Falling in love again (Part 9)

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Forgot to mention Mr. Sun is our Abhi and Kiran is Pragya. Bt they both don’t knw them by name or face as they haven’t seen eachother yet.
Sarla: I have to ask my daughter about it…and I think she will agree to it.
Meanwhile Bulbul brought tea and snacks for dadi
Dadi: ohhh g8…then I’ll w8 for ur yes.
Sarla: I assure u…she will say yes only ….she won’t disobey me.

Both smiled and talked for some time. And w8ed for Pragya..
Bulbul whispered in Sarla’s ear: Maa di will b late today….
Sarla in inaudible voice to Dadi: Bt u asked her to come early na.
How can Bulbul say she asked her to come early.. Bt Pragya is gone to meet her Sun. So Bulbul thought to take blame over her.
Bulbul sticking her tongue gestured Sarla that she forgot to tell her.

Sarla in front of Dadi couldn’t say anything to Bulbul…so she jst smiled and excused herself from Dadi and took Bulbul along with her in room.

Sarla: What are u saying Bulbul ?? How can u forget to mention this to Pragya.
Bulbul: Maa it just slipped out of my mind.
Sarla: How can u b soo careless Bulbul ?
Bulbul: sorry ma…bt what to do now ?
Sarla: Call Pragya and ask her come ASAP.
Bulbul knew Pragya won’t pickup her call so she ,in front of Sarla, feigned to call Pragya.
Bulbul: She’s is not answering call ma. Why to call her ma as Dadi has already seen her then why to meet again.
Sarla: I have to ask her about her opinion on this marriage.
Bulbul: Bt we can jst postpone for some time na.
Sarla: No Bulbul. Go and bring her along u.
Sarla was enough loud behind the closed doors to be heard by Dadi.
Bulbul hastely went out of house to find her and bring back ASAP.

Sarla came out of the room having fake smile on face.
Sarla: Wo Pragya is little late. She had some important work to finish.
Dadi: It’s ohhkk. I’ll meet her any other day.
Sarla: No. I’ve sent Bulbul to call her.
Dadi: don’t worry Sarla g. I’ll meet her later as I’ve to go home.
Sarla: ohhkk g….

Screen shifts to Abhigya

Pragya with teary eyes was imagining her future to be sweet and happy..
Mr. Sun(Abhi) can only see her eyes filled with tears.
Abhi: Don’t cry my darlu. This is the last tear u have in ur eyes. From now I’ll not let u cry anymore.
Pragya: these are happy tears dear. I’m happy to see ur love….ur true love.
Abhi : Bt u didn’t answered for my true love.
Pragya: I love u too my prince charming.
Abhi: ohhkk enough of all this scenes… I can’t w8 anymore to see my beloved face..
Pragya: so is I
Meanwhile Bulbul reached there searching for Pragya. She saw they haven’t removed their mask.
Pragya: Ohhkk we’ll simultaneously remove mask at the count of three.
Abhi: ohhh…ready ??
Pragya: 1…
Abhi: 2….
Abhigya: 3..
Before she could remove her mask Bulbul pulled her towards her herself.
Pragya in a low tone bt full of anger: Why did u come here ?? Why u pulled me like this ?? Lemme go I wanna see my hero’s face.
Bulbul: Maa called u urgently at home…I called u many times bt u didn’t answer.
Rush to home…maa has become volcano..which can erupt anytime.

Bulbul hd her hand and dragged her
Pragya half heartedly went with her.
Bulbul turned to see him.
He removed his mask and revealed himself as Abhi.

Abhi was shocked seeing her leaving like this…Balloons he was holding made their way to fly high so as Abhi’s feelings.

Prabul reached home. Sarla fumed in anger and asked her reason for being late..she couldn’t answer anything.
Bulbul gestured maa to be calm.
Sarla with a little smile made her sit on sofa and she herself sat opposite to her.
Sarla explained her all about Dadi and proposal. Pragya was shocked hearing that.
Sarla with a pleading face asked her answer.
Sarla: I said them yes…as I knw u will not go against me….bt still if u have any problem u can tell me.
Pragya hearing maa said yes was broken into pieces. Bt she can’t go against her mum’s wish So she just agreed to her.
Abhi too went to MM
Dadi: U had meeting beta..hw was that ?? U were saying to return tomorrow na..y u came early..?
Dadi was asking him questions continuously to which he was not responding.
He just went to room and laid on bed and took out his phone out of pocket.

Pragya rushed to her room and bolted the door. She was crying heavily reminiscing her moments with Sun.
She was sure not to hurt her mom by telling her anything. ( She don’t have any heart problem like in kkb)

Thanku guys for ur cheerful comments. It makes me feel I’m good writer,I’m not though..(hehehe) I’ll try to update nxt soon
Take care…bye

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