Faltu 15th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Sumitra instigates Tanisha

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Faltu 15th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ayaan saying I m sorry Tanisha, how much I try, I still think of that girl, I never thought that she will cheat me, I never expected this, trust me, she wasn’t like this, she was a simple girl, not a clever cheat. Tanisha says I m also shocked to hear that, but we can’t interfere in someone’s life, don’t worry. Faltu says I will go home and tell everything. Sid says so Pratap is her brother, so he said he is from Rajasthan, I have to find out where they stay. He asks the house owner does Faltu stay with her husband. The man says no, she stays with her brother and dad, why are you asking. Sid says she is my friend, I came to meet her. Sid says she stays with her brother and dad, not her husband, find out, she maybe my trump card.

Pratap brings Faltu home. Charan asks what happened. Faltu tells everything. He gets angry and asks why did you scold Ayaan. She says this was the only way to bring his life on the right track. He asks her to not think much. She says we will go away from here. He says no, we won’t get such house at a low rate anywhere else. Sumitra calls Sid and says he went with Tanisha on shopping. Savita says but Tanisha went with Ayaan to watch the cricket tournament. Sumitra says no, she is allergic to cricket, she went to shopping, she said that just to convince Janardhan, Sid had much work at office, but he took Tanisha, because Ayaan isn’t with her. Ayaan comes home. Savita asks him to listen. Sumitra asks what happened to him. Tanisha comes. Savita asks what happened, why is he angry. Sumitra asks where is Sid. Tanisha says he didn’t come with us. Sumitra asks why. Tanisha says we met Faltu today. Savita asks where. Ayaan gets angry and recalls Faltu’s words. He breaks the mirror and screams. He says you have told a big lie to me.

He says why do you do this with me, why. Faltu thinks of him. She gets her finger pricked by the needle. Savita and Sumitra talk to Tanisha. Faltu gets worried. She says don’t know how will I share dad’s burden, what work will I do. Charan talks on call. He says I will get a job today. He sees Faltu hurt. She says I m fine, whose call was it. He says Agarwal ji called and gave me the job. He waits for Pratap.

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Savita asks Tanisha to trust Ayaan, he will never hide anything from them. Tanisha says I didn’t understand why Faltu spoke to us rudely, she didn’t apply sindoor, just imagine how would Ayaan feel, I m feeling so bad. Sumitra says forget it, its happening for the good. Sumitra says Faltu should go away from Ayaan’s life, right Savita. Pratap gets Madhu Mausi. She says Faltu wanted to work, I got Madhu home, she said she wants help in packing papads. Madhu asks her to be careful, papads shouldn’t break. Charan asks why did you say yes for this work. Faltu says its work from home, it will be good to pay rent. He says I m here to take care of you. She says I m here for you, take the doctor’s appointment. Ayaan calls and asks about Pratap. The man says they live in Sadanand chawl, I will find out. Ayaan says fine, his sister lives with him, she is blind, get all the info about her. The man agrees. He asks why do you want to find out, is there any problem, theft or something. Ayaan says no, send me the details. He turns and sees Savita.

Savita explains him. She asks why are you after Faltu. Madhu explains the work to Faltu. She asks can’t you see, the machine is hot, your hand will get burnt. Savita says it will be a big problem, try to understand, forget Faltu if she doesn’t want to keep any relation with you. Ayaan says believe me, I have no relation with her now, I have to find out the truth, else I can’t sleep in peace, I don’t care for her now.

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Faltu gets surrounded by fire. She calls out for help.

Update Credit to: Amena

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