Faltu 1st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Ayaan goes missing

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Faltu 1st July 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ayaan crying. Sid and Tanu come. She says you should have not let Faltu leave. He says she went on her own, she was showing me attitude, she chose Ruhaan over me. He asks Sid not to worry for him. He says I can manage myself. He drinks. Sid asks him to stop it. They leave. Tanu says my revenge didn’t get fulfilled, you will pay a price for my mom’s arrest. Savita says Ayaan is broken. Kumkum says don’t know where is Faltu, Harsh and Govind went to find her. Savita says I m worried for her, Janardhan called her but she didn’t answer, why did she show attitude, Ayaan did right to question her, I hope she gets sense and comes back home.

Kumkum says you think our Faltu can do such a thing. Savita says I know she can’t do this, but whatever Ayaan has seen, I can’t call it a lie, if Faltu is right, then why did she leave, she could have stayed here and proved her innocence, you know husbands get mad when they doubt wives. They go and look for Ayaan. They don’t see him. Tanu asks what happened. Savita asks did Ayaan tell you that he went to find Faltu. Tanu says no. She thinks did he patch up with Faltu. Dadi asks did Faltu come. Savita says no, Ayaan is missing. She cries.

Dadi says maybe Ayaan and Faltu are together. Savita says if they got caught in rains, we will ask Janardhan, Harsh and Govind to find them. They go. Tanu says no, things can’t get fine between them, what shall I do.

Ruhaan talks to Shanaya and says just do as doctor tells you, I m happy you are fine. Tanu calls him. He asks what can I do for you. She says you didn’t do what we decided. He says I don’t take orders, I don’t give explanation to anyone, I have much work. She says Ayaan is missing, maybe he left the house at night, I feel he has gone to patchup with Faltu, they love each other, you should have kept an eye on Faltu. He asks why do you think so, stay in your limits, else I will tell your truth to your family. She says I didn’t mean that. He calls manager and asks him to find out Faltu.

Faltu sits on the roadside and cries. She hears the people running and shouting about the flood. A lady asks someone to save her mum. Faltu goes and helps her. The lady thanks her. Faltu hears about a building collapsing and people in need of help. Faltu helps an old man. Harsh and Tanu say we are trying to find Faltu and Ayaan. Savita says Janardhan is worried about Faltu, I can’t tell him about Ayaan. Tanu says I think Ayaan and Faltu are together, they will be okay. Kumkum asks what if they didn’t meet. Tanu says yes, they might get stuck. Dadi prays for the children. Tanu thinks they have to pay for their mistakes. Savita also prays. Ruhaan says I have taken revenge, why am I feeling restless, why am I not happy, why am I worried for Faltu, don’t know where is she, no, I shouldn’t do this with her, she took care of my sister and risked her career, what did I do, I vented Mittal family anger on her, how can I make a big mistake. Manager says I couldn’t find Faltu. Ruhaan says find her, make sure that she is fine. Manager says fine, I will find out.

Ruhaan thinks of Faltu. He gets angry and says I can’t forgive myself if anything happens to Faltu, I got blind in revenge. Savita says this is happening because of Faltu. Dadi says Ayaan has called her characterless, and you are calling her wrong, doesn’t she have any self respect, can anyone blame her, think about her, she has no one to share sorrow, Ayaan is wrong, this is happening because of her, he didn’t think of her sacrifices and blamed her, Faltu didn’t do wrong, I m with her. Savita asks how did those pics come. Harsh says pics can get morphed. She says fine, why did she leave the house if she could have proved her innocence. Dadi says a woman is another woman’s enemy, you called her your daughter just for saying, if this happened with Suhana, then you would have not said this. Kumkum asks them to stop fighting. Dadi says I will go to my room and pray. They watch the news. They see Faltu on the news channel. They worry seeing her. Tanu thinks before they welcome Faltu home, I have to do something.

Faltu thinks I don’t want to meet Ayaan, I promise, I will never meet you. She shouts.

Update Credit to: Amena

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