faltu… His mum asks what. Suhana covers up the matter. Ayaan makes Tanisha wear the ring. Kanika says congrats, we have become relatives now. Janardhan says congrats to you too, I told you, my son won’t break my trust, see he came on time. Goons look for Faltu. She hides and sends a message to Ayaan. Ayaan says I will just take a call and come. Janardhan stops him. Kumkum asks Dadi what happened to her. Dadi says Mrijula didn’t come, because Janardhan didn’t invite her, she is Ayaan’s beloved Bua. She gets sad.

Tanisha says I know Ayaan since childhood, I m glad that he is becoming my life partner. She thanks Janardhan for making her a bahu. She says I will always keep the family respect. She asks Ayaan what’s the matter. Uncle asks Ayaan to say something. Ayaan says a man loses words on his engagement, Tanisha is my good friend, I feel I should keep this marriage well. He thinks of his promise to Charan. He goes out and calls Faltu. She says that driver wasn’t good, he tried to snatch my bag and run. Ayaan says don’t worry, I m coming. A truck knocks her down. She screams. Ayaan leaves in his car. Sid says where is he going at this time. He follows Ayaan. Goons see Faltu and laugh. Faltu fights them. Ayaan sees the cab parked on the roadside. He looks for Faltu. He asks a man about Faltu. The man says we are watching world cup match, we can’t see anyone else. Ayaan goes. Sid comes and asks why did Ayaan come. The man says he came to ask about some girl. Sid thinks what’s the matter. Ayaan runs to find Faltu.

Janardhan says Ayaan is a responsible guy. Sid says I will tell you where is he. Ayaan says you are imp for me. Ayaan says I found that girl.

Update Credit to: Amena

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