Faltu 14th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Ayaan meets Faltu

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Faltu 14th July 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ayaan and Faltu coming on the stage. They get shocked seeing each other. Ruhaan comes and looks on. Sid and Tanu are on the way. She acts sweet. She says we will meet Ayaan and see if he is okay, then we will have time for us. Sid says I feel you have come here for Ayaan. She says I don’t love Ayaan, I m happy with you. She lies to him. He says sorry, I m possessive about you. Faltu and Ayaan think so we were restless by sensing each other’s presence. She thinks you will be thinking the same about me. Ayaan thinks it means Ruhaan lied to us, Faltu never went to him. She thinks how did you think I can leave you and go with Ruhaan. They say their lines of Shiv and Parvati. Suhana says I don’t want to eat the food. Kumkum says sorry, cook has prepared the food, have it today. Suhana says I miss Faltu. Harsh says she will come back soon, have it. Kumkum says Savita’s condition is getting bad, we will send Savita to Ayaan. He says yes, I will talk to Ayaan. Dadi asks them to call Sid and find out where are they. Savita says Sid and Tanu went to Nasik. Guru ji praises Ayaan and Faltu’s acting. Ruhaan says what are they doing here, how did Ayaan reach before me. Faltu hugs Ayaan and cries. Everyone showers flowers. They clap. Faltu cries and leaves. Ruhaan follows her.

Sid says the way is isolated. Tanu asks someone for the ashram. The man guides them. Harsh calls Tanu. He says driver told Savita that Sid and you went to Nasik. She says I will come back and talk to you. Harsh says Charan will feel bad knowing they went to Nasik. Faltu says Ayaan can ask me to come back. She gets shocked seeing Ruhaan. Shashank says you have played so well, like you both are husband and wife. Ayaan says I have to meet Faltu. Shashank asks how do you know her name. Ayaan says she is my wife, tell me where is she. Suhana says I have seen the three waitresses spying on Faltu. Harsh asks why did you not tell us before. Savita says Ayaan had seen Faltu and Ruhaan close, forget it, focus on your studies. Sid says we have to take Ayaan back, else we will get scolded. Tanu worries. Ruhaan says I was worried for you, Janardhan and Charan got police to my house, I had done that to take revenge for Mittal family, but I care for you, don’t come in Ayaan’s words. He lies to her about Ayaan.

Tanu asks about Ayaan. The man says he has become Shiv, Faltu had become Parvati, they looked too good together. She says they are together here. Sid comes and asks did you find anything. Tanu says Ayaan and Faltu are here, they became Shiv and Parvati in the play. Faltu says Ayaan didn’t do right with me, you are the reason, get out of here. He says I can’t leave you here, you aren’t safe here, I will give you all the happiness, I love you. She scolds him. He says fine, don’t come with me, don’t come in Ayaan’s words, he isn’t a nice man. He holds her hand. She scolds him. She shouts for help. Ayaan comes there. He sees Faltu with Ruhaan. Sid and Tanu come there. They look on. Tanu smiles.

Faltu cries and thinks of Ayaan. A guy is seen dancing.

Update Credit to: Amena

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