Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 44

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Note: Thank you for bearing with this disturbance called Destiny distancing us…I guess I have find a way to end this…..If all goes well then the ending will be on Epi 55 or not sure. I feel really grateful to u all for reading this with patience.

Back to story….

Pragya, What does he mean that he is responsible for whatever I have gone through? Is that a lie? I couldn’t feel it as a lie as his eyes looked hurt of feelings that is difficult to be told.

She checked with the nurse there about how long he will take to regain consciousness.

Pragya tried calling Abhi but now he never picked up her calls.

Pragya, Now I understand how much of worry he had gone through. I always make him worried by not attending to his calls. This feeling of trying to call and not getting an answer is torturous especially when u need your loved ones beside badly.

Abhi called her back a while later and she eagerly picked up the call thinking it was Abhi.

Pragya “ Abhi! I am so sorry….where are u now??” She asked anxiously.

Tanu “I am Tanu here…He is sleeping in the room…He asked me to inform you…”

Pragya felt a blow in her heart when she realized he is in Tanu’s room.

Tanu “ We are at his house…” Pragya came back to senses and said “ Thanks…I will be there in a while…”

Tanu “ No Pragya…you shouldn’t come here! That’s not right when Ranveer should be back at home. And others would be worried about you too…” She said convincingly.

Pragya “ But…Abhi…” Tanu “ You no need to worry about him…I will inform you once he is awake, he seems to be disturbed for some reasons…” She convinced Pragya & Pragya too believed her words and went back to home.

She was very insecure of Abhi being with Tanu. As she entered the house, Ranveer was in the living room calling her name but she couldn’t hear as her heart and mind was around Abhi and thinking about how is he now.

She walked up the stairs and went inside some room not even sure whose room was.

Pragya locked it and sat on the floor looking blankly at the wall in front of her.

Pragya, I want to see him badly…I don’t care whether he was responsible for what I had experienced…Even if he was responsible I know he wouldn’t have done it intentionally…It should be of some misunderstanding…I always feel destiny is trying to distance us but when he distance himself from me then I can’t accept it. I feel he is my destiny now…he is my destination that I want to reach forever….I don’t want him to distance from me….

She cried silently by leaning against the door.

Purab “ Pragya! What are u doing inside my room?” He asked that by knocking the door.

Pragya realized that she was in Purab’s room and stood up by wiping her tears and opened the door.

Purab “ You cried?” Pragya “ No..its…” She hesitated by looking away. Purab “ What happened now?” She remained silent and turned back unable to control her tears.

Purab asked her to seat on the couch and he closed the door before sitting beside her.

Purab “ Did Ranveer say something? He asked in a stern tone. Pragya shook her head as no.

Purab “ Then it’s Abhi…” Pragya covered her face with her hands while still crying uncontrollably.

Purab “ Pragya! Calm down…” He tried to console her by patting her back.

Pragya “ I can’t Purab….I can’t feel him being hurt…I don’t know why Purab when I see him hurt because of me, I really can’t bear it…” She said that by looking down.

Purab “He got hurt? What do u mean? Please tell me clearly Pragya!”

Pragya explained whatever happened and asked “He should be disappointed of your action. I mean he is trying so much for you but u tried a suicide attempt!”

Pragya “ I know Purab…I really feel bad for that….I was feeling if I leave then his burden will be lesser…” Purab “ Burden? Are u sure of what u are saying? If he thinks you as a burden he wouldn’t be after you at all!”

Pragya remained silent and Purab “ Did Naina knows about this?” Pragya “ I don’t think so…” Purab “ Ok…you first go to Ma’s room as Ranveer will get suspicious of you being in my room…” Pragya “ But Abhi?”

Purab “ I will go and check him…if anything is wrong then I will ask Naina to help me…”
Pragya “ What wrong will there be?” She asked panickingly.

Purab “ I just said if not it will be wrong…You please don’t worry too much! I am sure that he won’t hurt himself….I think it’s more of a pain that he is facing within himself that he is facing….”

Pragya hearing that sobbed again and Purab “ Pragya! Stop this!” Pragya “ I can’t Purab…It’s all because of me that he is facing this kind of worries…” Purab “ No Pragya…and I have to make a move now…will u please stop crying now?” He asked.

Pragya wiped her tears and by clearing her throat said “ Inform me how he is…” Both came out of the room and Ranveer looking at that wondered what is happening between this two!

Pragya went inside Ma’s room and saw Ma. All she could do was hug her and cried her heart out.

Purab reached Naina’s apartment. Purab knocked the door and Naina opened the door and looked at Purab with a painful expression.

Naina “ You are here? Why?” She asked in confusion.

Purab “ I need to talk to you about Abhi and Pragya…” Naina “ Oh…Come in….” She moved away and Purab walked in.

Naina closed the door and walked with difficulty. Purab saw that and asked “What happened to you? Why are u walking like this?” Naina “ All because of Cutie! She made me run after her and I had a fall!” Purab trying not to chuckle “ Where is she?” Naina “ She is sleeping peacefully…”

Purab “ Sit down first…I need to tell about Abhi and Pragya.” Naina sat opposite to Purab and he explained whatever happened so far.

Naina “ I can’t believe Pragya would take such a step…. Did Bhai said like that? Why does he have to say he is the reason for what Pragya had gone through?” Purab “ I am also not sure….but that we can ask him later…now it’s important to support Abhi…” Naina “ I know but I feel all this unnecessary now!”

Purab ” What do u mean by unnecessary?” He asked with confusion.

Naina ” I feel both have to move on…They are not made for each other…” She said that grimly.

Purab ” Huh? Is this you telling? I heard from Pragya that u always wanted Abhi and her to be together….and u even made efforts for that right?”

Naina ” I did as I was selfish for my Bhai…I knew he had love for Pragya that he didn’t want to express for some reasons…That’s why I made efforts to make them closer..but now I feel they being together is hard too…”

Purab ” Why do u feel that way?”
Naina ” It’s destiny I guess…Their destiny is not to be together….whenever they get closer something happens to separate them….either it can be a misunderstanding or someone’s presence…”

Purab ” No yaar…I think all this happens in all those who love…” Naina ” Yes it does but not this frequent…and the person most affected is my Bhai! All he expects is love from her but why is it so difficult?”

Purab ” I don’t have answers for that but Pragya is also going through a lot…It’s just that she never tells it openly…” Naina ” I know…but I really feel Bhai shouldn’t hold on to her….I am scared what if Bhai gets lost in the end?”

Purab ” Oh Naina! Please be positive! Anyways let’s go and check on Abhi.”

Naina nodded her head and with difficulty stood up. Purab seeing that worried as he felt like helping her by carrying. But he knew she didn’t like him helping.

Purab ” Slowly…you no need to rush!”
Naina ” It’s just a sprain…you are telling as If I had a fracture…” She said that by smiling lightly.
Purab ” If it’s a fracture then u can’t even walk!” He said that and smiled.

Naina locking the door. Naina with concern ” Cutie might be awake at anytime…” Purab ” She knows how to call your number so u no need to worry!”

Naina hearing that looked surprised but didn’t show it and walked towards the lift.

Naina ” Now this lift is not working!!” She said that with frustration.

Purab ” Under maintenance…never mind we can walk slowly by taking the stairs.

Naina ” Haan…” She sighed.
Naina in the middle stopped halfway in pain and was about to lose her balance when Purab hold her by waist.

Naina ” I am ok!” Purab ” No u are not ok!” He said sternly and carried her in his arms making her shocked.

Purab walked up the stairs by carrying her and she felt awkward.

Naina, I guess he can’t see me in pain as I am looking like Bulbul….He really loved her so much, and it’s clearly seen in his eyes whenever he sees me.

Purab noticed her looking at him intently and raised his eyebrow as a sign of surprise but Naina looked away.

Purab let her down in front of Abhi’s house and she adjusted herself. Naina ” Thank you…” Purab smiled and pressed the doorbell.

Tanu opened the door and both looked surprised at her messy hair and attire of short dress.

Tanu ” Purab and Naina right?” Purab ” Yes…” Tanu ” Come in!”

Naina never spoke anything and was about to walk towards Abhi’s room when Tanu stopped her.

Tanu ” He just slept…all the while he was reading something…”

Naina ” Reading something?” Tanu ” Yes some diary…” Naina ” Let me just see him…” She continued to walk ahead and Tanu shook her head at her stubbornness.

Naina saw him sleeping with a duvet covered and went beside him.

Naina, Even in sleep u look very worried Bhai…Did I pushed you to something that worries u a lot? I am so sorry Bhai….

She said that by holding his hand. His hand was as cold as ice. She knew that Bhai gets cold when he is full of pain.

Her eyes caught the diary that he was holding on his left hand. She slowly took it away and was about to place it on the side table. But she didn’t as the pages flipped to a sketch that she cherished so far.

My wish is to wish for you….
My dream is to dream of you…..
My hope is to hope for you….
My world is only with the wish to dream about you with the hopes for you…..

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