Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 27

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Abhi “Seriously? Naina is missing?” Purab while driving the car “Haan that’s what Cutie said.” Abhi “But why she never called me to inform?” Purab “She would have called u.” Abhi checked his phone and found 10 missed calls from Naina’s number. Abhi “I had my phone in silent mode yaar…how careless of me! She called me using Naina’s number that means Naina doesn’t have her phone with her!” Purab “Ya but where could have been gone since yesterday night?” Abhi “What? From yesterday night!!!” Purab “Yes they left my house with Pragya. I dropped them wt their respective places.” Abhi “You mean Cutie and Naina were back in the apartment?” Purab “You didn’t know? Then where were u staying all this while?” Abhi “Wo…I was…Leave that man!” Purab “Okay…that means u were not staying at your house….” Abhi “I don’t feel like going back there as it’s the same place she lived too….” Purab “She means, is it Pragya?” Abhi remained silent.

Purab “We will talk about your matter later.” Abhi nodded his head and called Cutie.
Cutie “Friend! Where are u?” Abhi “We are coming soon. Where are u now?” Cutie “At house but I am alone….di is also not picking up my call….” Abhi “You don’t worry, and lock the door. Don’t open the door until we come there.” Cutie said yes and went to lock the door.

Abhi impatiently “Can u drive faster??” Purab “Abhi! This is the maximum speed! Just wait for a while, we will be reaching soon!” Soon they reached the apartment area and Abhi called Cutie to open the door.
Abhi first reached Cutie’s house as for Purab he went to park his car.
Cutie opened the door and looked very worried and scared. Abhi carrying her asked “Where did she go?” Cutie “I don’t know friend….she said she need to do something and asked me to stay as a good girl and sleep.” Abhi “Think Cutie! She would have told something….” Cutie broke into tears and lied on his shoulder.

Abhi patted her back and Purab “Did she tell anything?” Abhi “She seems to be scared Purab. You know she always wake up and see Naina as the first person….” Purab “That’s all fine but ask her more about Naina now!” Abhi in a fierce tone “What are u saying? I am saying Cutie is scared. And u are talking like this!” Purab “Oh Abhi! She is scared because Naina is missing! Why are u taking me in wrong sense?” Abhi still carrying Cutie walked to her room. Purab wondered where is he going off to. He too followed them. Abhi made Cutie sit on her bed and asked “I am here na….don’t cry…” He said that by wiping her tears and asked “At what time Ma went out?” Cutie “After dinner….” Abhi “That means around 9 to 10 pm as u have your dinner at 8 pm.” Cutie nodded her head. Purab “Did she say where she is going?” Abhi turned and stare at Purab for interrupting. Abhi turning back to Cutie “So what was Ma wearing?” Cutie “Black tops with blue jeans!” Purab was about to say something but remembering Abhi’s stare, he remained silent.
Abhi “Ok Cutie….does she always goes out in night?” Cutie remained silent for a while and said “Sometimes friend….but she will come back soon….” Abhi “Then try to remember what she said previously when she goes out….” Cutie exclaimed “Play game!” Abhi and Purab at the same time “What? Play game??” Cutie stood up and looked at both helplessly. She ran out of the room.

Abhi “Where are u running Cutie?” Purab “We just have to follow her Abhi!” They too rushed behind her and she reached in front of Abhi’s house. Abhi “Why are u here Cutie??” Purab “Why can’t she be here?” Abhi “This is my house Purab!” Purab “Oh..that means Naina went to your house?” Abhi “How can it be possible when it is locked?” Cutie tried to reach the door knob and hold it to open. Purab looking at that signaled to Abhi. Abhi “How is it unlocked??” Abhi asked Cutie to move aside and he went inside.
Cutie ran further inside. Abhi again saw everything was in place cleaned with tidiness.
Cutie yelled “Ma! Wake up Ma!!” Abhi and Purab went to the kitchen where Cutie was shouting from. Abhi and Purab were shocked to see Naina lying on the floor motionless. Abhi tried to wake her up and but he couldn’t. Purab “I think we have to bring her to hospital. We even tried to wake her up by splashing water but she is still unconscious Abhi!” Abhi agreed to it and carried her in his arms. They brought her to hospital and Cutie was even more nervous seeing her Ma still sleeping.
Abhi “Purab! You be here with Cutie and I will go and check with the doctor what happened to her.” Purab nodded his head and made Cutie sit beside him.

Doctor “She slipped into coma….I think she had a fall or collapsed after hitting on something..” Abhi “Are u serious? How can a fall be that impactful which ends up her to be in coma?” Doctor “It’s possible….and she already had an fall before…that’s what we know after examining her and now again it had damaged the same place, which makes it very impactful.” Abhi worriedly “When will she be awake?” Doctor “I guess u are very concerned about her but coma doesn’t have a fixed period….she can get conscious soon if not it maybe longer….I can’t tell u for sure…” Abhi in a low tone “Ok Doctor…Thank u….” He walked from there to see Purab and Cutie. Abhi brought Cutie to the ward and she going near Naina was keep on calling Ma but there was no response.
Cutie “Friend! I am scared…Why Ma is not talking anything?” Abhi hugged her and tried to console her. Abhi “Nothing Cutie….she is just sleeping….will be awake soon….” Cutie anxiously asked “When? When Friend?” Abhi was trying to divert her by saying she is very tired and is taking rest now.
Cutie kissed Naina’s cheek and was caressing her forehead.

Abhi slowly walking backwards signaled Purab to come out. Purab “What happened? What did the doctor said?” Abhi “She slipped into coma….” Purab “Coma?? How’s that possible?” Abhi “Now will it help knowing how it happened? No right?” Purab nodded his head “You got a point! Then who will take care of Cutie now?” Abhi “I will! Is it a question to ask?” Purab “But u are working yaar and how will u know to take care of her?” Abhi “Excuse me….there are many ways to work and managing myself to take care of her! You know I did take care of my sister when I was young right?”

Purab hearing that, Now u are going to take care of your sister’s daughter too…No wonder a lot of people are around u to take care of u….
Abhi went back inside and was trying to console Cutie again. By then Pragya reached as Purab informed her about Naina.
Pragya saw Purab standing outside the ward. Pragya anxiously “What happened to her?” Purab explained everything to her and scolded her for not picking up Naina’s calls when Cutie was trying to call her.

Pragya “I deserve it Purab…..I never picked up her calls as I was not willing to be convinced by her…she called me previously to convince me to meet Abhi….I thought she was calling me for that only….” Purab “Now u see what happened!!” Pragya looked through the glass door and was keep on crying and blamed herself for their plight.
Pragya “Take care of them Purab….I am leaving…” Purab held her hands and brought her aside. He asked “Where are u leaving?” Pragya “Let me leave Purab….if I stay longer then there will be more worries…” Purab “It means u want to leave Abhi alone so that u can take care of a person who is not in senses! Am I right Pragya?” Pragya “No Purab….He have u and lots of people to take care of him…” Purab “Then how about Cutie?” Pragya cried soberly hearing her name. Purab “You know right how long u have been taking care of Cutie? Since she was born! It means u are almost like a mother to her! I never see such a senseless person like u Pragya who is leaving all those who are in senses and are in need of help!” Pragya “Please Purab….don’t say like this….” Purab “What’s your problem Pragya? Your problem is u are not yet divorced from my brother and now he is not in senses, on top of it now there is no one there to take care of him so that he gets cured!” Pragya nodded her head with tears.

Purab “Fine! I will take the full responsibility of caring about him! About getting him cured I will also make sure it happens but if he is well again and if he is not willing to divorce u then what will u do?” Pragya looked down in silence. Purab “What will u do Pragya?” Pragya “First take care of him and get him cured….after that whatever happens, I will leave it to my destiny….” Purab “You are being unreasonable! Everyone around u are against him for making u miserable but u are willing to take care of him!” Pragya “It’s my responsibility in a way…” Purab “Ridiculous responsibility!” Pragya “Will u take the responsibility of taking care of him?” Purab “Alright I will do but u also have a responsibility!” Pragya “What?” Purab pointing his hand towards the ward “To take care of them!” Pragya “How can I? If he knows then…” Purab “I don’t know which he u are referring to but if it’s the he who is here inside the ward, then he won’t mind….it’s just a matter of telling him everything….” Pragya “Ok…” Purab “Ok means?” Pragya “I will take care of them and u have to take care of him!” Purab smiled and Pragya “I will go and see Naina now….”
Purab saw Pragya going inside the ward and told himself, These two are made for each other in taking care of others selflessly.

Pragya “I am sorry…” Abhi “What sorry? Is your sorry like some dory?” Pragya asked “Dory?” Abhi “Dory fish!” Pragya hearing that chuckled lightly. Abhi seeing that gave a deadly stare towards her. Pragya until now was hiding something behind her hands and Abhi asked “What is that now u are hiding behind?” Pragya “Nothing….” She was keep on moving sideways to avoid him from seeing. Abhi “Are u going to tell now if not I have to call Cutie!” Pragya “No! No! It’s a surprise for her!!!” Abhi “What surprise?” She showed the plastic bag she was holding and Abhi looking at that had his mouth widely opened!

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