Faltu 14th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Faltu and Ayaan’s argument

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Faltu 14th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pratap saying Ayaan has seen Faltu. He plays cricket. Ayaan sees Faltu and recalls her words. He says I have to get my answers from her before I go mad. The man thanks Ayaan for coming and sponsoring the tournament. Ayaan says I will just come. Ayaan looks for Faltu. She goes on the road. She gets scared. Ayaan pulls her back. She asks can you help me cross the road. Ayaan looks at her. Tanisha says thanks, Ayaan is busy, I m lucky to get a nice Devar like you. Sid drops the bags. He says don’t call me Devar. She says fine, you are my friend, lift the bags now please. He says don’t say please, we are friends forever, we will go and have coffee. She says we will go to Ayaan’s tournament venue, I didn’t go with him, I m missing him now, come on, we will go and surprise him, can’t you do this for your friend. He says fine, anything for you. She asks him to come. Ayaan says I won’t let you go without answering me, I want to know the truth. She thinks I will fall in your sight. He asks Faltu what’s the truth, there is no sindoor in her maang and she has no eyesight. She says leave my hand, you have no right to ask me, go from here. He asks shall I go and leave you here, look at yourself, you are standing in the middle of the road, you could have died. She says let me die, why do you care, go and let me go. He says I won’t let you go.

He says I won’t go until I get my answers, tell me, who filled sindoor in your maang that day, who is your husband. She asks him to leave her. He says tell me first, where is your husband, I want to meet him, say the truth, did I apply sindoor in your maang that night. She cries. He asks her to say it. She asks what nonsense, you fainted after Pappi hit you. Sid sees Ayaan and Faltu on the road. Tanisha asks why did you stop the car. Sid asks her to see Ayaan and Faltu. Faltu says you have no right to interfere in my life, I don’t want to answer, go away, I don’t want to see your face. She goes ahead. Ayaan sees the car coming and pulls Faltu back. He asks can’t you see… He sees Sid and Tanisha in the car.

Sid and Tanisha get down the car. Tanisha stares at Ayaan and Faltu. Ayaan asks Faltu where are you running. Tanisha asks what are you doing here. Ayaan asks her to answer Tanisha. Faltu cries. Ayaan says Tanisha, she has no answers, I will tell you the truth, policemen said she lost her eyesight, it was true. Tanisha asks how is this possible. Ayaan says she acts well, she lost her eyesight, she would have faced many problems alone, she didn’t think of informing us. He asks where is your husband, speak up. He gets angry. Tanisha says calm down, I will talk to her. She asks Faltu to say the truth. She says Ayaan is so worried because of you, he isn’t able to sleep well, think of him at least, we just got married, he just thinks of you, you have done this, it was your decision, but we deserve all the answers, I can’t see him worried, you have to say the truth today.

Faltu asks Tanisha not to do this drama on the road. Sid smiles and thinks now this is interesting. Faltu asks why do you care for me, I have a husband, I don’t have to prove this with sindoor, I m married and I m happy, explain Ayaan to stay happy, thanks you did a lot for me, don’t worry for me, I have my husband with me. She goes. Ayaan says I can’t believe that she is the same girl who I trusted so much, I was wrong, its enough, she never deserved my care. He goes. Sid asks are you okay. Tanisha says Faltu is hiding something, go after her and find out everything, I can’t see Ayaan like this, nothing will get fine until he learns the truth. He says anything for you, I will go. He smiles. Faltu goes back to the cricket stadium. Ayaan drives the car in anger. Tanisha worries. Pratap sees Faltu. He says I was so worried for you. Sid thinks he came to ask for job. Pratap says Ayaan has seen me, I was tensed that he might see you. Faltu says he has seen me. Tanisha asks Ayaan to drive slow. She says Faltu didn’t tell us anything. Ayaan asks her to sit silent. Faltu says take me from here. Pratap asks what did Ayaan say, where is he. Faltu says I don’t know, I scolded him a lot, he will never come back after me now.

Faltu says I will tell you everything at home. Sid gets details from the house owner. He says something is wrong, I have to find out, she might be my trump card.

Update Credit to: Amena

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