Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 42 (part 1)

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Pragya rushed to Ma’s room to check the box in the closet but before that Ma was already standing with a box.

Pragya ” Ma…that box…”
Ma smiled widely and said ” I know who would have given u….I never opened the box…” She said that and passed it to Pragya.

Pragya was holding onto the box and Ma looking at that ” I had my breakfast Pragya…so u stay here to see what he had given…” She saying that left the room.

Ma before leaving the room ” Pragya…u are also like Shalu to me….if u are not married to Ranveer then I myself would have get u married with Abhi….”

Pragya hearing that was emotional and remained silent.

Ma ” But now it’s never too late if Ranveer divorces u…but still please be considerate of my daughter’s life and ask him to stop this wedding arrangements. I know now Abhi will only listen to u! I don’t want to see rituals happening for Shalu’s wedding when I know Abhi have you in his heart…”

Pragya “Sorry Ma…It’s all because of me…” Ma ” No Pragya! It’s all because of my son! All this complications is a result of his deeds.”

Pragya ” He said he can change his mindset…” She said that in a low tone.

Ma ” Change his mindset? You mean Ranveer’s? Abhi got to be making fun!”

Pragya ” No Ma…he is very serious about this…” Ma ” How? I mean what I can’t do as a mother and what u can’t do as his wife, He can do as his old friend? Is that what u are trying to tell?”

Pragya looked down being unable to answer.

Ma ” Some miracle or magic should happen to change him! No person is able to change him that easily!” She said that and left the room.

Pragya, What if I tell u that miracle and magic is in the form of a person called Abhi? I have confidence in him that he will surely change Ranveer. I don’t have the answers for how it will happen. But it will happen for sure….

She thought that by looking at Ma walking away from the room.

Pragya then opened the box and saw a mobile phone in it with a letter.

She read the letter,

Hello Pragula!
Switch on the phone and call me! I want to talk to u badly!

Pragya, Is this very personal? How silly is he?

She switched on the phone and was amazed to see her pictures in a collage as the wallpaper.

Pragya, This are all pictures of me during Arjun Bhai’s wedding, that means he had took pictures of me that day.

She pressed the numbers to call his number when she saw his number saved in the phone as Sweet boy.

She chuckled seeing that and called him.

Pragya ” Hi! Sweet boy!”
Abhi grinned hearing that and said ” Hi! Sweet girl!”

Pragya ” Is this very personal?”
Abhi ” Isn’t it? I mean phones are personal nowadays…”
Pragya ” Acha…so what’s the matter?”
Abhi ” Sweet boy wants a sweet kiss…”
Pragya ” But sweet girl doesn’t know what is sweet kiss…” She said that in a sad tone.

Abhi ” So sweet….”
Pragya ” What? I never said I am giving u a kiss!”
Abhi ” You didn’t but when u are looking at the mirror and smiling sweetly it makes me feel u are so sweet…”

Pragya looked around to check whether he was in the room looking at her.

Abhi ” No need to look around Sweety as I am in your heart sweetly…”

Pragya ” Really? That much of sweet love towards me?” She asked in a doubtful tone.

Abhi ” You doubt my sweet love towards u? If u want, then u can ask my assistant Tanu about it!”

Pragya “Tanu? That girl who wear short skirt!!” She said that in a high pitched tone.

Abhi hearing her loud voice moved the phone far from his ear.

Pragya ” Hello! Are u there?”
Abhi ” Haan I am here only…why are u shouting? Tanu is a sweet girl too…she is a sweet enough to help me being my assistant….”

Pragya felt jealous hearing him calling Tanu as a sweet girl.

Abhi ” You know something, she even proposed me some time back….a very sweet proposal it was….” He said that with a lot of admiration.

Pragya shrieked ” Proposal??? What? When did this happened? Why u never tell me about this??”

Abhi “Cool Chasmish! That time u avoided me for a week….that’s when she proposed me….”

Pragya ” Then she still came here to help u?” She asked angrily.

Abhi ” I have no choice Pragya other than her, I don’t really mingle with girls….She was kind enough to accept that I don’t love her and now she is helping me…”

Pragya worriedly ” But what if she still have feelings for u?”

Abhi ” She does have…that’s why she very hurriedly went inside her room…”

Pragya ” Then why did u still made her be here?? What’s the plan here? I mean why are u complicating so many things?”

Abhi ” Who started it first Pragya? U gave the idea to Ranveer that I should marry Shalu!”

Pragya ” I know…I am sorry about that…but how would u stop this now?”

Abhi “I wish to tell you….but I can’t…”
Pragya “Why? Just tell me na at least I can be in some peace….”
Abhi ” I want to give u peace fully Pragya…just wait and watch! And ya help me whenever I need help…”
Pragya ” Please tell me na…”
Abhi ” Hmm….you never asked me about why I never tell you about your step father?”

Pragya ” You are changing the topic now!”
Abhi ” Pragya…a lot of things are there that I need to answer you but I want those answers to make sure u don’t have any question marks in your life!”

Pragya ” What are u telling? I don’t understand anything!”
Abhi ” It’s good to be that way…”
Pragya ” Alright! Then answer me this! If u are here in disguise then who would take care of Naina and Cutie? Then how will you manage if Ranveer calls for u?”

Abhi ” Not bad…you do think…”
Pragya ” Please tell me how would u manage all this? Do u know what will happen if u get caught??”

Abhi ” I never do any mistake to get caught Pragya…”
Pragya ” I never said what u are doing is a mistake but I am scared it will end up in a mistake…”

Abhi ” Listen Pragya…I have told u that I can manage myself!”
Pragya blurted ” I know, but I can’t manage myself without knowing what u are intending to do!!! Why can’t u understand this simple thing??”

Abhi smiled sensing how much concerned Pragya is about him.

Abhi ” Ok…I will tell you…”
Pragya ” Really?”
Abhi ” Haan Pragya ji…”
Pragya smiled hearing that and demanded ” Then tell now!”

Abhi “My plan is simple…I want to distance him from you….”
Pragya confusingly ” What do u mean?”
Abhi ” I want destiny to distance him from you…”

Pragya ” I still don’t understand anything!”
Abhi “Relax! I said he shouldn’t be near you at all times….”
Pragya ” Huh? How’s that possible when I am at his house now? He even stopped me from working!”
Abhi ” I also know that….you don’t know what I am trying to tell…It’s simple Pragya, I want him to fall in love and distance himself from you always….”

Pragya in shock ” Are u serious? He is already eyeing on Naina!”

Abhi ” I know Pragya but love is the only way to change him!”

Pragya ” How?”
Abhi ” I will tell u later. Now get back to work, we have been talking for so long…That’s not right. Am I right?”
Pragya ” I hate you for giving suspenses!”
Abhi smirked ” Love you!”

He ended the call by saying that and Pragya didn’t understand what is he trying to do.

Time passed, Abhi remained in the room and Pragya was busy in the kitchen cooking. Ranveer came back home and called Pragya’s name loudly.

Ranveer ” Pragya! How many times I have to call u?”

Pragya ” I am sorry….I was busy in….”
Ranveer ” BUSY? You have to be kidding me!”
Pragya ” What do u want now?”
Ranveer ” Did u call Abhi?”
Pragya panicked hearing Abhi’s name and remembered calling Abhi earlier today.

Pragya shook her head as no.
Ranveer ” Glad that u didn’t call! I had sent Shalu and Abhi to Ahemdabad.”

Pragya looked confused hearing that.
Ranveer ” I sent them there to have some private times…”
Pragya ” He agreed to it?”
Ranveer ” Of course! Who disagrees to Ranveer?”
Pragya ” But…Shalu never takes off from her work….”
Ranveer ” She was very willing to go with him….”

Ma hearing their conversation interrupted ” Are u mad? Who would send them to have private times before marriage?”
Ranveer ” It’s just a week that they are there! Do u think they can cross limits?”
Ma ” What rubbish? Who gave u permission to send my daughter alone with Abhi?”
Ranveer ” She is not a small kid Ma…She is a doctor and even if they cross limits, I guess they know how to do it with protection!”
Ma ” Disgusting! How do u even talk like this?”
Ranveer ignored his Ma’s anger towards him and walked away.

Ma was getting worried for Shalu and got tensed what if he never sent them to somewhere instead he did something to Abhi and Shalu.

Pragya realized Ma’s worries but didn’t know that she should tell that Abhi is here only in disguise.

Pragya, If he is here then how did he went with Shalu to Ahemdabad like Ranveer said? Does it means Shalu went alone? This is so confusing.

Pragya rushed to Ma’s room in a hurry and took the phone that he gave and made a call to him.

Abhi ” Yes sweet girl….”
Pragya ” Where are u now?”
Abhi ” Inside the bath tub baby….taking a hot bath….” He said that with lot of pleasure.

Pragya in shock ” What? Are u telling the truth?”
Abhi ” Why should I lie baby? Come to my room and check it out by yourself!”

Pragya ” Chee…so shameless!”
Abhi ” By the way…Is he back?”
Pragya ” Yes that’s why I called u! I am so confused now!”
Abhi ” Why sweet baby?”
Pragya explained whatever Ranveer told and he laughed loudly hearing that.

Abhi ” That means I am at two places now with two girls! Isn’t that cool?”

Pragya ” This is not funny Abhi! What is all this?”
Abhi “Remember Pragya, once when u tried to seduce me….sweet memories na?”
Pragya ” Oh god! What am I asking you and what are u telling?”
Abhi ” I just wanna go back to that day once more….”

Pragya got irritated and asked ” Will u please tell me what is happening now? Where is Shalu?”
Abhi ” She is safe at her medical camp… but I am not safe thinking about the past…”

Pragya “Fine! Be in your flashback mode and I will do my work!”
Abhi ” Arrey! Don’t end the call!”
Pragya remained silence in annoyance.

Abhi “Sweet baby…after ending the call, go to the video playlist and play the song number 1!”

Pragya ” I WON’T!!”
Abhi teasingly ” You will….I know sweet baby…bye!”

Pragya played the song and realized how badly she tried to seduce him the night before Arjun Bhai’s wedding!

Song plays….

Andamgaa lena…Asalem baalenaa
Am I not beautiful? Not at all?

Anta level entoi neeku hm?
Why do you show me so much attitude?

Andamga lenaa…asalem baalena…ni idu jodu kanana
Am I not beautiful? Not at all?? Am I not a right match to you?

Alusaipoyana asalemikana veshalu challe pommana
Don’t you take me seriously? Am I not anyone to you? Does that mean “stop your acts now and leave?”

|| Andamga ||

Kanulu kalapavaye…manasu telupavaye

You do not look into my eyes…you do not express your heart

Pedavi kadapavaye matavarasake
You are not moving your lips even for a casual talk

Kaliki chilakanaye kulaka niduraraye
I am a sweet lady unable to sleep with your thoughts

Maravaleka ninne madhanapaditine
Unable to forget you…I am worrying

Uttuttiga chusi udikinchavelaa
With your glances you are troubling me

Nuvvocchi adagali annattu ne bettu chesanu innalluga
All this time I want you to approach me and ask

|| Andamga ||

Niku manasu iccha icchinappude naccha
I bestowed my heart to you…you liked me at that moment

Kanula kaburu teccha telusu neeku ave
I bought you the gossips of my eyes…you know all of them

Mahaa teliyanttu natanalela niku
You are acting smart…as if you don’t know what I am trying to say

Vennello godari tinnello nannu
In this moonlight…on the banks of river Godavari

Taragalle nuragalle enadu takesi tadipesi polevuga
You cannot leave me by caressing like the foamed water of the river

Pragya was blushing all the way of her attempt to seduce him but he being with utmost restriction was staying away from her.

Suddenly she heard some knocking sounds from the door.

She quickly turned off the volume and went to open the door. She was shocked to see Cutie in front of her.

Precap- Same as the prev epi!

This episode is dedicated to Cutie aka Riya??
Happy Birthday Cutie and wish u all your dreams and wishes to become true. ⚘⚘?????? All the best for your exams too. Hope u like this episode! I know it’s a bit boring as I wrote this in a sleepy mood…don’t know why I feel so sleepy today. But I hope part 2 will be more better! Once again Happy Birthday! ?

Ya sorry everyone for part 1 and part 2 separation, like seriously don’t know what happened to me. Or is it because I am affected by Baahubali fever of part 1 and part 2 ??? don’t know also but I am waiting for the trailer eagerly??

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