Falling in love again (Part 10)

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Bulbul left for her rehearsal to Nikhil’s house.
Here Abhi messaged Pragya.

Hey sweety! What happened ??
Why u ran from there all of sudden. Plzzz Sweety tell me, my heart is beating fast.
Pragya: it’s nothing to be explained.

Abhi: sweety y r u answering me like this….plz speak up something dear.

Pragya: plzzz for now I don’t want to talk anything.
Pragya was having tears in her eyes leaving traces on her white felt pillow.
Abhi sensed something wrong and gave his Ray some time to explain herself. He left her with thought tossing in his mind.

Bulbul and Aliya were rehearsing their acts while Tanu was busy chait chatting Nikhil. There convo was disturbed by Bulbul.
Bulbul clearing her throat: Ahmmm..
Tanu pass me energy drink.

Tanu jerked..and passed her drink.
She than sat a aside distancing from him.
After their rehearsal was over they had some snacks and it was late evening. Bulbul and Aliya joined for a small distance to their home. Nikhil went to drop Tanu to which Bulhul and Aliya never said anything. On their way they didn’t talked much. They are not good friends. They reached where their way separated…they just smiled and said good bye to each other.

At home when Bulbul returned Pragya was already in her room.
Sarla was w8ing for her on dining table. Bulbul came and sat to have food.
Sarla: Bulbul beta first go and freshen up.
Bulbul: No ma I’m tired…I’ll fresh up later.
Sarla glared her in little anger…which Bulbul knw for what that was. She silently moved to wash room.
When she returned to table Sarla inquired her being late.
Sarla: y r u so late Bulbul ?
Bul: Ma actually we were so lost in rehearsal that we didn’t notice time.
Sarla: fine. Bt be carefull nxt time.
Bulbul: for sure Ma. This won’t repeat again.
Sarla: Hope so.

Bulbul: where is di ma ??
Sarla: She’s in her room.
Bulbul: She had her dinner?
Sarla: No she’s sleeping.. I thought not to disturb her.

Bulbul thought: why she slept so early. I had to talk to her..regarding her starting new phase of life.
How can she do this to me ?
I should talk to her in morning.
While thinking she was nodding her head.
Sarla: Why u nodding ur head ?
Bulbul : what ?? Did I do that…
Sarla : yes u did
Bulbul: no ma…
Ohhkk Maa I’m done and very much tired ,where is my bed.
Sarla: ohhkk go nd sleep.. Bt don’t start ur melodrama now.
Bulbul: gd nyt Ma
Sarla: gd nt beta.

Sarla was wondering whether her decision was correct or not.. Is Pragya happy for it ? Will Pragya be happy ?

Bulbul headed to her room which had closed door.
Bulbul: Di never closes door before me…then y today happen so.

She slowly opened the door as peacefully she could.
Pragya was sleeping side wise covering eyes with her hand.

Bulbul whispered: Di didn’t wished me gd nyt..
Don’t worry…Good nyt di..
Bt hey what about my gd nyt kiss…hw can I sleep without that..I can’t sleep without kiss..however tired I’m. Bt what to do now….

Bulbul leaned to see if Pragya is sleeping. She was in deep sleep.

I should not wake di up….bulbul kissed Pragya cautiously to make sure not to disturb her
Gd nt di…I’ll talk to u in the morning. U broke so many routine today..which i couldn’t digest…so b ready to b punished…
She went to sleep.

Pragya who was listening to all this opened her eyes slowly and saw her sleeping as she was very tired today… Pragya had a glass of water and slept facing her. She gave Bulbul gd nt kiss and fall asleep.

Thanku guys for supporting me. Bt there are only few comments… Nd I’m longing for more. Comment if u didn’t liked the story.

Sorry for mistakes I wrote it simultaneously doing other work hope u’ll forgive ur Lil’ sis….stay happy

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