Faltu 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Faltu saves Janardhan’s name

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Faltu 13th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sid asking Tanisha to listen. Tanisha says you know I got her here to make her a villain. Sid says I m doing this to help you, we don’t know how the food will come, we will make Faltu make the food, we will say that you arranged it, they will be impressed with you. She says thanks, they are already impressed with me, what happened to you, you are losing the class. She goes. Sid says she scolded me. Sumitra says I know, we will see. Tanisha calls the hotel manager and asks about the food delivery. The man says we are trying our best to deliver on time. Savita asks Tanisha about the food. Tanisha says I spoke to the manager, he said food will come in some time. They all worry.

Faltu thinks. Savita gets Janardhan’s call. Janardhan says we will reach home in 10 mins, nothing should be wrong. Savita says they are coming in 10 mins. Tanisha scolds the hotel manager. Kinshuk comes and says we will serve them mocktails first. She thanks him. Tanisha says we will welcome them in traditional style, till then our food will come. He says perfect. He asks Faltu to keep the drinks in the kitchen. Faltu says I would have cooked the food by now if Tanisha didn’t ruin the stove, they have come. Tanisha welcomes the guests. The guest says your bahu is very valued, now serve us good food, I had skipped my breakfast for this special lunch. Janardhan says we will start the lunch, we are hungry. Tanisha and Savita go. Sumitra says they can’t eat the food now, Faltu was cooking the food, Tanisha ruined it, I will see when will her food come. Tanisha scolds the manager and asks about the delivery boy. She calls the delivery boy. She says he isn’t answering. Savita asks what will happen now. Dadi asks Kumkum to smile and serve the mocktails.

The guest says we will not have mocktails and snacks, you ask them to serve something desi. Janardhan says yes, it would be coming. He goes to the kitchen and asks them to serve Marwadi snacks. Savita cries. He asks what happened, why are you crying. She says its not our mistake, gas connection is off, we couldn’t cook, Tanisha ordered hotel food, but it didn’t get delivered. He says nonsense, its such an insulting situation, our guests came here to have authentic Marwadi food, I should have not called them home, where is the delivery boy. Tanisha says I don’t know, he isn’t answering. He says you should have called me, I would have arranged gas or taken them outside for food, no one called me, bunch of hopeless people. He goes out to the guests. Servant gets the Rajasthani drink. Tanisha says I think food has come. The men like the drinks. Dadi asks from where did this come, where is the food. Servant says food is being prepared in the backyard. Dadi goes to see. She sees Faltu cooking the food. She smiles. She asks what’s happening, Faltu. Faltu says sorry, scold me later, its imp to make food, guests are like God, I can’t see God leaving hungry. Dadi recalls her words. She says you kept our respect, I will help you. Faltu says no, go and sit with the guests, its nearly done. Savita asks did the food come. Dadi says yes, servant is getting it. The servant gets the food. Janardhan and the guests eat the food. Everyone likes the taste. The guest praises Janardhan. They take a leave. Janardhan says you have handled it well, I m so proud of you. Ayaan smiles. He says apologies, I got rude in anger. Tanisha says its alright. Savita says you handled it well. The delivery boy comes with the food and apologizes. Sumitra says Tanisha, the ordered food came now, which food did we serve to the guests, it was so good, who made it. Dadi says Faltu made it.

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Sid and Sumitra smile. Dadi asks Faltu to come. Faltu comes. Dadi says Faltu has saved our respect today, she cooked the food on Chulha. She thanks Faltu. Janardhan goes. Dadi says all is well that ends well. She asks Faltu to go and have food. Ayaan taunts her.

Tanisha talks to Kanika. She says we have to give her admission in the academy so that we can start our plan B. Kanika says don’t worry, our plan B has reached Mumbai. Faltu prays. She gets emotional and takes sindoor. Tanisha comes and sees her. She asks are you trying to double cross, you have a motive behind this drama. Faltu says no, you are misunderstanding me. Tanisha throws the sindoor. Ayaan comes and asks what’s going on, this sindoor. Tanisha says its my sindoor. He picks the sindoor box. She lies to him. He says this doesn’t look like yours. She says its puja sindoor box. He says okay, I thought its of Faltu, she has a habit to apply sindoor of others’ name.

Tanisha says Ayaan will always be my husband. She scolds Faltu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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