Faltu 12th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Faltu falls in danger

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Faltu 12th December 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kanika saying Tanisha is saying right, thank you Faltu, you have done a big thing for a mum today. Faltu says don’t embarrass me, you all have done a lot for me, I will pray that you all get blessed. Janardhan says we will complete haldi ritual now, we have to apply haldi to Kanika. Harsh says Tanisha has to apply haldi. Janardhan says I mean Tanisha. They laugh. Bua says I will take her. Savita says yes, take her. Janardhan and Govind ask Pappi about the food. Pappi makes excuses. Janardhan says my guests will be hungry, do something. Govind says we can’t afford more delay. Pappi says send some worker from your house, who knows to cook Rajasthani food. Govind scolds him. He apologizes to Janardhan.

Janardhan says Faltu is Rajasthani. Govind says yes, but she is a guest. Janardhan says I don’t care, ask her to help them. Govind goes. Bua takes Faltu. Govind stops her and stops her from Sumitra’s words. Faltu says don’t apologize. He asks her not to leave the house. Bua says no, we are going to my home to get jewellery. He says stop, I need your help, we are stuck, caterers have less work. Pappi lies. Govind asks Faltu to help the caterers.

Bua and Alok ask him to get any Rajasthani cook. Govind says we have no time, Faltu please help us and ward off this bad omen. Faltu says no, everyone will go with sweet memories. Govind thanks her. Bua asks how can you go. He says you don’t need her to get jewellery. Bua says I had some work also. He says Ayaan’s haldi is imp, you look beautiful, don’t go to get jewellery, come with me. Bua thinks what to do, Ayaan will get upset. Pappi smiles seeing Faltu. Kanika applies haldi to Tanisha and gets emotional. She apologizes. Tanisha says I love you mom. Kanika says I love you too, its parents dream that her daughter gets a good family, I m so happy that you got Ayaan and Mittals family, you are my life, I can do anything for you, I will always stand by you. They hug.

Everyone applies the haldi to Tanisha. Pappi gets Faltu and says this madam has come to help us, do as she says, we don’t have much time. Faltu gets busy in the work. Pappi says go and get the car, I will get Faltu. Tanisha smiles hearing Suhana’s compliment. The man thinks shall we tell this girl, she can help us. Pappi stops them. Janardhan asks Govind for the food. The family takes pics together. Ayaan sees Bua and thinks she is still here. He takes pics with everyone. Bua says Govind stopped me and sent Faltu to work in kitchen. Faltu says I have to finish work and go for match. Pappi says this is the right chance to faint her. Ayaan is busy with family. Dadi asks Sumitra to come for the rasam. Pappi goes to Faltu. Govind comes and asks for the food. Faltu says its nearly ready. He thanks her. Sid says we will have a bachelors night, we will have a killers’ party. Suhana asks Ayaan to get ready on time. Sid says Ayaan and Tanisha can’t meet after haldi, sorry. Ayaan says its okay. Suhana says then I won’t go. Ayaan says I m tired, I need some rest, carry on. He goes. Sid says we will start party after 10pm. He smiles. Pappi teases Faltu. She turns and sees him. She asks what’s this misbehavior. He says its time to go home. Suhana says the kalash has come. Everyone gets the kalash to make Ayaan bath. Pappi catches Faltu and faints her down. Ayaan and Tanisha get the milk bath in the rasam. Kumkum asks them to go and change now, else they will sneeze in the mandap.

Bua asks how long will you work for Faltu. Ayaan says Faltu and you don’t understand my concern, I care for her because I…

Update Credit to: Amena

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