Faltu 11th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Pappi gets arrested

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Faltu 11th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pappi’s man taking the matchbox from the hotel staff. He goes. Faltu worries. Kanika praises Sid and says we should trust him as Ayaan, we have two equally talented boys in the house. Sumitra gives her sweets. She says I used to ask them to give a chance to Sid. She says Sid has worked really well. Janardhan asks Sid how was the first day at office. Sid says I have done my best, I will do what I find right for the company. Ayaan comes and says Sid has taken the wrong decision. Faltu prays. She says don’t know if dad reached the police station or not. Pappi says he would be coming back. Pappi comes. Pratap checks the door. He gets shocked seeing Pappi. Faltu asks did the police come. Pappi greets her.

Sid and Ayaan argue. Ayaan says its not good. He keeps his point. Janardhan says Ayaan’s point is right, Sid, you should have talked to him. Kanika says I understand, but let Sid do as he wants, if Ayaan interferes in everything, then its no meaning to given him an off. She asks Ayaan to focus on Tanisha. He says she is right, if Sid does any mistake then he will get scolding, just relax. Ayaan says I can’t relax, our company can bear big loss. Tanisha says stop thinking this, thank your brother, he handled the office and planned our evening outing also, he thinks a lot for us, we will go out. Kanika says yes, go and enjoy, Ayaan give your attention to Tanisha. Sid gets glad that family is on his side. Tanisha thanks Sid.

Pappi taunts Faltu. He holds her hand and drags her. Pratap says leave her. Goon stops him. Pratap runs after Pappi. Kanika asks Ayaan to realize that she has become his mum in law. She says I want you to spend most of the time with Tanisha. He asks about the cricket team selection. She thinks he is still thinking of Faltu. She says its tough to get good players, are you asking for Faltu’s sake, you said she got married. Ayaan says no, I just wanted to know. She says she didn’t come, she left her dreams, she has no ambitions. She goes. He says Faltu never saw her dreams, I was wrong to think for your dreams, you were cheating me. Faltu argues and asks who told you my address. Pappi says Matarani knew my true love and made me reach you, I saw your names in the reception register, come, you have to marry me. Faltu and Pratap argue. Pratap says your game is over, Charan has gone to call the police, you won’t get saved now. Pappi says I have to marry Faltu before police comes. She shouts for help. Pappi warns everyone and drags her. Police comes with Charan. Charan hugs her. He asks Inspector to see Pappi’s actions. Pappi says he is lying. Inspector scolds him and arrests him. Pappi says I will return soon and ruin everything, you are just mine.

Sid says I have to cross a big journey, Kanika and Tanisha should get impressed by me, Kanika will believe me. Sumitra says you went on me. Sid says I went on myself, there is no one like me. She says now it will be fun, the game will be between equals. Ayaan gets ready. Tanisha says you have to listen to me and wear this coat. He says no. She insists. She gets a call about her resort booking. She calls out Sid. Ayaan asks what happened. She says I have to ask Sid, I got a call from the party venue. Sid comes and asks are you okay, did Ayaan say anything. She says no, I ordered the Belgium chocolate cake, they aren’t able to arrange it, you talk to your friend. Sid talks on the call. They go out. Sid leaves his phone there. Ayaan calls her out. Sid’s phone rings. Ayaan sees the phone. He says who saves the number by Gawaar name. He answers. Pappi asks Sid why were you not answering the call. He says Inspector arrested me, just come and bail me. Ayaan says its Pappi’s voice, but how does Sid know him. Pappi tells about Faltu. Ayaan says it means Pappi works for Sid. He is shocked.

Ayaan comes to the hotel to meet Faltu. He says there is no one here. The man says I didn’t see them leaving. Ayaan says you went away from me once again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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