Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 6

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Abhi “I will wait here and u go inside and call your Mum!” Cutie “Okay friend….” She said that with a wide smile and walked towards the kitchen where her Ma was cooking. Cutie “Ma…Friend is here to see you!” She panicked hearing that and had no choice but to come out of the kitchen. She walked slowly with a wide range of memories running through her mind about his brother.

Abhi looked at her and she smiled in response. She tried to control her feelings and said “Hi Mr. Abhi!” Abhi looking at her said“Cutie said this cloth belongs to u….” Cutie was standing in front of her and she placing her hands on her shoulder said “Oye Cutie…I know u always like white cloths like this to play with….For that u said this belongs to me ah?” Cutie gave a pout and said “No friend…Ma also have something like this…” Abhi “Ma is always right Cutie….maybe its similar to this….Do u want this?” Cutie got angry and she removed her Ma’s hands and ran to her room.

Abhi was shocked seeing that. Abhi “Naina ji…What happened? This is the first time I am seeing Cutie getting angry!” She was surprised to hear that name and realized Cutie could have told this name to Abhi. Naina “Yes Mr. Abhi…she is a bit upset from today morning….it’s because of her teacher….She was happy that she is not teaching her anymore. Then today morning her friend called and told that Miss Abhaya is back and will teach them again!” Abhi “Oh AK 47 is back and that’s why her mood is off!” Naina hearing that laughed lightly. Abhi “Nainaji! I never call the teacher like that but it’s the name given by Cutie and her other schoolmates…” Naina “I know Mr. Abhi…I always tell her not to use that name as its rude to call others in this way…” Abhi “You are right Nainaji!” Naina “If u don’t mind….I feel very old when u call me Nainaji….” Abhi “Oh! Ya true and u also look very young! Ok I will just call u Madam Naina…” Naina in a panicking tone said “No no! Just Naina will do…” Abhi smiled and said “If u feel that way then I am also fine….You can also call me Abhi! Mr. Abhi sounds very formal!” Naina “Then I will call u Bhai!” Abhi was speechless hearing the word Bhai as it was a very long time that she heard the word with affection.
Abhi came back to senses when Naina called her again Bhai. Abhi “Sorry….was carried away by some thoughts….” Naina “It’s okay…You don’t mind me calling u as Bhai right?” Abhi “No problem Naina…by the way that word have a lot of bonding towards me….and it’s my pleasure to hear it….” Naina “Thanks Bhai…now do u want to go and see Cutie?” Abhi “Ya sure! Her mood is off right and I want to switch on the mood again!” Naina smiled widely and showed him the way to her room.

Naina entered her room and locked it. She again took her wedding album and looked at the picture that was taken with her brother. She could only be filled with tears and was keep on touching Abhi’s picture who was giving her a side hug. She thought who else would face this situation her own brother is unable to identify her sister?
Naina, It’s my ill-fated destiny that changed my identity, place of living and lastly the face that he was familiar with! When I saw him, I just felt like saying Bhai! Your scary cat is just in front of u and now is not scared of things that you used to think….now she is scared of not being able to see u again….That is the only thing that I am scared about…..

She hugged the wedding album and reminisced the moments when he always pacify her when she was just as angry as Cutie. Naina wiped her tears and wanted to see Abhi again. She quickly went out and looked at how Abhi was talking to Cutie. She could only see herself in Cutie’s place and the visions of her past could be seen in front of her……

“Bhai! You always say like this in front of others!” Abhi “No…Ok Come and sit beside me!” She stared at him and he said “Scary cat! You are even scared to sit beside me!” She replied “Why should I be scared to sit beside u?” By saying that she sat beside him. Abhi “Ok I am sorry baba…I know I should have supported u but u know right those people occasionally come here and they have no job other than gossiping or complaining!” She stared at him and said “Then why do u have to say u will talk to me about going out! Come on Bhai! I just went out for a college trip and that too as a class and this people ask u how can u allow me for 3 days!!! It was just 3 days Bhai! Not 3 months!!” Abhi laughed and said “Until u are married for them 3 days is like 3 months!” She now hit him lightly on his shoulder. Abhi “You have to marry one day! There is no argument in that!” She remained silent. Abhi “Okok I am sorry…..shall we change this topic?” She nodded her head not looking at him. Abhi “Come let’s go and attack food!” She smiled and said “You very well know that I will forget everything with food…” Abhi pinching her cheek said “How can I not know about my sweet sister?”

She came back to senses when Cutie laughed loudly. Abhi realized Naina was standing at the doorstep. He said “Done Naina! At last, she laughed!” Naina “Thanks Bhai…” Abhi “Arrey! Thanks for this? After all you call me Bhai and you shouldn’t say thanks for this to me!” Naina smiled and said “Then thanks is taken back Bhai!” Abhi carried Cutie and said “Yes u should take it back and now I should say thanks!” Naina asked “Why Bhai?” Abhi “Thanks for letting me talk to Cutie!” Naina just smiled in response and Abhi asked whether both can go to their secret place. Naina “Secret place?” Cutie “Friend Ssssh!” Abhi “Oh Sorry Naina! It’s a secret meeting place and I can’t reveal! It’s the order from my boss!” Cutie “Yes Ma…It’s my order….Can we go?” Naina “Ok can….but come before lunch…Bhai you can also join us for lunch….” Abhi “I think I have to as I am not going to work today!” Naina with concern asked “Is it because of Cutie? I am very sorry for this kind of disturbance….” Abhi “No! How can it be because of Cutie? I just don’t feel like not going to work!” Cutie “Yes Ma….He said he is tired from yesterday!” Naina with a stern look said “He is tired and u still make him carry u! First get down Cutie!”Abhi “Naina! Don’t have to be this much harsh…I am her friend and I like carrying her!” Naina with hesitation said “But still….” Abhi “We are going and thanks for the permission!” By saying that he left with Cutie to their secret place.

Naina, Bhai is always like this…Nobody can change him…..I hope he doesn’t change too…..He should be always like this…..

As for Pragya she was getting worried for calling Abhi. Pragya, Why did I called him? What if he remembers me? I could have just texted him! Yes why I rushed and called him??? From now onwards I should be very careful….if not it would make things difficult in all our lives….
Strangely she remembered the moments of seeing Abhi at her wedding and how lively he was.

Pragya, Funny guy! He was chewing bubble gum and blew a bubble in front of my aunty’s back. How badly he was scolded for that! Then he said it was a challenge given by some of the children there! Always bound to antics and always loving children…….
She was keep on remembering him and could only beam with happiness from his antics…..

That’s when she remembered he shouldn’t remember all this and especially her face.
Why he can’t remember her?

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