Falling in love again (Part 17)

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After Pragya’s vidaai from Arora house. She sat in car beside Abhi. Abhi looking at her face which had a glow k bawjood tears.

Abhi: Stop crying !!

Pragya looked at his face for a while and wiped her face looking down back again. Bt couldn’t control her tears. They kept on wetting her cheeks.
Abhi thought something to cheer her up.

Abhi: Stop it dear. Otherwise ur makeup will b spoiled.

Pragya controlled herself and stopped crying.

Abhi: yeah that’s nice. Otherwise u would turned from pretty princess to wicked witch without makeup.

Abhi laughed at his own joke which Pragya found not at all funny. Looking at Pragya’s face his smile fainted gradually, which made Pragya smile.

They reached MM
The huge entrance was decorated with a royal theme.
There was a kalash filled of rice at Groundsel w8ing to be kicked by newly wed bride. Everything happened smoothly. No conspiracy.

Now Pragya was shown her room. Aliya guided her the way. On her way she was explaining somethings about house, rules they follow and of course about Abhi. Pragya was a bit,actually very nervous. She entered the room.

The first thing she saw was a king sized bed decorated with red and white flowers on a pure white bedsheet. A heart shaped figure in the center containing their names with pink flower petals,and rest of the bed sprinkled with red rose petals.
Moon light peeping through curtains added to it’s beauty. 

French windows were left open to feel the cold breeze. Room was mehaking  with pleasant fragrance.
On the wall at the back of bed had a huge picture of our rockstar. At the side of bed was a mirror enlightened with white lights at every edge.

A corner of the room loaded with dumbbells showed his interest in body building.

As she moved further she noticed a large couch/ sofa near the gate.
A large size LCD with speakers.

Aliya: Bhabhi sit here.

Pragya noticed Aliya asking her to sit on bed. Aliya helped her with her heavy lehnga. She adjusted herself one side of bed.
When her eyes moved to see the things it had, what she could see was a long line of different types of perfumes bottles. Some were small with round lid, some  were big and thin with colorful designs. She turned her head to opposite side and her eyes glued to a sliding door.

Before she could ask anything about it, Aliya moved out of the room wishing her good luck.
She was left alone in the bedroom checking everything of the room ..she stood in front of the mirror and couldn’t stop to admire herself  as she was looking beautiful and elegant.

Abhi outside the room gathered all his courage to face her wife.
Abhi: U have to do this Abhi. She’s ur now. Ur duty,ur wife, ur life. U must start a new journey today itself.
Thinking so he left Abhi who was ever Ravi… Who entered was Abhi….only Abhi.

While she was checking out herself  in front of mirror
Abhi entered . He was looking handsome . He looked at her and then smiled  and  closed the door from inside. It got butterflied in her stomach. He came closer and closer to her , it really took her breath away… He took her hand in his hand ..she was resisting a little but couldn’t continue it . She was not making eye contact with him as if he was a hypnotist.

He put his forehead touching her’s and said ” Pragya I want to say something  …I…” he was leaning in to her face meanwhile kept his hand to her waist ..this really evoked her alarm system and she got away a little. Abhi looked at her sudden reaction and she thought now he is going to force her ..but unexpectedly

Abhi: we should sit on bed.

She was surprised but agreed as there was no harm in this. So she rested her alert system for a while. Abhi taking her hand and looking into her eyes said

‘I know Pragya it is quite difficult for you leaving your parents and coming all the way with me .It really meant to me. I respect your feelings. We have to start our new life from tonight and I will never ever do anything that will  hurt you . Looking at you making me feel how lucky I am that I have got such a beautiful ,intelligent life partner…”

He was going on saying these words and she was lost and somewhere she was thinking that this is really unexpected how wonderful her first night with him was going  ..no lust in it at all.

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