Faltu 20th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Faltu gets accused

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Faltu 20th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Faltu and Ajit having icecream. Sid comes to the temple and asks about Pappi and Faltu’s marriage. Ayaan gets shocked seeing Ajit. He says Faltu said he is her husband, I was finding him and he is here. He sees Faltu with Ajit. Faltu laughs talking to him. Ayaan says he would be her husband. Ajit asks Faltu to keep the money. She asks why. He says keep it, it’s the money which Charan deposited in the hospital, my senior doctor said he will get your treatment done from trust fund. Ayaan says why is he giving her money and why is she taking it. Ajit cleans her face. Ayaan says he is her husband, why am I feeling bad. Pandit tells everything to Sid. Sid asks who filled sindoor in that girl’s maang. Pandit says she didn’t get married. Sid says don’t lie. Pandit says I had run away from Pappi’s goons, when I came back, I saw Ayaan lying conscious, Pappi and that girl left. Ayaan follows Faltu and says I will get all answers from her. He collides with someone. He loses track of Faltu. He gets angry. Pandit gives the phone and says I got this in the temple, maybe its Pappi or that girl’s phone, this phone is locked, I have switched it off, I can’t go to police to fall into trouble, maybe it has any recording, return it if you don’t want it. Sid thanks him. The chawl people come to Faltu. Maasi scolds her. She says Ayaan had come and asked about your husband. The people accuse Faltu and ask her why did she lie about her marriage. Maasi asks did you ask for sindoor for yourself.

Tanisha asks what, I can’t do this. Savita says I will help you in making laddoos. Tanisha says you make it. Dadi says its your duty. Tanisha says handling family is duty, kitchen work isn’t duty, I will arrange the laddoos, you also don’t make it. Savita says you know what pandit said, if the new bahu makes the sweets and keeps bhog, then happiness will come in the house. Tanisha says pandits have troubled me. Dadi scolds her. Tanisha says my nails will get spoiled. Dadi asks what, are your nails imp than the rituals. Tanisha says don’t make this a big deal, we will order sweets from the best shop. Savita explains her. Tanisha asks why are you complicating this small thing, we can order sweets. Sumitra comes and says she is right, she is educated, why are you forcing her. Dadi says its imp, we are just explaining her. Tanisha says you are insisting me. Sumitra asks them to think of Tanisha. Savita says cook has done all the work, Tanisha has to just stir in kadai. Dadi says its customs, we all did the rituals. Faltu says no, its nothing like that. The people question her. The house owner asks her to call her dad and leave. Charan comes and asks what happened. Faltu worries.

Tanisha upsets Dadi. Dadi asks her to do whatever she wants. Savita goes with her. Sumitra says you did good. Sid comes to meet them. Faltu tells the people about Dr. Ajit. She says Ajit had come to return the money which dad deposited in the hospital. She asks Charan to tell them the truth.

Tanisha asks Sid to show the phone quickly. Sid says I gave the phone to get fixed, maybe we get the video of that night, we will wait. She asks what if the man formats the memory card. Sid says don’t worry, chill, I gave him extra money, what drama was going on here. She says I will call Ayaan and ask him to get laddoos. Ayaan is at his project site. He gets Tanisha’s call. She asks him to get laddoos. He asks will you eat laddoos, you avoid sweets. She says its not for me, but to keep bhog, your Dadi and mom asked me to make laddoos, I can’t make it. He asks her to tell mom and Dadi, they will sort it out. She says I tried to explain, Dadi got angry, mom didn’t defend me, Sumitra came to support me, get laddoos, I will tell them that you are getting laddoos. He says listen, don’t get hyper, I m getting the laddoos. He ends call and thinks you aren’t understanding, Dadi and mom want you to get blessing. He says sometimes we have to do something for others’ happiness. Charan says she is right, Ajit is a nice man, we are helpless, but not greedy and cheat. Maasi and everyone apologize to Charan. They leave.

Doctor says you have to give all the answers right. Sid and Tanisha hear Faltu saying the truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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