Faltu 12th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Ayaan searches for Faltu

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Faltu 12th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ayaan saying where did Sid and Pappi meet, why is Faltu hiding in the hotel when she should live with her husband, something is wrong, is Faltu in any trouble, I have to meet her again. He keeps the phone back. Tanisha and Sid come back. She asks where are you going. Pappi asks where shall I sit now. Inspector says Sid didn’t tell me anything, he won’t come. He punishes Pappi. Tanisha says we were discussing about the party. She compliments Ayaan. She says Sid, click our pic. Sid clicks their pic. Sid asks them to come downstairs. Ayaan says I have to meet Faltu. Faltu says we have to leave from here, Pappi will come back from the police station. Pratap says we landed in Ayaan’s mart, where shall we go. She says we should go. The room staff man comes to help them. He says I also live in a chawl, a room is vacant there, you have to pay rent, but I will talk to the owner and ask him not to take rent, you can stay there. Faltu says he is right, if the chawl people help us and save us from Pappi, then its good, we should go with him. Charan says fine, we will meet your house owner tomorrow.

Ayaan and everyone come to the pub. He checks the hotel location. Kinshuk teases Ayaan. Everyone dances. Ayaan says I don’t know dancing. Tanisha says you have done garba, you have to dance now. He says I got a friend’s call, I will just come. He leaves for the hotel. He reaches the hotel and asks about Faltu and her family. He says please tell me about them, they really need me. The man takes him there. Ayaan doesn’t see her. The man says they didn’t check out, I don’t know about them. Faltu says sorry, I was tensed there and got to leave soon. She thanks the man and asks him to help her. She says you don’t tell about me. The man asks her not to worry. She says no one should know that I m blind, we will hide this for a few days. The man asks them to come. The man says they left from the back door. The manager says they could have left from the front door, they cleared the bills. Ayaan thinks you went far again, Faltu. The man calls the house owner. The owner says I want the rent, I won’t take the deposit. Charan pays the rent. The owner asks the man Mukund to show them the room. Mukund shows the room. He promises Faltu that no one would know about her. Tanisha says I want to call Ayaan. Sid says don’t worry, he will come, he might have gone to help someone, he has gone for Faltu. She says no, he would have told me. Ayaan comes back and says Sid…

Charan and Pratap ask Faltu to have food. Faltu says I will find some way for myself. She favors the chawl people. Charan asks her to eat the food, its getting cold. She asks him to get a bat and a ball for her practice. He says your operation will happen soon, we will find jobs here. Faltu asks how will we arrange 15 lakhs, its not a joke. Charan says stop it, I m here, I will work hard, you have to make my name shine. He thinks how to arrange 15 lakhs. Ayaan scolds Sid. He asks Sid to check his call logs. Sid says no, I didn’t mean that, relax. Ayaan says I understood what you meant. Tanisha says I have a surprise for you, Ayaan. Sid asks what happened to him. He checks his phone and sees Pappi’s call in the log. He asks who spoke to him for 2mins. He sees Ayaan and says did Ayaan talk to him, damn, it will be a big blunder, don’t know what did Pappi tell him, I have to handle this. Ayaan smiles seeing the cake. Pappi says you can’t do anything Ayaan. Tanisha says its Ayaan’s fav cake. They cut the cake. Ayaan sees Sid and thinks to handle Sid. He thinks where shall I find Faltu, what is it that I don’t know.

Faltu practices cricket. She gets a good offer for a cricket competition.

Update Credit to: Amena

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