Falling in love again (Part 13)

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Both felt some acquaintance in their eyes. Abhi imagined her to b his Krn and Pragya imagining him as his Rv. Bt when they came to reality both were uncomfortable from their closeness….and moved back hearing clapping sound of guests. Both adjusted themselves and sticking fake smile on face both went to their place.

Likewise continuing all celebrations… Day ended. Abhigya were blessed for their life ahead.
At night both, Abhi lying on his bed and Pragya sitting at one side were thinking about each other and their new life they are going to step in. They were worried, sad , not ready for the same.

Abhi read his Krn’s old messages and felt happy and sad at the same tym. Her words were floating in his mind.

‘Forget me and start ur new life happily.
Start new a life with cheerful begning.
Whenever u get married jst imagine ur wife to b me and love her as u love me.
I still love u. Bt don’t message anymore or try to contact me.
U will do what I said if u love me.’

He was confused what to do as now he don’t have any way to contact her. He slept with his thoughts.

Here Pragya was also worried thinking about his love. She couldn’t get off his thoughts for a moment. She decided to pour out all of her feelings in a diary. What she could write were only few lines.

yadaan teriyan aaundiyan hanju le le ke
roneyaan assi kalle
raati oss chan thalle beh beh ke..
yaadaan teriyan aundiyan hanju le le key

our memories come back to me, with tears,
I cry alone,sitting under the moon all night..
your memories come back to me, with tears..

tere bina dil eh dhadhakda nai (aa.. haaye)
tere baajon dil eh lagda nai
roi jave seene de vich beh ke (beh ke)
sohn teri dil sukkda nai

this heart doesn’t beat without you,
the heart doesn’t feel good anywhere without you..
it keeps crying, flowing in the chest,
I swear on you, the heart doesn’t get dried (of tears)..

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tujhe bhi pata mujhe bhi pataa
ye jo bhi hain dil ki hain ghaltiyaan
hum hain bekusoor ho gaye door door
mar na jaayein vichhode seh seh ke
yaadan teriyaan aaundiyaan hanju lai lai ke

you know, and I know too,whatever these mistakes,
they are that of the heart,we are innocent, have grown apart,
hope we don’t die of the separation,
your memories come back to me, with tears..

humein jo mile ye jo faasle
marzi nai hamaari rab ke hain faisle..
haathon ki lakeer jo moD leti heer
raanjha aata nai khayaalon mein reh reh ke
yaadaan teriyan aaundiyan hanju le le ke

the distances that we have got,they are not our wishes but God’s decisions,
if Heer could change the lines of her hands (i.e. her fate),
Raanjha would not come in her thoughts again and again.
your memories come back to me, with tears..

tere bina dil ae dhadakda nai
tere vaajon dil eh lagda nai
roi jave seene de vich beh ke
sohn teri dil sukda nai
hanju le le ke..

It was when Bulbul entered the room and hugged her from back.

Bul: Di !! Lost in Jiju’s thoughts right ?

Hearing her , Pragya’s eyes filled filled with tears. Hiding the diary under her pillow she hugged her back tightly.

Bul: Ohhoo !!! See my di is blushing hearing Jiju’s name hmmm !!

Pragya never replied to her.
She wiping her tears just said gd nyt to her and gave gd nyt kiss.
Bul, who was too tired to ask anything back, too kissed her and went to sleep.

Both Abhigya, after so much struggle, decided to move on in thier life.
With these thoughts they dozed off to sleep.
At night thought creeped Abhi’s mind of loosing his lady love. He woke up and checked Krn’s message if he received another one bt in vain. He messaged her

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” Hazaroon ashak meri aankho ki hirast me the,
Fir tumhari yaad aayi or inhe jamant mil gyi”

” Thousand’s of thoughts were under custody of my eyes,
Then I remembered you and all get bailed”
He again went to raw sleep.

In morning it was tym for Bulbul’s Fresher party. She get ready and arrived college at tym. She called Aliya. Someone received call.

Bul- hey miss where r u ? Don’t say u will b late. We have to do all the decoration and preparation. Rest of students has arrived. It’s u only who is late. When will u leave for here ?
Hello !! r u listening me ? Hello !! Hello ??

She just heard – she will not b late.

Before Bul could ask anything else. Call was cut.

Screen shifts to MM.
Aliya coming out of Bathroom was almost ready bt still to apply makeup and all.

Aliya: Who was on the call ?

Purab: Don’t knw. Name displayed was Bulbul.

Aliya: What was she saying?

Purab: She asked u to come early. Get ready fast.

Aliya: I’m not ready yet. It will take tym.

Purab: No she was looking worried for all the preparation. U must go there ASAP.

Aliya: Chill Purab

Purab glared at her and asked her to get ready, he will b w8ing in the car.

Aliya got ready and reached college with Purab.

Purab: May I join to help u and ur friends.
Aliya: ammmm… Ohhkk ! Come let’s move.

He saw Bul and what he did was only to see her.

Everything was going well. He was ogling her from distance. He was following her. For him she was the only person present in the party.
Now here come’s there performance tym.

Aliya,Tanu ,Nikhil and Bul performed their part. All were cheering these four. Aliya looked at Purab to hear him cheering and praising her. Bt she heard Bul’s name. She gasped in anger. Purab seeing Aliya with red face suddenly started taking her name and hooting. Party came to end. Bul was about to leave when Purab signalled Aliya to ask Bul for lift. Bul agreed and all three moved to car. Whereas Nikhil dropped Tanu.
Purab adjusted back mirror to see her reflection. She was looking damn cute to him. Aliya noticed Purab. There was utter silence in Car. Aliya spoke breaking the ice.

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Aliya: The party was osum.

Bul: ya. I enjoyed a lot today and took so many selfies and pictures.

Aliya: yes. Me too.
Let’s take another one.

Saying so she lifted her hand to take selfie. Purab cleared his throat to seek both girl’s attention. Hearing him she adjusted her phone to frame him with them.
They continued enjoying each other’s company. And dropped Bul to home and returned to their home.

Days passed, weeks passed.
Both families decided to tie Abhi and Pragya in a sacred knot.
Abhigya started to indulge themselves in work, forgetting their sweet bitter past.
Their marriage date was decided. And announced to be by the end of week.
They come to knw about that.

Abhi asked Purab to arrange Pragya’s number.
Purab jumped in excitement as he will b able to see Bul again.
It was Sunday. And as usual Bul gone for painting schedule and Pragya and Sarla gone to temple from there to orphanage.

As Purab was excited to meet her he was at their doorstep early morning and house was locked. He was disappointed.
Then he remembered it was sunday and Bul’s painting day. He headed to the spot she was painting.

Purab: Hey Bulbul !

Bulbul: Hii

Purab: Ohh U draw so well.

Bul: Thanks Purab.

Purab: Can u make my portrait ?

Bul: I’m not good at that..what I can paint is landscapes…

Purab made a sad face.

Bul: W8…I can try ur silhouette.

Purab: Ya. Sure. That will be nice.

Bulbul started sketching him.

Very disappointed by less reading and comments I decided to end this soon.Most probably in 3 or 4 shots. If u want to read more I’ll ask for atleast 15 readers to comment.

Hope all are doing well in studies.

Take care..

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