Falling in love again (Part 11)

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In morning. She woke up wiping her face. Rubbing her eyes to open which were like glued together coz of crying. She went to bathroom to take shower. Here Bulbul was sleeping like Kumbhkaran…never wanting to wake soo early. Pragya came out after having shower.
Pragya: Bully wake up…it’s already 7:00 am.

Bul:It’s only 7:00 na !! Lemme sleep for some more tym di….

‘ Get up Bully’
Pragya said getting ready while looking in mirror.

Bul woke up lazily and sat on bed with eyes still closed.
Bul: Good morning di !

Pragya: gd mrng. Now go and get ready.

Bul: soo sukhi sukhi wish…?

Pragya: Do u want me to throw bucket of water…?

Bulbul frowned and Pragya chuckled.Bulbul with atill eyes closed continued

Bul: aren’t u forgetting about morng kiss…u didn’t give at night too… U remenber..?
U only agreed to this relation..bt still have to live with us so try not to change ur routine so soon.
Bulbul teased her..to which Pragya never reacted.Pragya kissed her forehead. Bulbul opened her eyes and kissed her cheeks. She feeled some difference and looked at her face ,though it was fresh, had some deeply burried sadness.

Bul: Everything ok di ?

Pragya: yes

Bul: I want to ask u something if u permit me ?

Pragya remained silent for sometime. She knw what’s she gonna ask.

Pragya: No…
Before Bul could say anything further pragya continued: U r going to be late today too. Don’t want that na ? Hurry up !!

Bulbul went to get ready and came for breakfast. She had her breakfast. While going out to college she shouted: Ma I’ll be late today.
Pragya too had her stuff and went on bicycle.
When they left Sarla called Dadi and told her about Pragya’s decision. Dadi was happy hearing this. Dadi informed family member.

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Screen shifts to MM
Purab knocking the door.

Abhi !! Abhi !! Wake up yaar…
Purab shouted leaning on door knocking continuously.

Abhi opened his eyes and opened the door. Purab jerked inside the room.
Purab: Why u returned yesterday when u said u will be here by today. ? Why didn’t u inform me ? Is everything ohhkk !? What did client say ??

Abhi yawned ( Why r u yawning ) slightly ruffling his hair.
Abhi: Are u done ? Or still have more questions ask me ?

Purab looking down: I’m not done, how can stay so calm.

Abhi: may I go to wash room ?

Purab : yes, bt b quick. As I’m in hurry.
Purab thought she must have arrived I have to meet her.

Abhi came and sat on bed having his coffee.
Purab: Now answer me.

Abhi: Bhai !!

Purab: Why are u sad…what happened yesterday..??

Abhi: how do u knw I’m sad. I didn’t tell u anything right ?

Purab: yes.. Bhai u did ?
U called me Bhai not followed by any other word which means u r really upset with something.

Abhi: haan yaar.. U knw I said I had meeting with clients yesterday !!!

Purab: yup ! I was asking u the same. What did they say ? How was the meeting ?

Abhi: That’s meeting was not with any of my client concerning concert. I went to meet my GF.

Purab shocked for his words
Purab: what u had Gf and u never bothered to even tell me. Don’t talk to me now.
Purab started to move. Abhi holded his hand. His face was gulped in sadness.

Purab: hey Abhi !! Bhai I was just kidding. Don’t take me serious bro.

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Abhi: Bhai..plzz listen to me till end do not disturb in between.
We had our intro on social media…………. Her name Kiran…………My name Ravi………….Shared everything…..started loving eachother…………planned to met………couldn’t see face……..someone dragged her aside….not explaining what happened.
Abhi was at verge of crying. Purab noticed and tried to calm him down.

Purab: U should again try to talk to her. She must had some problem which she don’t want to share.
Abhi: bt she never hides anything from me since we promised.

Purab: Bhai just talk to her once.

Abhi: ohhkk… I’ll try.
Abhi trying to cheer up.
Abhi: hey ! U were in hurry right…where are u going ?

ohh I completely forgot. I’ll catch u later..Purab said almost running out.

Screen shifts to Bul and Aliya attending class.
Class seemed boring to them..they went out of class without being noticed by teacher.
They headed to canteen and had some drink.
Aliya: I was feeling sleepy that was so boring.

Bul: ya that was boring bt I slept tight at night so wasn’t sleepy…

Aliya: I couldn’t sleep whole night..My bro’s mirrage is fixed and u knw with whom right..
Aliya winked and both chukled. Both acted.

Bulbul : ya right !! someone named Pragya na …!!
Aliya: yes. Bt how do u.

Bul: I knw her quite personally.


Where’s she. Should I ask her ?
No, what she will think of me ??
Bt I have to ask her why she’s not here. I must talk to her. Come on man..be brave if u want to knw, u must take a step.

So sorry guys, I made a big mistake actually a bunder..Aliya and Bulbul are besties…sorry to all my readers.

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Maya- thanku di..glad to read ur comment…ohh u read my ff…happy for that.

Abhigya- thank u dear for ur support. Don’t be sad god have written happiness for her.

Aizaeelahi- thanks dear cheering me

Mythili- thanku dear for ur support. U will soon get to knw about how they will unite.(If I get tym)

Hanna, Reshma_Pradeep, Sethidisha002, Sugan- Thank u all for ur love

I’ll try to update nxt part soon as when I get tym…
Take care

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