Faltu 16th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Faltu gets rescued by chawl residents

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Faltu 16th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Faltu asking the lady not to worry, she will do the work. The lady asks her to be careful. Faltu gets her finger burnt. She starts packing the papads. She struggles and packs the papads. The short circuit causes fire in the house. Faltu worries and asks is there fire lighting up here. She falls down. She shouts for help. She falls. Ayaan’s man comes there and asks is it true, can she see, I heard she is blind. The guy says she can see, she was practicing cricket. They come there and see the smoke. They rush to get the water. Faltu shouts for help. She opens the door and comes out. She coughs. She asks them to put off the fire. The lady says she can’t see anything.

Sid says Faltu is living in a chawl room with her dad and brother, she has no husband, she doesn’t apply sindoor, something is wrong. He says I m your best friend, I really care for you, I can’t see you worried. He instigates her. Tanisha says Ayaan is also worried, he was so angry, Faltu is cheating him, he is trying to keep his promise, I feel bad for Ayaan. Sid says you are very innocent, you love Ayaan a lot, you trust him, you will find my words wrong, I just want your good, there is something between them, why is Faltu ignoring him, even then he is going after her, it can’t be for a promise. Faltu sits on the cot. Everyone stares at her. The landlord scolds Mukund and asks why didn’t you say she is blind. He asks Faltu where is her dad and brother. Charan and Pratap come running and worry for her. Pratap checks the house and says it’s a big loss. The man says the entire chawl would have got burnt. The guy says she refused to play cricket because she is blind. The lady says I got a loss because of her. Faltu apologizes.

She says I didn’t wish to become a burden on anyone, I didn’t want their pity, I lost my eyesight some days back, my operation will happen soon, sorry for the loss. Charan also apologizes. The man asks them to pay the loss and leave. He says I can’t take risk now, leave. Sid says I know something happened between them that night, I wish I get proved wrong, don’t worry, I m with you, I will find out and tell you. Sumitra smiles. Sid says everything will get clear. Tanisha thanks him. She says we should talk to her husband, I m not doubting Ayaan, if Ayaan knows her truth then he won’t see her face, find out about her husband. She goes. Sumitra says she trusts Ayaan so much.

Sid says I will find out whatever happened at the temple, I think Ayaan knows everything so he is after Faltu. She says you are so good, trap Tanisha in your love and win her. He says don’t worry, I will expose Ayaan, Tanisha and this empire will be mine. Charan says we will pay the loss, don’t snatch this roof, where will I take Faltu in this condition. The lady says they are helpless, they are good, people forgive them. Ayaan’s man says yes, you shouldn’t hide such things, this chawl people are good. Mukund says we should help them. The house owner says fine, I will forgive you this time. He warns them. Faltu thanks him. Ayaan’s mum calls him and tells everything. Ayaan worries. Tanisha recalls Sid’s words. She calls Kanika and says talk to Guruji, ask him to do some puja so that Ayaan and I can stay together, I feel its not good if we stay away, please talk to Guru ji. Kanika says don’t worry, Guru ji called me, I m coming to talk to you. Tanisha asks what does he want to say now. Kanika says have patience, I will come there and talk.

Doctor checks Faltu’s reports and tells about the tumour. They worry. Faltu asks can I never see. The doctor says tumour is small, we can remove it by surgery, we have to do it soon, I told you about the money. Charan says I will get 15 lakhs somehow, Faltu’s eyes should get fine. Doctor says 20 lakhs. Faltu asks what. Doctor says I didn’t know about the tumour before, fill the form, I will schedule the surgery when you deposit the money. Faltu asks Charan to come. Pratap says we will fill the form. She goes. Dadi says when Guru ji said that the kundali dosh got away, then why shall we wait. Kanika hugs Tanisha. Tanisha thanks her. Kanika says I wanted to see your happiness and get a hug, when Guru ji said he has done puja, now Ayaan and Tanisha can stay together. Savita asks Sid to call the florist and get the room decorated well. Tanisha says I m so happy, Ayaan. Ayaan sits silent. Charan asks why did you behave like that. Faltu says operation won’t happen, how will we get 20 lakhs and daily expenses. Pratap asks what about your dreams. She says whatever Matarani wants will happen.

Faltu applies sindoor in her hair. Pratap asks what are you doing.

Update Credit to: Amena

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