Falling in love again (Part 19)

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For some twist, today I only want to have negative comments to knw my mistakes. So welcome all my critics. (No abusive word allowed)

Moving to story.

When their pooja was done….Abhi again wanted to sleep bt Purab asked him that they have to meet a client to collect amount of previous concert.
Abhi: Yaar yesterday I got married and today u r asking me to come with u… Not fair yaar

Purab: It’s totally fair. U have to spend whole life with her….u forgot ur bhai after having her in ur life…. Now she’s everything to u not this man huh ??

Purab enacted to b sad. Abhi patted his back.
Abhi: Enough of ur drama. Where we have to go..?

Purab: It will take just half an hour to b there.

Abhi: ohhkk let’s have breakfast first

Dadi: breakfast is not ready yet. U go for ur work..food will b ready by then.

Abhi with a sad face said good bye to dadi and waved his hand. Pragya was standing beside dadi with Aarti thali. Abhi came to hug dadi and obviously to Pragya bt before he could move to Pragya for a hug she applied kumkum to his head with a smile. Abhi filled with anger and was about to wipe off tilak bt Pragya stooped him.

Pragya: Don’t wipe this off. It’s a good luck and best wishes from my side.

Abhi and Purab went outside.

Dadi: Beta he don’t like tilak and all when he is going out. That’s why he was looking a bit angry bt u don’t worry I knw how to calm him down.

Pragya placed thali in mandir.

Screen shifts to Arrora house.

Sarla: Bulbul wake up..!! Bulbul !! Bulbul !!!

Bul: Only 5 minutes more Di…

Sarla: Bulbul..!! Wake up it’s getting very late beta.

Bulbul woke up and was very sad not to see her Di … She saw a photo frame of her and Pragya and gave it a morning kiss….

Bul: Good morning di…Missing u a lot.. I hope u r also missing. Bt I think Jiju is not letting u miss anything about here.

Bulbul helped her ma to clean house as per their morning routine. And helped her to prepare food.

Screen shifts again to MM

Dadi: Beta today is ur first rasoi and as per our tradition u have to make sweet dish.

Pragya: G dadi….(yes dadi)

She moved to kitchen. She was confused about what to make. Aliya entered kitchen to drink water.

Pragya holding her hand dragged her to her side and slowly whispered to her.
Pragya: Aliya !! Inhe meethe me kya psnd h ?? ( what he likes in sweet ?)

Aliya teasingly: Inhe ??? Kon inhe. (He ?? Who he .??)

Pragya: I mean….ur bhai

Aliya: ohhh he is ‘inhe’ now. Interesting.
Well he is a bit Choosey for his dishes he likes gulab jamun and gajar ka halwa.

Pragya asked surprisingly: Gajr ka hlwa ??
She thought: My bubbly also like gajr ka halwa very much..
And remembers her masti tym with bulbul making halwa… Bulbul messing whole kitchen to find ingredients and in doing so flour fell over her…making all her hair white
And she acted as a ghost.
Her lips slowly curved in a faint smile.

Aliya: what happened ? U don’t knw how to make halwa ??

Pragya: I knw bt I don’t like halwa that much…bt inhe psnd h to jrur bnaungi… ( bt if he like it then I’ll definitely cook. )

Aliya went outside kitchen leaving Pragya alone to show her skills. Robin was there to help her.
Dadi came and asked Robin to prepare food as Pragya only have to make sweet dish whatever she likes.
Pragya remembered

After an hour or so.
Abhi returned with Purab in a merry mood shouting dadi…dadi..!!

Dadi: What happened Abhi ? Why r u shouting like this ? Is everything ohhkk ?

Abhi: Everything is fine my tension ki dukan… I’m very happy today. I went to collect money for my previous concert and guess what….!!
I got another concert date booked. It’s a date I having been longing for.

Dadi blessed him and purab for good news and wished them good luck.

Abhi: Dadi this is really a good luck for me.
Abhi said pointing to his tilak and looking at Pragya who is coming out of kitchen holding on some bowl. Pragya smiled at him in response.

Abhi: I’m so happy that I don’t feel like eating something.
Bt still my stomach want his stuff.

Everybody took their seats on dining table. Dadi, Mitali bhabhi, Raj bhaiya, Purab,Abhi,Aliya,Tai ji , Taya ji….( As in Kkb b Raj, Tai ji, Taya ji don’t have their own opinion. They are just pawns to be moved accordingly) Still 2 seats left to b seated.

Pragya served food to everyone. And stood beside dadi to help her serve if she needs anything. Her head bowed down in shyness and fear. Lips continuously moving in inaudible prayers. Praying God to grant taste to her food they all like.

Everybody enjoying traditional authentic taste didn’t care to look at Pragya to comment about her dish.

Abhi raised his head. All were stick to their plates.
Abhi: who cooked food today ?

Dadi: I…..

Abhi: Dadi today u have magic in ur hands… everything is so tasty..  Specially this gajr ka halwa… I feel like to kiss chef’s hand….

Abhi taking dadi’s  hand forward to kiss..
Dadi jerked her hand back.

Dadi: I haven’t finished my sentence. I asked Robin to prepare food. U wanna kiss his hand.
All laughed.

Abhi: Yeah ! May b. Bt this halwa…I’m sure he did not cook this.

Dadi: u r right. My bahu cooked that. Pragya. U wanna kiss her hand ?

Dadi forwarded Pragya’s hand to Abhi. He gently kissed her hand in front of all family members. She blushed heavily. He asked her to saved some halwa. He’ll b having it after sometime.
Dadi offered her gold chain for her great cooking skills.

After sometime when all were done… Dadi was busy talking her bahu in hall. Abhi in his room shouted for halwa.

Dadi: Go beta. He is hungry again for ur halwa. Go serve him.

Pragya brought bowl to Abhi. He at once finished the complete bowl.

Abhi: u knw what u r like Jinny in my life. I’m out of all my worries after ur arrival.I got new concert date may b bcoz of ur tilak. I didn’t have to sleep on couch. No pillow wall of hatered. Today’s halwa…..muaaahhh…!!
U knw what ur name means ??

Pragya: ‘Pragya’ means ‘genius’ ‘intelligent’ ‘brainy’.

Abhi: ya ! That’s what it means genius. And in short geni (jinny). U r my Jinny For whom I don’t have to rub any magic lamp. U will always be my side.

Pragya: yes. Whatever b the situation.

Abhi leaned to her hand and kissed her both hands again and again. This tym she didn’t resisted as she was liking her husband’s way of admiring her talent.

Abhi: So can I call u ‘Jinny’ ? As a nick name. Only Sometimes !!??

Pragya nodded her head as yes as she also liked her new name.

Thanku all for admiring my story… I’m getting to knw new silent readers. Thanku all active and silent readers for ur support.
Study hard…and take care
Luv u all

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