Falling in love again (Part 12)

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Pragya couldn’t concentrate on her work and was thinking all she had faced in a day. She was painting subconsciously thinking about her Mr. Sun. Her hands were moving over canvass. Don’t knw what’s she painting. She didn’t have control over her or say herself..lost in the thoughts. She was shook out to senses by vehicle horn on road.
She glanced at her canvas…w8 what’s this ??

Pragya drew eyes- deeply in love, explaining love story itself.

Huh ?? These eyes are just like my Sun. Ohhh I’m missing u so much dear. She had wet eyes.
I think I should paint further may be I get face to my prince.

She continued thinking each and every curve and shape she could make out of that mask. Just focusing every bit of face she could,tried to have a complete.

When she was done, to her shock more than surprise, she ended with a portrait of ABHI.
What the hell ? Why did I make this ? Pragya concentrate…why u painted this.. Where r u lost.. This man can’t be ur hero.

When she was finishing her portrait, Purab arrived there and had a glance at picture.

Purab: Whao !! This is osum.

Pragya just smiled for his appreciation.
Pragya: Do want any painting sir ??

Purab: No, I was just walking and saw ur paintings. These are just amazing.

Pragya: thank u sir.

Purab: U daily come here ??
Purab tried to talk to her and find some clue about Bulbul.

Pragya: yes. I come here daily. Would u like to be painted ? I can make ur sketch in few minutes.

Purab: This is nice. Bt I don’t want to be portrayed. Bt I would like to have this one.
Purab asked pointing towards Abhi’s portrait. Yaar ! How to ask her about Bulbul. Should I ask her directly ?

Pragya: Ya sure.

Purab how much this costs ??

Pragya: ₹ 2***

Purab : ohhkk. Pack this.

Pragya handled him painting after packing it neatly. Purab paid her.

Purab: Thanku di. When can I come again if I need any other picture.

Pragya: u can come when ever u like..I’ll be here only..bt till 5:00 pm only.
Purab : Ohkkk.

‘Where’s she. Should I ask her ?No, what she will think of me ??Bt I have to ask her why she’s not here. I must talk to her. Come on man..be brave if u want to knw, u must take a step.

Purab: U alone handle all this ?
Pragya suspecting him just noded her head.

Purab: Wo actually.. Yesterday only I saw some other girl here. Bt today u ?

Pragya: Yes. She’s my sis. She come here only on Sundays.

Purab was happy knowing this and thought not to speak further else she might get doubt on me. Purab went on his..thinking when this sunday will arrive now??

Screen shifts to Aliya and Bulbul in college.
Aliya and Bulbul after finishing there classes moved to Nikhil’s house. Tanu was already there.
Bulbul sensed something fishy is going in between them.
They as usual rehearsed for their performance.
Tanu couldn’t concentrate on her performance and was looking continuously at Nikhil and he was smiling looking at her back again. Unknown happiness could be seen on both’s faces. They finished their practice and were about to leave when Bulbul asked to accompany them on their way. To which Tanu agreed half heartedly. Nikhil looked at Tanu with puppy face. Bulbul and Aliya chuckled seeing this.

Screen shifts to MM.
Abhi heard it on grapevine that Dadi went see a girl named Pragya for him.
He was hell shocked to hear this. He couldn’t stand what he just heard and sat on bed as his legs couldn’t support his body.

He gatherd his senses a d tried to message Kiran.
Bt she wasn’t answering.
After messaging her many times he finally managed to get a message from him.

Krn(Kiran): Why are u messaging me !?
Rv(Ravi): what u mean y I’m messaging u ? Y are u behaving like this ? I want to talk to u.plzz Sweety don’t ignore me.
Krn: Plzz Mr. Sun Try to understand I can’t talk to u. Forget to me as if ur dream.
Abhi was shocked to hear this from her and tried to convince her not to leave him.
Rv: No sweety… I can’t forget u. It will be worst dream for me ever. I don’t want this nightmare. Plzzz sweety don’t leave me.
Krn was moved by his words.
Krn: y r u not trying to understand me ? Ohhkk how much do u love me ?
Rv: Do u really want to knw depth of my love ? Then listen

U r heartbeat to my heart
U r air to my lungs
U r nerves to my mind
U r food to my body
U r life to my soul
U r pen of my destiny
It’s more deeper than ocean, higher than clouds, darker that black darkness and brighter than Sun.

Pragya couldn’t listen to his feeling so deep and dear.
She interupted: U love me so much that u can do anything for me ??

Rv: it’s not a question to be asked. Of course I do love u soo much.

Krn: Mean u can do whatever I say ??
Rv: Yes sweety. If u ask for stars, I’ll become astronaut for u dear.
Krn: Do only one thing if u love me.

Rv : What ??
Krn: jst stay away from me, forget me and start ur new life happily.

Rv: I can’t b happy without u. U r my everything. If it’s a joke…it is creepy joke. Plzz say u r joking.

Krn: I’m not joking. Start new a life with cheerful begning. Whenever u get married jst imagine ur wife to b me and love her as u love me.

Rv: No. I love only u and u will b my wife…soo I’ll love u. Don’t u love me anymore ?

Krn: I still love u. Bt don’t message anymore or try to contact me. U will do what I said if u love me.

Saying so she deleted her account. And Abhi couldn’t make out what happened just now… Both cried heavily as if their heart is taken out of their body.

Here Aliya and Bulbul were going down street with Tanu. When all of sudden Bulbul asked Tanu to which she was a bit shocked.

Bul: Tanu, Is there something going in between both of u ?

Tanu understood what she’s asking about bt pretended as she didn’t understand.
Tanu: What’s going on ? Between who ?

Bulbul being straight forward asked her: Btw U and Nikhil..and winked at Aliya.

Tanu couldn’t say anything and tried to divert topic.
Tanu: see Bulbul, u arrived ur street to home. We r getting late right Aliya ?
Aliya: ya Tanu. U r right. Specially u are getting late na..
Aliya and Bulbul chuckled seeing her in awkward position. Without further discussion they followed their path.

Abhu and Pragya were facing worst days of their life.
Days passed as they were not part of this world. Purab visited Pragya daily as he knw about Pragya from Dadi bt never told her.

The day of their engagement arrived. All were excited except Abhi and Pragya.
MM decorated with White and skyblue coloured theme. Everything was cutely arranged.

Pragya dressed in white and royal blue shaded lehnga was looking gorgeous. And Abhi in same white and Royal bule colour was stunning.
They just completed their engagement formality. Now Aliya and Bulbul invited newly engaged couple to dance floor.
They both hesitantly came to dance floor and Aliya nd Bul invited everyone to dance with flipped partners.

Aliya- Someone ( want to knw ur suggestion for name )

This is the first tym they looked into each other’s eyes and were lost into them. And danced closely bt not so close.

Arr…..after a long tym and many failed trial I posted it.
Guys hope I didn’t bored u with long update. Stay tuned to knw more. Share ur views about it and ya name too to Aliya’s Partner.
Take care and stay blessed.

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