Faltu 11th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Ayaan learns Faltu’s truth

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Faltu 11th July 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Faltu going to give the breakfast to Ayaan. She knocks the door. Janardhan says we will go to Ruhaan’s house and find out Faltu. Charan says yes. Sumitra says he won’t let you meet Faltu. Janardhan says we don’t care. Tanu says Ruhaan was telling us a different story, maybe Faltu is lying. Charan says we will go to police station, police will find Faltu. Janardhan says it will be right. Faltu calls out. She keeps the food plate. She doesn’t see Ayaan’s wallet. Tanu says they will know the truth, I will call Ruhaan. Inspector takes Ruhaan’s phone. Ruhaan argues. Inspector says you can’t talk to anyone until the search completes. Charan says I beg you, tell me where is Faltu. Sid asks what happened Tanu.

She says nothing. Sid says I m relieved, they are taking police to Ruhaan’s house. She says Ruhaan is powerful, he may trouble us. He says don’t worry, it will be fine, we will go on honeymoon and make a new start. The man scolds the girls and asks who will play Parvati’s role. The girl says Faltu is pretty, she will do. The man asks how will she prepare so soon, Guru ji will scold us a lot, guests will come, puja will happen, we won’t show the play.

Sumitra asks Sid and Tanu to book the tickets. She says I want a grandchild. Tanu worries and thinks I married Sid, but doesn’t love him, I can’t let Ayaan and Faltu unite. Faltu says I will try. She reads the lines. Janardhan and Charan come home. He says we went to Ruhaan’s house with police, police searched the house, Ruhaan threatened us, inspector was our friend and scolded him, Ruhaan told us that Faltu isn’t with him, she never came to his house. Dadi thanks Lord. Sumitra asks why did he lie to us. Charan says I told you, Faltu can never do this. Janardhan says she is brave, she can take care, Ruhaan was lying to us, why, I knew it, she can’t do this, stay calm. Dadi asks him to call Faltu. Janardhan says we will find Faltu some way. He asks Sid did you talk to Ayaan. Sid says no, his number is unreachable. Janardhan says maybe he is in some problem. Ayaan thinks of Faltu. He imagines Faltu and smiles. Dadi says we can’t be careless, Ayaan will call us, we should tell the police about him. Tanu thinks if they tell Ayaan that Faltu wasn’t with Ruhaan then.. She says sorry, I forgot to say, Ayaan called me, he didn’t decide the place, he wants to meditate, he will call us back when he gets free. Janardhan says if he calls again, make me talk to him, I want to tell him that he is thinking wrong about Faltu. She says sure. Charan says I have to ask him how did he think wrong about Faltu. Janardhan says you stay with us until we find them, come. Sumitra says Ruhaan was lying to us, maybe he is lying even now, we don’t care, police will find her, you go to office, handle the work, Sid. Sid says don’t think so, think about Ayaan, we have to unite Ayaan and Faltu first, we can focus on business later. He goes. Tanu says they can never unite. She calls Ayaan. She asks where are you, everyone is worried for you. He says I know, say sorry from my side. She says I told them you are okay. Janardhan hears her talking to Ayaan.

He asks where are you Ayaan, you didn’t take my call, its carelessness. Ayaan says I m at Nasik’s ashram, there is no network, don’t worry. Janardhan says Charan came here to find Faltu. Ayaan says tell him that Faltu is at Ruhaan’s house. Janardhan says we went to Ruhaan’s house with police, but we didn’t get Faltu there, Ruhaan lied to us about her. Ayaan asks what, this can’t be true. Janardhan says I told you, she can’t do this, come back home, we have to find Faltu, Charan isn’t well, he is worried for Faltu, come back soon, she might be in trouble, come back to fulfill your promise to Ayaan, you can’t forgive yourself if anything happens to her.

Ayaan senses Faltu around. Faltu and Ayaan talk to Guru ji. They don’t miss each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

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