Falling in love again (Part 14)

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Bulbul started sketching him.
Meanwhile Purab trying to talk with Bul.
Purab- Where’s ur di ?

Bul: Gone to mandir.

Purab: ohhh!! Good. She daily goes to mandir ?

Bul: hmmmm..
Bul not showing any involvement in convo.

Pur: So u don’t go to mandir ?

Bul: I do.

Purab: Then why didn’t u go today ?

Bul fed up with his queries, crossed her arms and moved aside from canvas and faced Purab.

Bul : No. Bcoz today is Di’s turn to go out with ma,as it’s sunday.
On sunday I’m busy with these.
Bul raising her brush in one hand and colour pallate in other glared Purab.
Bul: Now if u r done with ur questions, may I continue ??

She did as good as she could. Bt ended with a rough picture.
Purab, all lost in his thoughts with Bul, didn’t cared about painting.

Purab: It’s so good.

Bul after having a look of what she has drawn was about to burst into laughter bt controlled herself.
Bul: U think it’s good ?? It’s like a piece of sh*t.

Purab: Hey ! Don’t say so dear. It’s so beautiful. I’m looking cool hmm?
Aren’t I ?

Bul looking with angry face.
Bul: Excuse me..? Did u just now say dear ??

Purba: No dear ! I said deer.

Bul: U again said dear. And what’s this deer. Am I like deer ?

Purab: No. I didn’t mean to hurt u. I said so coz u look like deer with ur paint brushes in ur hair bun. These looks like ur sweet little horns to me. May I call u deer dear…?

Bul: No dear. No deer. I don’t like pet names. My name so good to say. Call me by name.

Purab: ohhkk don’t get hyper.
I’m here to take phone number.

Bul : Whaat !!!!! U r here to take my number. Seriously ?

Purab : Hey w8. Don’t get excited. I knw u want to have my number bt I can’t give u mine.
He winked at her with a wide smile on his face.
Actually I… No actually bhai wanted to talk to ur di. So sent me. I went to ur house bt it was locked then I came here bt here u met me….and see u wasted my precious tym. Bhai must be w8ing for me.

Bul: ohhhh

Purab: what ohh ?… Give me her Number. I’ve to go.

Bul giving whatever look.
Bul: yeah !! Her number is 145******

Taking her no. He rushed from there.

Screen shifts to MM
Abhi writting last message to his sweety
‘ Tu nhi h yahan mgr teri yaad to h,
Yaadon me hi sahi tu mere pass to h,
Ab kis-kisko apni bebasi bayan kre ye dil,
Barasti nhi ye aankhen mgr dil udas to h’
Purab reached to Abhi and passed him her number.

Purub: Are u sure u want have new beginning ?

Abhi: yeah Purab. I just want my sweety to b happy. If she think my happiness is with my wife. I’m ready to marry her. For which I have to take a step ahead.
Just leave this here Purab.

Screen shifts to Pragya and ma.

After having their visit to mandir and orphanage both returned home.
In evening Abhi thought to call Pragya. He dialled her no. and called her.

Should I call her ? What will she think of me -I’m desperate to talk to her ? No, I should w8 till marriage.
Thinking so he cut the call before anybody answers it.

Bul: Di ! U got a miss call.

Pragya: Who called me ?
Pragya shouted from kitchen helping her mom for dinner.

Bul: Don’t knw it’s a number.

Pragya was busy doing work. She thought it to b one of her customer’s.
After finishing she dialled the number. Abhi picked call.

Pragya: Hello ?
Abhi: Hello..
Pragya: Who’s this ?
Abhi: hey. I’m Abhi. The Rock star.

Pragya was out of words to answer him. Being nervous she couldn’t say anything bt managed herself.

Pragya: Hello. This is Pragya here.

Abhi: hiii Pragya.

Pragya: Hello.

Both didn’t knw what to say. How to start conversation. They just said hello for good 90 seconds, which seemed to be hours to them.

Abhi: I came to knw u r a good artist. And yeah ! I called u just to say sorry for what I done to ur paintings. Actually I was returning to home while in the way I saw a kid playing in middle of the road. To save him I….

Pragya: It’s absolutely all right. I don’t want any explanation. I understand.

Abhi: really ?

Pragya: Yup.

Having nothing to talk they ended call.

Bul: ohhoooo !! Jiju’s call hmmm .?

Pragya looked down shyly with a faint smile.

Bul: forgot to tell u. Today Jiju’s frnd Purab asked ur number.

Pragya: And u r telling me this now. Isn’t it too early .

Bul smiling sheepishly : yeah I’m very fast. Don’t like to b late.

Everything was going smooth. Neither Abhi nor Pragya made a call to talk to each other. Days passed.


Arrora house decorated with lights and flowers. House full of friends and relatives.

Thanku guys for all ur comments. Yup I knw I was stupid to say so…
More of Rabul’s scene…? Don’t worry nxt tym Abhigya will rock. Hope I’m doing ok and u r enjoying this storyline. Keep calm and study hard luv u all my readers.
Take care….

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