Faltu 10th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Pappi plans to kidnap Faltu

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Faltu 10th December 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Faltu making Tanisha ready with the floral jewellery. Tanisha loves the look. Faltu says Ayaan will love you a lot. Tanisha thanks her for help. Faltu says your marriage should happen well, I will call your friends, they are waiting to take pics with you. Tanisha’s friends come and compliment her. They take selfie. The haldi function starts. Savita asks Kanika to grind the haldi. Kanika says sorry, I don’t know this. Kumkum asks her to make a start, she can do this. Kanika says I will try. She grinds the haldi and smiles. Dadi says its big shagun for a daughter if mom grinds the haldi. Kanika says I missed many moments of Tanu’s childhood while doing her mom and dad’s roles, I will enjoy all the rituals. Savita cheers her. Kanika says Tanisha is lucky to get such a loving Sasural, I will teach her to keep family happy. Dadi says teach her before itself, then she won’t take your instructions. Kanika says yes. Kumkum says Dadi is joking. They laugh. Tanisha asks why are you staring like this. Her friends laugh at Faltu. Tanisha says she is our guest and new friend, Faltu. Faltu says its my name, Faltu. The girls laugh. Tanisha says she has come from village. She asks Faltu to pout. Faltu says I don’t want. The girl asks where is Ayaan. Tanisha says have patience, he is the groom. Janardhan asks Savita where are the caterers. Savita says don’t know. Janardhan asks Harsh about then. Harsh says Govind is attending them. Janardhan asks what’s happening. Govind says the cooks aren’t answering. Janardhan asks what nonsense. Harsh says we will manage. Janardhan scolds them. Govind get a call and scolds the caterers. The man says sorry, we had met with an accident, we are coming. Pappi and goons threaten the caterers. He asks them to do as he tells. Ayaan asks Kinshuk to tie the pagdi well. Kinshuk says its good, let me try. Ayaan says I was foolish, its my mistake to tell you. Alok says sit, I will try. Ayaan sits and says tie it well. Alok ties it and says you look like a king. Ayaan says I had to call some professional.

Sid comes and says its brother’s right to tie the pagdi, I won’t let anyone snatch this right. He ties the perfect pagdi. He says your face is glowing before haldi, its done, you look handsome. Ayaan says wow Sid, you are an expert. Alok and Ayaan ask Sid to get married. Sid jokes. He says Tanisha’s friends have come, I think I will get also married soon. Bua comes and asks them to go out, she will get Ayaan. Sid looks at Ayaan. Bua asks Sid to go. Ayaan says you have to take Faltu to the academy, this chance will come after one year. Bua says I know, don’t worry, I will do something. He thanks her. She goes. Govind asks where is the head chef. Pappi is in disguise. He says I m here. He greets Govind. Govind asks where is Choudhary. Pappi says I have come from his side. Govind says I feel I have seen you somewhere. Pappi makes stories. Govind asks him to hurry up. Pappi says even I m in a hurry. Ratan tells Angoori about Pappi’s plan of kidnapping Faltu. She says Som and you come back. He says Pappi has gone back, Ayaan’s family is rich, they can do anything. She asks shall I talk to Charan. He says no, Pappi will not leave us. He asks about the guest house work. She says its not going well, take care of Som and yourself. She sees Pratap there. Tanisha gets pics clicked. She asks Faltu to come. She says I spoke to Ayaan about you. Faltu asks why. Tanisha says for your job, you have to do something, don’t worry. Faltu says thanks. Bua asks Tanisha to go, Kanika is calling. She asks Faltu to not worry for anything, and think of her cricket. Faltu says Ayaan did a lot for me, I can do this for him, we will see his haldi and go. Pappi scolds the caterers. He goes to look for Faltu. Sid asks who are you. Pappi says catering man. Sid says I have seen you somewhere, who cares. He goes. Pappi says I will take Faltu and disappear. Faltu comes there.

Govind argues with Pappi. Janardhan says ask Faltu to help them. Pappi faints down Faltu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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