Faltu 11th November 2022 Written Episode Update Ayaan coaches Anmol

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Faltu 11th November 2022 Written Episode Update Ayaan coaches Anmol

Written Update

In today’s episode of Faltu, we saw Charan getting worried about paying back the money. Ayaan tries to give money to Charan. Faltu denies the help and says that she cannot take money from Ayaan as it will prove to the world right that only a boy can support his father. She says that she does not want to be a Faltu. She instead asks him to help Anmol and start his training tonight. Ayaan agrees.

Charan asks how will she arrange for the money by helping Anmol. He also asks who Anmol is. Faltu asks him to trust her. Siddharth meets Tanisha and shows her the video where Ayaan is preparing dal baati with Faltu. He plans to prove Ayaan an idiot in front of Janardhan.

Ratan and Kaki and thinking how Faltu is so confident in arranging for the money in just three days. Kaki asks if Ayaan is helping them. She says that Pappi is ready to give a lot of money in exchange for marrying Faltu. She says that they will lose the money if Faltu manages to pay back the loan. She sees Faltu going out of the house. She follows her.

Faltu sees Kaki and makes a noise with her bangles. Kaki gets scared thinking it is a witch. She Faltu scares her off. Pratap further adds to her fear by telling her that a witch is wandering in the village who likes to eat women. Faltu gets into disguise and gets ready to train for the tournament.

Faltu reaches the ground five minutes late. In hurry, she falls on Ayaan. Ayaan asks her to do five rounds as a punishment. He cannot help but notice the similarities between Faltu and Anmol. He starts her coaching and helps her to improve her stance.

Pappi go to the mart and change the label on the products. He says that when people will find out that he is selling old stuff it will become breaking news which will spoil the image of the mart.

Ayaan confronts Faltu and says that he knows who Anmol really is. Is says that he will help Faltu defend the honor of her father.

Precap: Pratap’s mother asks Ayaan about Anmol. He tells her that Anmol is Pratap and Faltu’s friend. Pappi is determined to find the truth and follows them. Ayaan defends Faltu.

Update Credit to: KritiS

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