Falling in love again (Part 8)

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Pragya: My mom says

           As u grow older,
       You will discover that u
          have two hands.
      One to help urself, other
         for helping others
Dadi: what’s ur name ??
Pragya: Pragya.
Dadi: pragya – geneous… Nice name…
Likewise she asked her about her family and home.
They reached at a two way lane..
Dadi: beta u go home…from here on I’ll manage myself.
Pragya: no dadi I’ll help u to ur home.
Dadi: Beta ur mom will be worried for u..u go
Pragya: Are u sure ,u can walk urself ??
Dadi: yes beta .
Pragya eyed her till she fainted out of her vision.
FB ends

Dadi: She’s sweet, kind and responsible enough for my Abhi.
Sarla: As u wish…if u have met my daughter and like her..what can I say now ..!!
Dadi: Sooo. U agree to this relation ??
Sarla: yes.. Bt once I have to ask my daughter.

Screen shifts to Pragya she was w8ing for her Mr. Sun to arrive.
Mr. Sun was looking for his Ray
He saw a lady in pink saree, sitting on the bench.
When he approached that lady….he saw a fat lady having rose with mask
Mr. Sun at once stepped back seeing her. He didn’t expected her lady love so healthy
Bt he thought of all sweet memories he shared, sweet moments spent with her. He went forward and presented her the white rose.
Lady accepted the rose and side hugged him.
Mr. Sun: I love u Kiran….I love u…
Lady: Bt I’m little fat (she said in a sad tone)
Mr. Sun: I love u for ur qualities… And they never said me u will have a petite figure or adorable face.
I just love u by the way u speak.

He was about to kiss her when she placed her hand in between to stop him. He was shocked by her action and was confused.

Before he could say anything she said him: The girl u r looking for is not me.
Mr. Sun couldn’t understand what she was saying.
Lady: A girl came to me and asked me to sit here. And gave me this rose.
Mr. Sun: Where is she now ??
Lady pointed to a direction. Mr. Sun saw a girl wearing pink saree was coming towards her.
She was like an angel from haven, her face has innocence of a child. He was totally lost in her beauty.
When she came near him Abhi was not in position to say something.
He gestured her as if asking If she is Kiran.
She also just nodded her head as yes. Both were lost in each other’s eyes. And both hugged each other.
That Lady was still standing there and was eyeing this.
She turned towards Pragya and told her: I don’t knw about ur story bt he loves u selflessly. He is ur true love. Never ever loose him.

Pragya messaged Abhi
“I still love u bt never msg me again.
Don’t try to contact me.”

Very tired to give long update. Hope it satisfies u.
Hey it’s my birthday today…. Nd I’ll be, as usual, bsy.
Love ur cheerful comments.

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