Faltu 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Sid manipulates Faltu

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Faltu 12th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with doctor checking Dadi. Janardhan comes home and asks how is mum. Doctor says she is fine now, it was gas that reached the chest, how did she get fine. Sumitra says Faltu gave her a kada. Faltu says I gave her kada made of lemon, zeera and salt. Doctor says good, how did you know its gas. Faltu says I saw Vaid ji giving this kada to Kaka, I asked Dadi and understood it’s gas, not a heart attack. He says good job. Dadi blesses her for saving her. She says I m upset, but also indebted to you. Doctor says give this medicine to her if she has any pain. Ayaan and Faltu argue.

Tanisha asks Faltu not to make a place in the family’s heart. Sid says Faltu will make a place in the family’s heart, but Ayaan is insulting her so much, don’t know what did Tanisha tell him. Faltu says I have to make Ayaan away but I can’t hurt the family, they had supported me and loved me, I didn’t forget my motive, Dadi was in pain. Tanisha asks how will you fall in Ayaan’s sight, he loves them a lot. Sumitra says if family accepts Faltu, then he will also accept her, Faltu did superb thing, we will keep Ayaan aside, we will focus on family, when family accepts her, then Ayaan will also accept her. Faltu says I have a plan to fall in Ayaan’s eyes, he will hate me, your relation will get strong. Tanisha smiles. Everyone dines. Dadi gets boiled veggies. Ayaan asks her to eat. Janardhan says I invited the investors for lunch so that I don’t lose the deal, Ayaan come with me to office and give a presentation. He asks Faltu to stay in the room tomorrow. He says Savita, I want everything to be perfect.

Tanisha asks Ayaan to come, they will sit outside. Ayaan asks her to go and chill, he has work. She asks him to give her some time. He says okay, fine, come. They go out and see Faltu putting some makeup and jewellery items in a packet. Ayaan taunts her. She argues with him. She goes. Tanisha says she changed completely. He says this is her truth, she acted in front of us, I accepted it, you also accept it soon. Faltu goes to her room and cries. She says this doesn’t matter to me, its my helplessness, I will return these things to Tanisha. Its morning, Savita and Kumkum start cooking the food. They check the stove. The servant says gas pipeline has leakage, connection will be shut till evening. Savita asks what will happen, how will we cook, guests are coming home. Kumkum says Janardhan will scold us, we had to get ashamed because of Faltu before. They go to Dadi. Faltu massages Dadi’s legs. She thinks of Ayaan. Dadi asks will you break my leg, where is your focus. Faltu says sorry. Savita comes and tells the gas problem. Sumitra says Janardhan will get insulted once again. Dadi asks Savita to call Rijula and ask, if they can cook in her house. Savita calls Rijula and asks for help. Tanisha comes. Savita says Rijula and Alok are out of city, shall we ask Kanika. Dadi says no, she would be with Janardhan in meeting. Kumkum asks shall we cook on induction. Savita says no, we can’t cook on it. Tanisha says relax, I know an authentic Marwadi restaurant, I will order it. Savita says no, guests will know it. Tanisha says I will give them special instructions to make it like homemade food, we have no option. Dadi says yes, Tanisha you order the food, you saved us today. Savita thanks Tanisha. Faltu gets an idea. She asks can’t we cook food on traditional stove. Tanisha says I haven’t seen such a stove in my life. Dadi says it tastes really well, no one knows to make that stove, Savita and Kumkum can make food because Janardhan asked me not to interrupt. Tanisha says I m ordering the food, you don’t need to interfere, go to room and fold my clothes. Faltu goes.

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Sumitra takes Faltu to room and asks her to cook food on the traditional stove. Sid says we will get insulted if guests know that its hotel food. Sumitra says please help us, make the stove and food also. Faltu asks how, if Janardhan knows it, then he will not leave me, Tanisha is ordering the food. Sid says Janardhan will get angry when he knows about hotel food. They convince her to save their respect. Faltu says fine, you have to get few things. Sid says anything. Tanisha says I ordered the food, no need to take tension now. Savita says you saved us, you are so sharp, I m lucky to get a bahu like you, no girl could be better than Ayaan and us. Sid gets the cow dung. He feels like puking. Faltu cleans the floor. Sumitra says I m proud of you Sid, I will go, you do this. Sid asks her to do it too. Faltu constructs the traditional Chula/stove. She asks them to help in making cow dung patty. Sid asks Sumitra to go. Sumitra wear gloves and helps Faltu. Sid thinks I wish I could show Tanisha what I m doing to get her. Faltu makes the uple and says I will make tasty food today. Tanisha asks what’s happening here. Sumitra asks how did she come here. Faltu says we are making a stove. Tanisha asks why are you making food. Faltu says Sid told me. Sid says Janardhan and Kanika will get insulted if we keep hotel food. Tanisha scolds them. Faltu says sorry. Tanisha pours the water angrily and ruins the stove. She goes.

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Faltu applies the sindoor. Tanisha sees this and argues with her. She says Ayaan is just mine. Ayaan walks in and asks what’s going on here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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