Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 2

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He read the following:
I know you would be here….Thanks for coming and showing love to my cutie….I love this person reading this……We will meet if destiny have decided our destination to meet each other. Until then bye from Cutie’s di

She scribbled this in a very unreadable handwriting to be read but Abhi took his time to read and was shocked to the core.
As for Cutie was keep on nagging him. She was holding and pulling his pant as she was impatient to know what was written.
Abhi came back to senses when Cutie yelled “Friend!!!” Abhi in a stern voice said “Wait!” Abhi tried to read it again and still couldn’t believe what he is reading…..He looked around to see anyone is looking at him. There was no sign of anyone around. He also don’t know why he felt like looking around.

Cutie again yelled “Friend!!” Abhi finally sat down on the bench and looked at Cutie. Abhi asked “What’s your di’s name?” Cutie “Di!” Abhi “No Cutie….every person have a name….like my name is Abhi and yours is Cutie….” Cutie “But Cutie is my pet name….” Abhi made Cutie sat on his lap and asked “Yes Cutie….your pet name to her is di…but what is her real name?” Cutie “Friend I always call her di…her name is very long like yours….” Abhi again trying not to lose his patience asked “What others call her?” Cutie taking the photo from her hand said “Nobody calls her friend!” Abhi “Ok Cutie…can I keep this photo with me?” Cutie shaking her leg asked “Why?” Abhi “To get your di friend!” Cutie with amazement asked “Really?” Abhi gave a confident smile and said “Yes! Will you help your friend?” Cutie passed the photo to him and kissed on his cheek. Abhi also gave a peck on her forehead and carried her back to her house.

Abhi left Cutie near her house. He then walked back to his house and opened the door. Lots of thoughts were running through his mind while reading what an unknown person have written. He couldn’t tell Cutie clearly what was written on the back of the photo. On the way to her house he managed to divert Cutie’s mind by saying that di has written that she loves her Cutie very much……

Abhi thought, How can a person say she loves the person reading this? Haan it is a good thing that she knows someone will be there to show love to Cutie….But for that love the person? How unreasonable is this? I believe in destinations in life but not the damn destiny!

He looked at her photo by scrunching his face said “Whoever u are….wherever u are…whatever u are….destiny will never ever be the reason for us to meet….Did u get that?” He placed the photo in a drawer and closed it with a loud sound.

At the same time, she opened a drawer in another place. She took her Cutie’s photo and kissed it. She kept it near to her chest and said “I hope u are fine Cutie….I miss you as much u miss me….Forgive this di for leaving u without informing u….I made a good person to be there to be with you….As time passes, you will know how he is related to you Cutie….”

Abhi slept ignoring the message written by her. As for her, she too slept with the thoughts that he is there for her Cutie….

Abhi waked up again to the sound of doorbell. He lazily waked up kicking his duvet and walked to door to open it while scratching the back of his head.
Abhi gave a lazy smile as he saw Cutie dressed up in uniform. Cutie in a excited tone said “ Good morning friend!” Abhi “Good Morning Cutie….Going to school?” Cutie in a mocking tone said “No friend! Going back to home!” Abhi with a light chuckle said “I know Cutie that’s a bad question!” Cutie impatiently said “Friend! Chalo friend! Come with me!” Abhi “Where?” Cutie held his hand and was trying to pull him out. Abhi “Wait wait! At least let me close the door properly!” Cutie “Ok!” She was still holding onto his hand. Abhi “Ok come let’s go!” Cutie “Friend! Walk faster! I need to go school too after showing u our secret place!”

Abhi in a hurried tone said “Ok ok!”
Cutie “This is our secret place friend! From now onwards we will meet here!” Abhi looked at it and laughed insanely. Cutie made a loud sound of “Sssssssssssssssssssssh!” Abhi covered his mouth and tried to stop his laughter. Cutie “Friend! You shouldn’t laugh!” Abhi nodded his head in response. Cutie “We also have code word to call each other!” Abhi managed to ask in between his laughter asked “What’s that?” Cutie while jumping said “Oye Hoye!” Abhi raised his eyebrow and said “Oye Hoye?”

Cutie “Yes friend! I always meet di here with this code word!” Abhi kneeled so that he was at the same level as Cutie. Abhi asked “So now u want to meet me here too?” Cutie nodded her head and said “Bye friend! I will tell the code word when we need to meet here!” Abhi “Ok…you better leave now if not u will be late to school!” Cutie bid bye to him by hugging him and ran towards her school bus.
Abhi thought, How funny is this? How am I even going to squeeze myself on this swing?
It was a playground that she showed and it was not at all secretive as it was very crowded with a lot of kids and their parents.
Abhi walked up the stairs to his house and couldn’t believe he is enjoying his moments with Cutie.

Abhi opened the door and was amazed to see the room was cleaned up. Abhi, How is this possible? Did someone break into my house?
He entered his room and checked all his things hurriedly and everything was in place except for the drawer that he kept the photo. It was left opened and he went nearer to see it.
He was shocked to see the photo was folded into multiple times. He unfolded it and saw the same picture in it but with a slight difference where the veil was now not covering her forehead.

Abhi, So Cutie’s di was here? Or someone is here to show her di to me? Looking at her forehead….I feel like I have seen this before…..but not sure when…..
He looked at the back of the photo and it had the same message written. But there was a last line saying Destiny is playing a game with you….
He again kept the photo back in his drawer but this time he locked the drawer.

Abhi, Now let me see who will come here and change this photo! It’s interesting! For a photo a person is playing hide and seek game with me….I like to play games too….Let me see who wins in this! I will never let destiny win in this!
Winning a game involves both dil (heart) and dimag (mind)….but in his case destiny also plays a part. That makes it a 3D game in that way…..

Let’s see how is this 3D game played by him……

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