Falling in love again (Part 18)

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Hey frnds ! It’s been a long tym I haven’t posted any update due to some reason. Here goes the story.

Abhi kept on making her comfortable with his words that she don’t have to worry about anything. She can ask him anything at any tym, he will always b there to support her. Bt Pragya was feeling a bit dizzy as she haven’t slept for 2 nights enjoying functions. Bt was trying hard to remain awake to listen his words. Abhi could see her state. He turned to see tym. Much to his surprise it was 1 am. He has been talking for quite long tym bt still not in mood to stop talking to her and admire her inwardly.

Abhi: I think we should sleep now. As it’s very late and u still have to do some rituals early morning.

Pragya relieved of his words nodded her head as yes.

Abhi: Ur lehnga must b very heavy. And this jewellery adds to its weight on my little princess….I mean my sweety Queen.

Pointing to her heavy bridal lehanga
Pragya smiled of his words.

Pragya stood up and faced mirror to see herself. She started to remove her bangles and placed them carefully in bangle box.

Abhi couldn’t help oggling her. Pragya saw him looking at her. She was feeling a bit shy and uncomfortable. Bt resisted herself to say him anything.

Pragya thought: He is ur husband. Or to b more precise u r his Pragya. U can’t do this to him. U can’t stop him looking at his wife.
Bt what if he takes this as green signal and hug me from behind… Or what if he moves further to my face and kiss me…

Pragya: Nooo…

Abhi: What happened dear.

Pragya realized she said something audible to him which she should not.

She by then was trying to remove her dupatta. Bt she couldn’t as it was held tightly by bun and bobby pins all over her head.

Pragya: Nothing. I’m just struck with this duppata.

Abhi: let me help u remove this.
Abhi slid off the bed and stood behind Pragya still looking at her through mirror.

Abhi removed his shoulder pins. Dupatta fell off her shoulder exposing her white creamy belly. His eyes glued to her waist which was alarming Pragya.

He helped her removing number of pins from her head. His eyes still stuck to her waist and loosening her hair, which fell upto her waist.
Pragya was eyeing Abhi looking at her and she was hurt by a pin.

Pragya: Aaauchhh ..!!

Abhi lost in his thoughts immediately took her finger in his mouth and kept on feeling her pain on her face. Pragya’s alarm system evoked again. She slightly pulled her finger making Abhi realise what he have done. Without giving a second look he turned.

Abhi: U change ur dress I’ll be back having water from kitchen.
Abhi went out of room.

Pragya changed to a comfortable night suit. Abhi came inside the room. And tried to sleep on bed when Pragya stared at him.

Abhi: What..?? This is my bed I can sleep here right !! Don’t tell me to go and sleep on couch as it is very uncomfortable…….
And it’s not of my size too…

Pragya controlled her laughter and asked: Not ur size ???

Abhi: Yeah !! It is too small for me.
Pragya looked confused.

Abhi ruffling his hair: Wo…once I was trying to sleep on that couch coz I thought when we will fight I must have some place to sleep. So I tried that.. Bt…

Before Abhi could complete his sentence Pragya bursted into laughter making Abhi confused.

Pragya: I was not about to say this. I was saying that don’t u have to change ur dress ??

Abhi realized he was still in his Sherwani.
Abhi: It’s not heavy as ur lehnga na…
Trying to give excuse Abhi went to change and came in white kurta pyjama.

Abhi came near bed and looked at Pragya innocently as if asking permission to sleep on bed.

Pragya: Yes u may sleep here.

Abhi jumped on bed and adjusted pillows to make wall between them.
Pragya stared Abhi inquisitively.

Abhi: It’s a pillow wall to mark border for our sides.

Pragya: Bt what’s need of this ?

Abhi: Wo I have seen in many serials, couples make this in order not to touch one another in sleep.

Pragya: oohh… Is that so.? Then u must have seen how they get married. They fight with each other before marriage. Bt it’s not so in our case. Soo….

Pragya moved pillows to side and lay beside him.
Abhi murmured: I have to ask something more.. Bt as u r sleepy I won’t disturb u..

Both dozzed off to sleep.

The nxt day early morning Mitali bhabhi knocked the door..
As they slept late at night.. Both couldn’t hear knocking sound at door. Mitali knocked the door hardly..
Pragya woke up suddenly and adjusting herself she opened the door.

Mitali peeped inside to see Abhi sleeping.

Mitali: Ooo I think u slept late at night…or to say Abhi never let u sleep.

Pragya: Yes…

Mitali: Yes.. ??

Pragya: Yes…No, I mean ..wo…..

Mitali smiled mischievously. Pragya turned red realizing what bhabhi must b thinking.

Mitali: Ohh Pragya…. I’m here to ask u to come for pooja after getting ready…And yeah wake Abhi up if he is in mood to wake up from ur dreams.
Mitali teased Pragya before walking away.

Pragya freshened up and dressed in red saree with black board border.

Pragya went to Abhi’s sideways. She saw a man sleeping peacefully who seemed completely unknown to her yesterday is taking over her with his cuteness. She wanted to admire him sleeping.

Pragya: Suniye…!! Suniye !!

Abhi was in his dreamland with his wife….may b playing with her…

Pragya shaking him: Suniye !!

Abhi in sleep: What is this Pragya….straight to ‘suniye’ from ‘Abhi’

Pragya shook him vigorously dragging him out of dream at once.

Pragya: Suniye….Mitali bhabhi asked us to join them in aarti. So b fast and get ready….
Abhi headed to washroom still eyes half closed.

Abhi: Did she call me suniye ?

Abhi returned dressed up and looked at room much neat and clean as he never used to keep his room clean.
Abhi threw his towel on bed. Pragya shooked her head with unbelievable look and took his towel to dry in balcony.

Abhi: I’m ready. Let’s rock the party.

Pragya: Party !!??
Abhi: yeah  ! U said bhabhi invited us to party.. May b a welcome party for u.

Pragya: I said aarti. We have to do pooja.

Abhi’s face dropped coz he is not going to party.

Abhi: Ohhkk let’s go to a aarti. I mean pooja.

Both went downstairs to mandir in hall. Pragya touched dadi’s feet and took her blessings. They did some pooja for newly weds.


Abhi: who cooked food today ?
Dadi: I
Abhi: Dadi today u have magic in ur hands…everything is so tasty..  Specially this gajr ka halwa… I feel like to kiss chef’s hand….

Abhi taking dadi’s  hand forward to kiss..

Sorry guys I knw it’s very late update and short too.. Anyways thanks for w8ing….looking forward for ur comments and criticism too…tell me if u don’t like something…
Study hard and take care all…

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