Faltu 1st June 2023 Written Episode Update: Ruhaan keeps his terms

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Faltu 1st June 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Faltu saying we will do anything to save Janardhan and Dadi. Ayaan and Faltu go. Sumitra calls Sid and asks about Janardhan and Dadi’s condition. Sid says situation isn’t good, the family can’t arrange money to help them, but they aren’t taking Tanu’s help, you sell your jewellery and give the money to Ayaan. She asks did you go mad, you want me to sell my jewellery, did I raise you to see this day. He says we have to do this if we want to make a place in the family again. She ends call and says I can never sell my jewellery. Ruhaan asks the manager to update about Janardhan and his mum. Manager says I found out, they need 25 lakhs for the treatment. Ruhaan says good, they are paying for their mistakes. Servant says Faltu and Ayaan have come to meet you. Ruhaan says I knew it, ask them to sit. He goes to meet them.

He asks them to sit. He asks about Janardhan and Dadi. Ayaan says we need money for their treatment, please help them. Ruhaan says I wanted this. He asks will you have anything. She says no. He says don’t worry about money, I will get it, won’t you meet Shanaya, she is excited to meet you, come. Ayaan signs Faltu to go. She goes. Govind says we will arrange the money. Doctor says their condition is critical. Harsh says give us some money. Tanu asks Govind to take money from her. Kinshuk refuses. Sumitra comes and starts acting sweet. She says I have sold all of my jewellery, you know I love it a lot, but not more than family, I got this money, take this and deposit it. Govind asks did you really sell your jewellery. She asks from where will I get money.

She says this is my family, I have sold my jewellery and I have proved I love them a lot. Sid asks them to accept the money. Harsh says it won’t be enough. Faltu asks where is Shanaya, why did you get me here. Ruhaan says I wanted to talk to you, and couldn’t talk in front of Ayaan, you have to do something for me, I m helping you, you have to help me in Shanaya’s matter. She says I will make her practice. Harsh calls Ayaan and asks him to come soon. Ayaan says we are coming. Ruhaan says you can stay in the house and also run the business, but you have to take responsibility of Shanaya. Faltu says you know she has a wrist injury and she can’t play cricket. He says it can happen if you play by Shanaya’s name, world will think she is playing, but you will play. She says but I also have trials, what about my dreams. He says you have to leave your dream, you have to choose one of the two, either your family or your dreams. Faltu goes to Ayaan and says we should leave. Ayaan asks what happened, why are you so tense.

Shanaya comes and hugs her. She says Ruhaan will help you in your family’s problem. She asks Ruhaan to shift Janardhan and Dadi to the best hospital. He asks her to calm down. He says I already spoke to Faltu, she can tell me if she needs help. Shanaya thanks him and hugs. Faltu asks Ayaan to just come. They leave.

At home, Tanu cooks the food. Sumitra comes and asks what are you doing, you don’t know cooking. Tanu says I m preparing the food for everyone. Sumitra asks since when did you start worrying for them, we will order the food. Sid comes and asks what is happening. Tanu says I want to make food for everyone, I can try doing this and win their hearts, everyone accepted Faltu also. Sid says okay, do as you want, Ayaan and Faltu aren’t taking money from us, we are also family. Sumitra says yes. Tanu asks can’t we deposit the money secretly. Sid likes the idea and goes. Sumitra smiles. She asks her to check the spices and salt. She goes.

Ayaan asks Faltu what did Ruhaan say, what happened inside. He gets angry and says I will not leave him. She stops him and hugs. She starts crying. Ayaan consoles her. He asks why are you crying, tell me, what did he tell you, my heart is sinking, tell me, I will kill Ruhaan. She says nothing, he told me about his sister. He says you are lying to me. She thinks if I tell the truth, then you will get worried. She lies to him. She says I got emotional thinking of Shanaya, I feel bad of her, Shanaya knows our house matters to us, so she asked Ruhaan to buy our house. Ayaan asks are you sure, are you telling the truth. She says yes.

Ruhaan says my sister’s happiness is much imp than your dreams, you have to say yes. Faltu says fine, I will leave my dreams for the sake of my family’s happiness.

Update Credit to: Amena

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