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I choose you and I will choose you ,over and over ,and over ..without pause..without doubt In a heartbeat..i will choose you..some people will search their whole lives to found what I found in you..

every love story is beautiful but
some are with failures…
some are filled with emotions..
all are loved to be loved…

but living without love..is really a most difficult feeling.
i filled your eyes with love..but you filled my eyes with tears..its really hard to forget a person who gave you alot to remember…

everyone who is in your life is meant to be a part of your journey but not all of them are meant to stay..thats the reality of life…

this is yet another story based on kumkumbhagya serial…about abhigya..the story is about what I mentioned till now..

it was a press conference hall…all are waiting for someone..they are photographers and reporters.suddenly flashlight of camera blinks together ..there is a large no of clicks sound…all are ready with their question..but we can’t see the person in that rush.. the person take her seat on stage..yes that’s our lead of the story.. pragya arora..

Suddenly one reporter stood up with her first question..
Re:mam…all are curiously waiting for your new book…actually all your books have created records in selling.. what you think about this new book..
Pr:I don’t knew what will happen to this book.. as I don’t write for selling it.ofcourse it way of earning money to me..but I love writing..
Rep2: mam already allot of rumours about this book where going around the world..as this is your autobiography what you wish to tell about your new book..
Pr:actually all my stories are from my life..what I feel in my life ..what I see in my life that’s what come up as stories..and about this book..this book is my favourite than any other one..because this book is my own story with some changes..
Rep 3: mam why some changes..are you scared of opening your life to readers..
Pragya smiles .
Pr;iam not at all coward about it..and about some changes..all loves happy ending right that’s why..
Rep:which means some tragedy happens in your life.
Pr:tragedy..its not like that.. all have some wishes in life to achieve and that can’t be achieve but still that remain in your heart..so I full fill my wish by my story that s it..

Re:mam at this moment I want to ask you one thing.. already there is gossip going on between you and rockstar abhishek prem mehra..is all that true ?
Actually her program is going on live on tv..a person is watching it in live..its none other than bulbul..pragyas pyaari bhahan..
Oh god…now my di is trapped..i already stop her from this press conference as Iam dam sure that they will bring this topic there..but she ..what will my di tell now..
Suddenly a person came..
Sorry guys for disturbing you now.. actually it’s time to release the book…so we can stop this interview now .yes it’s none other than pragyas manger..purab..

Screen shifted to bulbul…
Oh my purab..you reached at time..i knew you will always be with me and my sis and take of us both..thats why I love you this much…

Screen shifted to press conference
Purab takes the Mike..
Pu;so now it’s time to release the book..the book we all are waiting for ..for releasing it we need a person to hand over the first copy of book…so let’s call the person it’s none other than …suddenly all flashes blinks once again in the direction of the entrance..lets Invite rockstar abhishek prem mehra on stage…yes there he is the person whom Iam seeing after a long time..the person whom I missed till now.. abhi walks slowly towards stage..but his eyes are on something..yes it’s on our pragya…
He slowly sits beside her…

Screen shifted to bulbul..
Purab I will kill you..what is the need of bringing him there now..the one my sis trying to forget and erase in her life..the one she don’t want to see is sitting beside her…
Screen shifted to press conference..
Pu;let’s welcome our author my pyaari di to hand over first copy to abhi the rockstar ..
Pragya gave a death glare to purab when he handover book to her..as she has no option left she did it for him.. yes she handover it to abhi..without even looking at him..
Pu:abhi..just open it and show it to all..abhi slowly untie the wrapping on it..and shown it to the world.. DID I EVER LOVE YOU..

Abhi slowly open the first page of book..

And looked at pragya…
Pu:let’s welcome abhi the rockstar to address you all..
Abhi stands In front of Mike..
Ab;iam really happy now.. because the book Iam waiting for is with me now..iam Damn sure that this book will be an another success to her..i wish her all success and let her write more…when abhi turns ..pragya is not there at her seat..and look at purab..he signs towards entrance..abhi rush towards the entrance..
Screen shifted to bulbul..
I knew this will happen…i hate this abhi.who make my dis life hell..
Screen shifted to press conference..
Abhi rushes outside and sees pragya going on car..abhi takes his car and follows her…

Screen freezes…
Guys what you think about this new story..should I continue or not…

I knew all are thinking that already iam with 4 ff now.. and not updating on time…i thought to update it after my exam..but I’m not getting peace to do so..thats why

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