Faltu 11th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Faltu saves Tanisha

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Faltu 11th December 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ayaan’s haldi beginning. Dadi does the tilak. Faltu looks on from far. Suhana records the function. Everyone applies haldi to Ayaan. Faltu thinks of Ayaan. She thinks what’s happening to me. Suhana says its love, my online fans love Ayaan. Ayaan thanks everyone and says Suhana has to apply haldi to me, she forgot. Suhana says sorry and applies haldi to him. Faltu thinks no, my heart has gone mad. She prays for the house’s happiness. Suhana says we will have some dance and fun. Savita says we will send haldi for Tanisha. Ayaan says its old fashioned to give my applied haldi to Tanisha, there should be modern twist in it, if I touch the haldi and Tanisha applies it, then… Savita says but its purpose. Ayaan says I find this rasam disrespectful. Savita asks can this happen, pandit ji. Pandit says yes. Ayaan says he gave permission. Suhana says Tanisha is very lucky to get such a husband, who respects women. He says and I m handsome also, Tanisha is very lucky. Dadi asks Faltu to apply haldi to Ayaan. Sid and Tanisha have a talk. He says I have set a solid plan, we will party tonight. She asks what party. He says my best friend’s bachelorette party, I was thinking, we all will go on a long drive and then party. She says it’s a great plan, you are my savior, I will miss Ayaan. He says you will miss your freedom after marriage, don’t be such a lover, your life will spend in husband and kids, you know Ayaan won’t party.

He asks her to keep this to herself. He says I was thinking to invite Faltu also. The girl asks will Faltu come to the night club. Sid says yes. The girls joke. He says I will be careful. He thinks after my plan gets successful, Tanisha will have my colours. Dadi asks Faltu to come and apply haldi. Sumitra asks why are you asking Faltu to apply haldi, what’s their relation. Bua says relation of humanity. Faltu applies the haldi to Ayaan. She lifts the haldi bowl. Ayaan holds her hand, and the haldi gets on her hands. Kumkum says I will take that tray. Dadi says no, she will take it. Bua says this tray is too big, we will send someone else. Sumitra says yes, keep her away from our family rasams. Dadi says I feel she is auspicious for us. Faltu says you people are blessed already, it doesn’t matter who takes this tray. Dadi says I want you to do this work, go and do your duty. Faltu agrees.

Bua thinks how long will Faltu get busy here, we have to go to the academy. Pratap angrily argues with Angoori because of Faltu. She beats him and asks him to say sorry. He says Charan and family are suffering because of you. She says its their daughter’s mistake, not mine. He says Faltu didn’t do anything wrong, she has a right to live her life, you want her to marry Pappi. Angoori says I want her to get married. He asks her to have shame. He scolds her. He says I won’t eat food until Charan and Jamuna eat food. She asks him to go and die of hunger. He says when Som and I get married, your bahus will come and trouble you, when a daughter is born, you will know. She gets angry.

Kanika waits for haldi. Faltu and Suhana get the haldi. Tanisha poses for pics. Faltu sees the decoration wall falling over Tanisha. She shouts Tanisha, move. She gives the haldi to someone and runs. Ayaan comes and looks on. Kanika sees the wall falling down. Faltu pulls Tanisha down and saves her. Tanisha gets hurt. Ayaan asks are you fine, Tanisha. He sees Faltu. Everyone comes. Dadi asks Faltu are you fine. Faltu says yes. Janardhan asks what happened here. Suhana says Tanisha was getting pics clicked, the setup was falling over her, but Faltu saved her. Sumitra says another accident happened because of Faltu. Govind asks what nonsense. She says she has splashed dirt on Janardhan, his meeting got cancelled, mom was getting burnt, think what would we do if anything happened to her, mehendi bowl was falling in the temple, today Tanisha was nearly dying. Ayaan says it didn’t happen, since Faltu came here, she made the bad omen away, she saved Dadi, then mehendi bowl and now Tanisha, we should be thankful to her and you are scolding her. Sumitra says yes, but accidents didn’t happen in our house before she come, I m worried that something bad happens in your marriage because of her. Pappi smiles. Ayaan says its all meaningless, I don’t believe in all this. She says truth is, it exists. She asks Janardhan to say, it’s a big sign. Dadi asks her to stop making stories. Govind says you are making Tanisha worry more, come with me. Sumitra says I won’t go, I m a part of this family, I m also worried for this family. Govind shouts on her. She says you just scold me, you don’t get anyone else. Ayaan says you have said wrong things about Faltu.

Dadi asks Tanisha not to think of Sumitra’s words. Tanisha says yes. She goes and thanks Faltu for saving her. She says we all should thank Faltu, she saved me and also the relation between the two families, Faltu made this floral jewellery for me and made it special, she has done this with a clean heart, she had warded off every bad omen from my marriage, you are precious for me. Ayaan thinks I never saw this Tanisha, I respect you more today.

Govind asks Faltu to help the chef. Faltu agrees. Pappi catches her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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