Faltu 1st December 2022 Written Episode Update: Tanisha insults Faltu

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Faltu 1st December 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ayaan defending Faltu. Tanisha argues. Faltu says I can do the aid myself, don’t worry. She gets sad talking about her helpless life. She says I have come here to become Anmol from Faltu, when I return to village, my parents will welcome me with pride and love, I have no place for any guy, love and marriage. Ayaan smiles. Tanisha looks at them. Faltu goes to talk to Bua. She says if Ayaan’s truth comes out that he got me here, then his relations will spoil. Bua says you will stay here if you want Ayaan’s marriage to happen well. Dadi and Savita come. Dadi says so this is going on. Ratan says Faltu is at Ayaan’s house. His wife gets angry. He says talk in low tune, else Charan can hear this and alert Ayaan, I will go and create a drama in his house, I will drag Faltu. She says don’t spare them.

Pratap hears this and runs to tell Charan. He says Ratan and Pappi got to know that Faltu is at Ratan’s place. Faltu says it happened suddenly, sorry. Dadi says stop it. She asks Rijula and Faltu to stay back for the marriage. Savita says yes, you are our guest, don’t insult us by leaving. Faltu says don’t say this, you look like my family. Dadi says you will come with me. Charan asks how did they get to know this. Pratap says we have to inform Faltu. Dadi feeds Faltu by her hands. Faltu says its really good. Dadi asks Faltu to have food. Savita says Ayaan’s dad isn’t that rude, don’t worry and have food.

Dadi says I will feed you. Faltu says you don’t worry. She remembers her mum and cries. Dadi says I will feed you by my hands. Tanisha comes and takes the plate. Savita asks what’s this. Tanisha says you are feeding Faltu in this plate. Dadi asks what’s the problem. Tanisha says this plate is wrong, its expensive, Faltu won’t be habitual to this. She insults Faltu.

Faltu cries. Bua says she has done a favor on us by helping in building the mart and saving mum’s life. Tanisha says then we will give her money as a token of thanks. Faltu says person’s value can’t be known by money, thanks, I don’t need your money, I will have food in servant plate. Ayaan comes and asks what’s happening here. Faltu acts and says Tanisha fed me the food, she is treating me so well, they all are feeding me a lot, stop them. Ayaan says I won’t stop them, you fed me so much food, did you stop, you made me fat. Faltu says he used to have food well whenever I cooked it. Tanisha says so unhygienic, you had food by hands. Ayaan says I also made the daal baati choorma, if you eat that, your life will be set. Faltu says I will teach this to you also. Sumitra scolds the servant. Her phone rings. She says find out whose phone is this. Savita asks Tanisha and Ayaan to come for dance rehearsals. Faltu says promise me, Bua, you won’t tell anything to Ayaan. Bua says Tanisha insulted you. Faltu says I didn’t feel bad, she is like my elder sister. Dadi says it was wrong, I will talk to Tanisha. Faltu says no, promise me, you won’t tell this to Ayaan, I will stay here till the marriage.

Sumitra takes Faltu’s phone and answers. Charan says Faltu, how did you reach Ayaan’s house, Ratan… She asks who is Ratan. He says my brother. She says wait, your daughter is coming, why did you say so. Faltu comes and takes the phone. Charan tells her about Ratan and Pappi. He says tell everything to Ayaan, they will tell everything to his family. Suhana asks Faltu to teach her garba moves. Faltu says don’t worry, everything will be fine. She ends call. Pappi says we will go to your house and drag Faltu. Ratan says yes. Sid stops them. He says Ayaan defamed you in front of the entire village, don’t you want revenge on him, just do as I say, you will enjoy the drama, you come in Ayaan’s mehendi function, you and your gang can do as you want. Pappi says fine, then tomorrow, Ayaan will know the result of playing with my respect. Sid thinks Ayaan’s story is over.
Ayaan and Tanisha are getting married. Faltu looks on sadly.

Update Credit to: Amena

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