Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 3

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Both Cutie and Abhi were sitting on the bench. They were looking at the pond sadly. Cutie couldn’t handle this silence and said “Oye Hoye!” Abhi was still sadly looking at the pond. Cutie shook his hands and he came back to senses. Abhi “What Cutie? You know I am very sad….” Cutie “Oye Friend…I am also sad…but we cannot be quiet!” Abhi patted her shoulder and said “You are right Cutie! Now what shall we do?” Cutie looking excitedly said “Oye Hoye!” Abhi “Oye Hoye too! Let’s go!” Abhi carried her and both reached the playground. Cutie “Leave me down friend!” Abhi “I am letting u down but tell me why were u sad just now?” Cutie “Sad story friend….” Abhi “Now what happened?” Cutie “I thought I saw di at the bus stop friend….” Abhi “Really?” He asked that by making her sit on the swing. Cutie sadly said “Haan friend….take a seat friend….” Abhi “Ok…then what happened?” He tried to squeeze himself on the swing beside hers. Cutie “Then I saw AK 47 there! I got scared friend!” Abhi “Oh it’s so sad to hear…” Cutie “Very sad right? But Ma is saying I am dreaming about di!” Abhi “She is right!” Cutie “Friend! I really miss di…It would be very fun if she is here!” Abhi “ With me there is no fun?” Cutie “You are fun too friend! But if she is here then it will be even more fun!” She said that by beaming with happiness.

Abhi looked at her and could feel how much attached she is to her di. Cutie lightly swinging asked “You still don’t know when di is coming back?” Abhi “Cutie….I said right I will get back your di…just wait for a while….” Cutie smiled and said “Ok friend! I will wait!” Abhi “Cutie…What’s your Ma doing?” Cutie “She is working friend…but not every day…she mostly works in laptop!” Abhi “Oh I see…” Cutie “What are u doing friend? I see u going out in evenings!” Abhi “I capture the moments of life!” Cutie “You are not working?” Abhi laughed loud looking at Cutie getting puzzled. He said “I am working Cutie…I am a photographer!” Cutie “Yay! You take pictures!” She started to make sounds like chik chik and also acted as if she is taking photos! Abhi asked “Chik Chik?” Cutie “The sound when u take pictures!” Abhi “You like taking pictures?” Cutie “Yes friend…but Ma don’t like me taking pictures!” Abhi “Why?” Cutie “I don’t know friend….but I use her phone and camera secretly to take pictures…but she always delete them….” She looked even more sad now and looked at the ground….

Abhi, She is again sad…Nowadays parents are not even supporting small interests of their children! That’s so bad!
Abhi “Ok look at me!” Cutie looked at Abhi. Abhi “I have a spare camera with me and u can use that!” Cutie “But Ma….” Abhi “Don’t worry you can use that whenever we meet each other…Ok?” Cutie came from the swing and hugged Abhi. Cutie “Thank you friend! You are the best friend I have got!” Abhi “Like how your di said you should try to show that u can do everything in whatever situation u face!” Cutie nodded her head and was still hugging Abhi in happiness.

At another place,
She was walking pass the streets filled with loneliness. How I wish I am beside Cutie… It was really fun being with her! Now I end up having loneliness as my friend….just like him….I hope he is enjoying his presence with her……I still remember how he enjoys the presence of children…..
She felt a strong breeze which made her feel chillness and she covered herself with duppata and continued to walk towards the house she is staying at.

As for Abhi and Cutie, they took lift to their houses as both were very tired after playing a lot of games. Abhi “Cutie! I leave u at your floor first then I will go to mine!” Cutie “Why friend? Are u scared to leave me alone?” Abhi “No…you are a brave girl! Just want to talk to u more!” Cutie holding his hand said “Oye Hoye!” Abhi said loudly “Noooooooo!” Cutie “We can talk there! Come let’s go!” Abhi “Oh Cutie! You go alone to your floor! Just call me when u reach home!” Cutie said with sad face“I don’t have your number…” Abhi told his number and she tried to remember it. Abhi “Can u remember?” Cutie “Of course friend!” Abhi got down the lift and she went up to her floor.
Abhi, Cutie is always energetic even in sadness and happiness! How is that possible?
Abhi went inside his house and was again shocked to see some of his things were organized in a place.
Abhi, Again? How can someone enter a locked house?
He again checked whether all his things are in place. As usual everything was in place and he went to the room to check the drawer.
This the time the drawer was not opened as it was previously locked by him. Abhi looked around the room and saw something in red colour was hanging on the window.
Abhi, This looks like the veil that Cutie’s di was wearing. Let me take and see.
He took it and saw something written on it.

It was written as:
Destiny is proud to play this game with a person who is smart. Are u smart to guess who am I?
Abhi, Damn this destiny! I don’t think this is Cutie’s di…this is someone over here trying to tell something in the name of destiny! Who is this? This person also knows whenever I am out! This should be a person who stays here….But who is this?
He kept the veil in the same drawer he kept the photo and locked it again with frustration.

At the same time, she opened her wardrobe and saw her wedding lehenga. She took it out and looked at it with tears flowing down her cheeks. She felt if her wedding didn’t happen then this loneliness that she is facing wouldn’t have happened too. The more she looked at it, the more she felt about the worries of her present life that she is facing now with loneliness……

She hid her wedding lehenga when she heard someone’s footsteps.

As for Abhi, he again opened the drawer and looked at the handwriting of both in the photo and veil.
Abhi, The recently written handwriting is totally different from the handwriting of Cutie’s di…that makes it clear that it’s someone else… can be hers too….what if she changed her handwriting? No! I don’t think it’s her if she is here then why is she not coming to see Cutie? It’s someone else for sure! How to find who is this?
He was thinking and he got an idea to catch the person.
Abhi, Yes I know what to do next how to find the person…this person is surely related to Cutie too….I will catch whoever is playing this destiny game with me!

While all this was happening, someone looking at the wedding album said “She believes in destiny and he doesn’t. I know about both as both are related to me. No matter what….destiny will never make them united as both are difficult to be destined to be together….but there is something else that can make them united and destined to be together…..”

Thank u everyone for reading and supporting me as always! I know it’s short but I am tired so this is what I can type for now….One more thing, I already said in the comment section of last update and I would like to tell it here again, Cutie is not the child of Abhi/Pragya and Abhigya are not married. There was no love between Abhigya before too. But still all the three are related to each other in some way….to know that keep reading!

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