Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 7

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Pragya was working with Boss regarding the important details of some contracts. Boss looked at her and asked “Until now u haven’t see Abhi yet?” Pragya looking down said “No…but I talked to him through phone that day….” Boss “You talked to him? Why?” Pragya “I told him that the prize u gave him was the wrong one…” Boss with a puzzled look said “But it’s the correct one!” Pragya “No….I saw u placing something that was not supposed to be there…” Boss “I can’t escape from u! Ya I did that so that he can get a clue of the truth!” Pragya “He doesn’t need to know the truth now….he needs support now….he needs love from his sister…..” Boss “I know but he should know that he is living beside his sister right?” Pragya “Not now….a lot of things have to be settled in his life…like his wedding….” Boss “Are u going to arrange his wedding?”

Pragya looked surprised at her. Boss “Pragya! His sister already told u to give a chance….I mean how long are u going to live in the past?” Pragya “I am not living in the past but I cannot share my life with Abhi….Why does he have to marry me? He should have better choices than me…..After all I am used by someone else….” Boss “Shut up Pragya! What are u talking? There is no point in talking to u! Just concentrate on work!”

Pragya continued to work and hid her feelings for Abhi….
Pragya, I love him even without talking to him…..I like his good nature that I heard from others….I wish he gets a good life partner who have goodness. I also wish he will get good life with no bad and negative things attached. If he gets me there is a past filled with negative things…..I don’t want him to get a person like me…..

As for Naina she tried calling Pragya but as usual she ignored the call. Naina, Pragya! Why are u not understanding that you are the best choice for Bhai! I have to make her understand this! But she is not even communicating with me!
Abhi suddenly received a call from his boss. Abhi looked at Cutie who was playing with him and signalled her to be silent. Cutie too nodded her head and placed her finger on mouth. Abhi looking at that smiled and answered the call. Abhi “Hi Boss! What’s the matter?” Boss “Where is the prize that u need to return back?” Abhi mockingly said “You want the prize Boss? It’s at my home!” Boss “You have to return me soon!” Abhi in a dragging tone said “Ya Boss! I am on leave today….will return it tomorrow!” Cutie hearing the word prize was curious and wanted to see it. Abhi ended the call and looked at Cutie who was in some thoughts. Abhi was amazed to look Cutie in a way where she was sitting and tapping hand on her lap. Abhi, This is the same way my sister used to do when she used to think.

Abhi “Why are u silent Cutie?” Cutie “Nothing friend! Let’s go back! I am feeling hungry….” Abhi “Come! Let’s go too!” He carried her and reached Cutie’s house. Both lunch together with Naina but Cutie’s thoughts were all on Abhi’s prize that he mentioned during his phone conversation. In the midst of lunch, Cutie asked her mum whether she can go to Abhi’s house and play with him there. Naina “Cutie! Let him rest….he is already looking very tired….” Abhi “It’s ok Naina….I can play with her…by the way we are just playing board games! So it won’t be that tiring! Am I right Cutie?” Cutie winked and said Yes to Naina.

Naina “Bhai! You are as stubborn as her…but make sure she don’t play too much….she have to study later too!” Abhi “Ok Naina…It’s my responsibility!” Naina looked at the way Abhi bonded with her daughter and could only smile with heart filled happiness.

By saying that Abhi brought Cutie to her house. Cutie “Friend! Shall we play hide and seek first?” Abhi in a stern voice said “Cutie! Only board games!” Cutie “Please friend! Hide and seek first then board games!!!” She was keep on saying please and Abhi couldn’t deny.
Abhi “Ok! I hide first! Then u find me!” Cutie “Ok friend!” Abhi hid himself while Cutie was counting one to ten.
Cutie opened her eyes and saw his bag on the sofa. Cutie, What if friend keep the prize inside his bag?
Cutie opened the zip and looked happy seeing the prize! Cutie, But this Friend’s prize….so it’s wrong to take na….but it looks very nice! My favourite color blue! Bluey!
Cutie took the prize and hid it under the sofa so that she can see what’s inside it later.
She quickly zipped the bag and went to search for him.
Abhi was wondering what it takes so long for Cutie to find him when he is just hiding in the kitchen and that too openly.
Cutie came into the kitchen and shouted “Friend!!! I found u!!!!” Abhi closing his ears said “Oye Cutie! You are shouting very loud!!!” Cutie gave a pout and laughed at him.

Abhi heard Pragya saying to someone her rights may have been lost but she can gain those rights by taking the right path in her life. Abhi gets impressed with Pragya’s words.

Let me clarify…. Abhi can’t recognize his sister as her face is completely changed from the past. There is a line in the previous update said by Naina : It’s my ill-fated destiny that changed my identity, place of living and lastly the face that he was familiar with! So hope u all get the link now and Pragya feel Abhi shouldn’t remember her for some reasons…..To know all the reasons keep reading! I hope I had cleared some of your doubts! There is no memory loss or fights happened in the past. As previously mentioned Abhi have to play a 3D game that is also dealing with 3 people which include himself. The 3 people have 3 different dimensions….In this 3D game there is a lot of hidden meanings too….I think so….

Thank u for reading and hope all my friends and their families are fine especially those involved in the protest in TN. Take care and bye!

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