Faltu 15th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Faltu and Ayaan split again

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Faltu 15th July 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Faltu seeing Ayaan, Sid and Tanu at the door. Tanu smiles. Ayaan gets angry and goes. Tanu hugs him and asks him to calm down. Faltu says you will never get me, Ruhaan. She goes out and hears Ayaan. Ayaan says I thought I made a mistake in understanding Faltu, I was wrong, she is a gold digger, she was never deserving of my love, she is romancing Ruhaan here also. Faltu thinks Ayaan didn’t change, its good we got separated, my last hope ended today. Ayaan says I can’t stay here. He leaves. Faltu cries. Tanu gets happy. Janardhan asks why is Ayaan coming home alone when he is with Faltu there. Dadi says I wish their misunderstandings ended, I don’t think this is true. Charan asks why is Ayaan coming back alone. He asks why did Sid and Tanu tell me if they were going there. Savita says we didn’t know it. He says I can’t wait more, I have to go to Faltu. Janardhan says let the children come back, then we will go, she is not less than my daughter. Charan asks how can Ayaan leave Faltu alone, I won’t forgive you all. Sumitra says Tanu called and said Faltu is with Ruhaan, so she didn’t come back with Ayaan, move on and let Ayaan move on. Charan says we met Ruhaan, he told us, Faltu was never there. Sumitra says talk to Ruhaan and get things clear. Charan says call Ruhaan and make me talk. Janardhan says calm down. Savita says Ayaan would be hurt seeing Faltu with Ruhaan. Dadi asks how did Ruhaan know this. Savita says she would have gone to spend holidays with Ruhaan, I want Faltu back. Charan says I know Faltu can never do this.

Ayaan, Sid and Tanu are on the way. Ayaan cries. Tanu holds him. Sid gets upset. He says Tanu, you should have not told this at home, Charan is also there. She says everyone was calling us, Faltu chose a new life. Ayaan says I will tell Faltu’s truth to Charan. Charan calls Ruhaan. He asks are you with Faltu. Ruhaan says yes. Charan says I have to come there and ask her what is she doing there, do you want to ruin her life. Ruhaan says I came here to take her home, but she didn’t even talk to me, she left, everyone is looking for her.

Janardhan asks what did Ruhaan say. Charan says Faltu didn’t call Ruhaan, he went by his wish, Ayaan misunderstood Faltu, he left her there, you all didn’t regard her a daughter. Ayaan, Tanu and Sid come. Tanu says we will get her if she wants to come with us. Faltu runs on the road and cries. Charan says Faltu isn’t at the ashram, I spoke to Ruhaan, she didn’t know about him. Sid says we have seen Faltu with Ruhaan. He asks Ayaan to tell him. Ayaan cries and asks what shall I say that his daughter is characterless. Janardhan shouts Ayaan.

Ayaan says Charan is proud of Faltu, he should know about her. Faltu says ashram is also left behind now. She runs. Ayaan says its tough to believe it, Ruhaan and Faltu have fooled you, girls of decent families don’t go close to men, we also have daughters in our house, hopeless girls can do such things, you have kept her name right. Charan slaps him and shouts.

Charan says you have shown your truth, so Faltu didn’t wish to stay with you, she has seen your real face, no self-esteemed girl would like to stay with a doubting husband. Ayaan says beat me more, truth won’t change, her character won’t change, our relation is over forever, I got to know her truth, I felt I m doing wrong, I m sure now. He asks everyone to be happy. He says Faltu and Ruhaan’s marriage card will come soon, but we didn’t get divorced yet. Faltu comes in front of a car. The man scolds her. She runs. She sits on a bench and takes rest. Ayaan asks Sid to prepare the divorce papers. He says I will sign it, I won’t come in between her happiness. Dadi asks him to come to senses. Ayaan says I have left all hopes, it will be good if you also leave it, Faltu has trapped a rich man, she has no family members, she will enjoy there.

Tanu thinks where did Faltu go, when she didn’t go with Ruhaan, what is she planning. Faltu falls asleep. Someone throws trash at her. She gets up and shouts to scold. She says I m coming to teach you a lesson. She picks the trash.

Faltu goes and sees a guy dancing on Ek baar kiya to pyaar kya kiya song.

Update Credit to: Amena

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