Faltu 20th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Faltu leaves Ayaan’s house

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Faltu 20th December 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Janardhan getting angry on Ayaan and throwing his pics. He recalls Ayaan’s words. He says your love was a lie, you don’t love me. Faltu comes and says he loves you. He scolds her and asks her to leave. She requests him to not get angry on Ayaan, its not his mistake, he was just helping a helpless girl. She says he made a small mistake. He says I m bearing the punishment, he broke Tanisha’s heart, she left him because he has ruined our respect. She says no, nothing can happen to your family respect when I m here, Tanisha has come back, come with me, everyone is waiting for the marriage rituals to begin. Tanisha says I don’t care about Faltu, but you, tell me, what do you want, was it dad’s fear or something else. Ayaan says I swear on our friendship, I never wanted to cheat you ever, I had hidden this truth knowing dad won’t allow me to help Faltu in cricket, she has helped me fulfil dad’s dreams, I wanted to help her, but I ruined everything, I m sorry. She asks are you doing this marriage on dad’s saying. He says yes, I was marrying you on dad’s saying, but we know each other, it will get easy to spend life, I want to spend my life with you, I promise you, I will never lie or hide things, just forgive me for the last time. Janardhan comes. Ayaan says please forgive me, don’t turn away, I m sorry. He sits crying. Dadi asks Janardhan to forgive Ayaan. Everyone asks Janardhan to forgive Ayaan. Janardhan asks him to get up. He says you are my pride. He hugs Ayaan.

He says next time, be it any matter, you will never hide anything. Ayaan nods. Dadi says we should start the rituals. Savita says yes, Ayaan make Tanisha wear the ring and make her yours again. Ayaan makes Tanisha wear the ring. Everyone claps. Sid and Sumitra get upset. Faltu wards off their bad sight. She says I will go now, you all get busy in arrangements now. She asks everyone to take care. She cries.
She thanks Bua. Bua says you will stay in my house, come with me. Faltu says no, I have to cross my journey myself. They hug. She apologizes to Janardhan. Ayaan stops Faltu from leaving. He says we all are indebted to you, you did many favors on us, so I want to do a last thing for you. He asks Kanika to give Faltu her deserved chance. Kanika says she will get her chance. Ayaan thanks her. Faltu smiles and leaves. Sid says I hate Ayaan. Sumitra says you hate him, because you always lose to him, he always wins, its all over. Sid says no, its not over, I doubt that Ayaan and Faltu have something more than friendship. She says yes, Ayaan didn’t say he loves Tanisha, he was seeing Faltu with love. Faltu is on the way. She recalls Ayaan. Sumitra asks Sid to beg to Ayaan all life. Sid says he will beg to me, I will do anything to defeat him, Faltu left this house, not this city, see what I do. Faltu recalls Charan. She says I will fight and never lose, I have to make Ayaan and Charan proud.

Ayaan is shocked seeing Faltu as his bride.

Update Credit to: Amena

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