Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Intro

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A man is shown placing all his things in his new house in a flat. He looked frustrated. His thoughts were how many times he should change his house….How do I even end up changing my house for every 6 months for some reason?
He unpacked some of his things and was too lazy to arrange them. He just placed them random places and he lied on the sofa due to tiredness. Just then he heard his doorbell rang.

He was again irritated and was scolding the person who disturbed him in his mind. With that he opened the door to look at a child on his door step. His frustration flew away looking at the cute and bubbly girl. The girl looked at him with surprise. She was keep on trying to peek into the house. He bent down and asked “What are u trying to look at cutie?” The girl “Cutie? Did she told my name to u?” He with surprise asked “Who is that she?” The girl “My di who is living here….she calls me cutie too!” He asked “Acha…sorry cutie…I just moved into the house and I don’t know about the person who lived here before….” Cutie looked disappointed and started to cry….He thought Oh no! How am I going to handle her now!

He hugged her and said “You want chocolate?” Cutie was keep on crying not able to bear the fact her di was not here anymore. Cutie in between her cries said “She….went?…..really went?” Abhi couldn’t bear seeing her crying like this and lied to her. He “No….she just went for a while….she will be back to see her cutie!” Cutie smiled and hugged him back. Cutie “Are u telling the truth?” He said “Yes cutie! You will see her very soon! Until then can we be friends?” She looked at him and winked. He asked “What does this wink means?” Girl “Friends! We always do like this!” He “Oh I see….u mean with your di?” Cutie “Yes! How to call u?” He carried her and showed his name on the entrance. Cutie and mispronounced the name by saying “Abi shake pram marrie….” Abhi hearing that laughed and said “No cutie…it’s Abhishek Prem Mehra!” Cutie gave a pout and looked at Abhi.

Cutie “It’s very long….” Abhi “Then call me Abhi!” Cutie “No…di always say we cannot call our elders by their name….” Abhi “Ok….then call me bhai!” Cutie “No…I already have a bhai and one is enough…I am scared of him! He always pinch my cheek…” She was touching her cheek while saying that….Abhi asked “Then how cutie?” Cutie after thinking for a while said “Ok I will call u friend!” Abhi “That’s also good! I am new here and I have a new friend now!” Cutie “Don’t worry friend I will tell u more but tell me when di is back…” Abhi patting her cheek lightly said “Sure cutie!” Cutie “Ok now leave me down! I need to eat friend!” Abhi left her down and saw her running up the stairs. Abhi thought, Not bad…here I have a new friend but who is her di? Why she never even inform her and left this house? There could be some reason….

At another place……

A girl is shown telling her friend “Anything u do it should be dil se (From the heart)….only then it would change your destiny and the distances that u need to travel in your life’s journey….” By saying that she passed a book to her friend and was walking out of the place. She was hit by a person on her head and she was about to fell holding her head in pain. Just in time, Abhi grabbed her by holding her waist to prevent her from falling. Abhi looked at her with a worried face.
To be continued if it’s interesting…….

I am very sorry for the souls intertwined out of….. I feel it’s the most boring and irritating scribbling of mine. For now it’s under production for a short while as I am busy in some preparations for Sankranti and also my grandmother’s 80th birthday celebrations! So I won’t be back for at least 4 days and this one is just an idea that popped out of my mind……

Bye everyone! Happy Pongal! Happy Sankranti! Have fun and hope all wellness and happiness enter all your lives!

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