Faltu 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Ayaan humiliates Faltu

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Faltu 11th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Janardhan saying its not right for Ayaan and Tanisha if Faltu stays here. Kanika says no, Ayaan is over Faltu now, she can’t come between Ayaan and Tanu, Tanu is confident. Faltu comes and says sorry, I had come to clean the room. He asks her to stay away. He scolds her. She apologizes to the servant. She practices cricket. She feels hungry. She gets a pack of biscuits and sits to eat. Sid and Sumitra look on.

They try to fill her ears against Ayaan. They offer help to Faltu. Sid says I m surprised seeing your courage, you aren’t taking anyone’s favor, I respect you more, can we forget and become friends again. Faltu thinks. She says sorry, but a servant and a boss can’t be friends, thanks for the food. Sumitra says Sid, give her some time, take the food, eat it well and sleep. She hugs Faltu and makes a face. Sid and Sumitra leave.

Faltu prays. She sits and eats the food. They look on. Its morning, Faltu plays cricket with a boy. Ayaan wakes up hearing the batting sound. He looks outside and sees Faltu batting. The guy says I won’t go to get the ball, I got tired. She says I should get tired, because I m a girl and can’t play cricket. He says I made a mistake, girls can play cricket. Ayaan smiles seeing her showing his trick to the boy. Ayaan recalls her words. Savita asks Janardhan to have breakfast. He says I can’t make the investors wait. Faltu hits the ball. The ball breaks the car windscreen. Ayaan, Janardhan and Savita look on. She worries. She says now he will not leave us. The boy says just you, I m running away. Janardhan asks who did this. Faltu says sorry. He says you did this loss, I got late also, thanks, how did this boy come inside. She says I had to practice cricket, I had no one to play with me. Tanisha comes. Janardhan asks Tanisha to hear out. He scolds Faltu.

Ayaan says we should understand how are cheap people like her. Janardhan says I will take a taxi and go. Ayaan asks Savita to forget it. Ayaan says I don’t want to spoil the day. He goes. Tanisha asks why did you play here. Faltu asks what could I do. Tanisha says you will lose Ayaan and cricket also. Savita complains about Faltu. Tanisha asks Faltu to have breakfast with them. Faltu says I will have it later. Tanisha says come and have food first. Ayaan comes and insults Faltu.

He says tell her to go to servants’ room and have food with them. Harsh asks what are you doing, she is here. Sumitra says we can’t bring them close, our plan will flop. Savita asks servant to take Faltu for dining. Faltu cries and goes. Tanisha says she would have felt bad. Sumitra says you used to stand by her before, now you always insult her, what did she do with you. Savita says he said right, if she is the maid, then she should know her place. Faltu sits to have food. Sid sends the servant out. He says Faltu, I thought you won’t eat food after listening to Ayaan. She asks why, I don’t insult food. Sid sits talking to her. She says I will pay back the money and leave. She asks him to leave. Sid goes. She thinks I have no right on Ayaan’s care. Faltu cleans the house. She asks Dadi did she take her medicines. Dadi doesn’t reply. She looks for the mobile charger. She feels pain. Faltu asks what happened, are you okay. She calls everyone. Everyone comes and asks what happened. Dadi says I feel breathless. Savita asks them to call Janardhan and doctor. Ayaan says doctor will come. Faltu asks where are you feeling hurt. Dadi says chest. Savita asks are you a doctor, go away. Faltu runs to the kitchen and made a kada. She asks Dadi to drink that. Ayaan says my Dadi won’t drink this. She says it will not cause any harm. She feeds it to Dadi and asks how are you feeling now. Dadi says better.

Faltu applies the sindoor. Tanisha sees this and argues with her. She says Ayaan is just mine. Ayaan walks in and asks what’s going on here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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