Do dil mil gaye Part 1, 2

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Hey peeps this is Winnie again to trouble you all with anew ff “Do dil mil gaye” with ishra arshi and abhigya, I know u all were sad that I ended my ff soon, I don’t think I will be regular to this ff.
A big office is shown and there was a girl sitting on chair in her cabin she was thinking something holding a pen in her mouth and the chair was a movable one and she sat turning to back
Suddenly a man enters
Man: exuse me ma’am may I come in?
She turns her chair and face the man
Girl: yes ofcourse why not
Man enters
Man: khushi ma’am I want a leave
Khushi: what? U want a leave u lazy man how can u think of leave and how dare u to ask for it
She burst at the man
Man: soory ma’am
He gets up for leave
Khushi: can u tell me why u want leave mr. raghav?
Raghav: I want to go for a date with naina
Khushi’s anger is no more
Khushi: how sweet
Raghav: my leave is fixed
Khushi: enjoy
He jumps and goes
Khushi: so sweet I wish there would be someone made for me
On the other side
All the media reporters surrounds a man
Reporter: mr. arnav pls tell me how can u make success so easily, sir tell u r views on love
On other side
Khushi: Love is seeing a person perfectly despite his/her imperfections.
Other side
Arnav: love is the cancer of society it is a worst feeling which always hurt
Reporter: u don’t believe in love
On the other side
Khushi: Love is a very special and meaningful word to each human being
On the other side
Arnav: don’t ask me about love
Security guards come and pushes media arnav goes to his room
On other side
Girl enters and hugs khushi from back
Khushi: pragya
Pragya: what were u talking
Khushi: about love
Pragya: again love don’t u know in our family none believes in love see ishu di condition she is not smiling at all
On the other side
Man enters in arnav room
Man: why did u say such answers to media
Arnav: oh c’mon abhi how can I belive in love didn’t u see raman bhai condition it all happened because of love he is not ready to move on
On the other side
Khushi in anger: yes I remember I wont forgive mr. raman kumar bhalla he is the cause for this
Pragya: leave the past think about the present
Khushi: what do u mean
Pragya: how many days passed we didn’t do masti
Khushi: so who will be our target
Pragya thinks
Pragya and khushi: mota ghenda boss(fat and hippo boss)
They laugh
In boss cabin
A horror song is plaged a cat voice is heard boss(mani) becomes frighten and suddenly from boss back
Khushi wore a white saree and had a mask on her face her nails were long and in a devil form
Khushi: booo
Pragya also entered
Mani: who r u what do u want?
Khushi changing her voice: u are looking tasty
Pragya changing her voice: come with us
They surround mani
He tries to run in his cabin
Pragya follows him and her mask fell down without realizing it she tries to frighten him but he stands still khushi notices that
Pragya: why are u not frightened?
HE shows the mirror
Pragya gets shocked
Mani: u have made my office bhooth bunglow
He burst at them
Suddenly a girl comes
Mani: thank god u came ms ishitha
Ishitha: what happened
Mani: see u r sisters antics
He narrates the story she stands shock
On other side in America
Abhi: raman bhai arnav come fast
Raman: what happened
Arnav: cockroach ko dekh liya kya
Abhi: was it a joke
Arnav: yes
Raman: abhi tell fast
Abhi: I got an invitation from india for doing concert
Arnav: that’s good pack the bags
Raman: u go
Abhi: what do u mean by u go u should also come
Raman: if I come then the old memories old of Ishitha……… I cant come
Abhi: u have swear on u r tie
Raman: mad
Arnav: that means u r coming
Raman: yes
They smile

Precap: mani enters
Mani: ms raizadas I am invited to mehras, I am busy so u can go there and I heard the bhallas are also coming there
Ishitha: never
Mani: if they become our partners it will be beneficial to us
He leaves
Ishitha had tears in her eyes
Khushi: ishu di control yourself we will show we moved
Ishitha: we will go

Hope u liked it, tell me shall I continue


Mani: see Ishitha what u r sister did
He narrates the whole thing, she gets shocked
Ishitha: I am sorry, pls forgive
Mani: why are u saying sorry
Khushi: yes sorry toh mani koh kehna chahiye
Ishitha: come home I will tell who should say sorry
Pragya: we are sorry
Ishitha: come lets go home
In car
Ishitha was driving, khushi and pragya sat back
On the other side in America
Raman and arnav helps abhi in packing
Arnav: took u r toothbrush?
Abhi: yes
Arnav: took u r song book
Abhi: yes
Arnav: took u r towel?
Abhi: yes
Arnav: took u r diaper?
Abhi: yes

They laugh, abhi makes pout face
Abhi: always u will make fun of meif Ishitha bhabhi would….
Raman gets up
Arnav: raman, abhi want to tell just……
Raman: I know don’t tell
Arnav: where are u going
Raman: to pack my clothes
He leaves
Arnav: what was the need for u
Abhi: then why were u making fun of me
Arnav: bcoz I want bhai mood to get right
Abhi: and to make my mood wrong, instead of loving to make fun of me, remember u r khushi
Arnav: u always spoil mood
He gets up
Arnav: u pragya lover
He leaves
Abhi: pragya I love u why u left me
In india
Khushi: this all happened bcoz of u
Ishitha: no u didn’t keep the mask nicely
Ishitha: what are u whispering
Pragya: nothing
Pragya pov: I wish abhi would be here, I love u abhi
Ishitha: u made my head bend down
Khushi: we just want u to smile
Ishitha: I forgot to smilewhen the bhallas showed their real faces
She cries
Pragya: don’t cry
Khushi: we need them
Pragya: what?
Khushi: we don’t need them
Ishitha sees her palm
Pragya: lets forget all that
Khushi: how can u easily forget them
Ishitha wipes her tears
Ishitha: bhallas cheated us
Khushi: stop all this our home came
Pragya: our home didn’t come we came here
They go to their home
Other side
Abhi: lets go to airport
Raman: u are so exited
Arnav: apni gadhe jaisi aawaz sabko jo sunani he
They do hifi
Abhi: chale
They reach air port and boards plane
Other side
mani enters
Mani: ms raizadas I am invited to mehras, I am busy so u can go there and I heard the bhallas are also coming there
Ishitha: never
Mani: if they become our partners it will be beneficial to us
He leaves
Ishitha had tears in her eyes
Khushi: ishu di control yourself we will show we moved
Ishitha: we will go
Other side
Mehra reaches airport
Mehra: mr bhallas
Abhi: mr mehra when I have to perform
Mehra: first attend the party later we will think
Arnav: party party party
Raman: lets go

Precap: anker it’s a mask party
So u have to wear masks
All wear mask
Abhi writes abhi loves pragya on prags hand
Khushi faints and arnav lifts her and takes her to a side

Hows that
Hope u like it.

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