Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 19

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Abhigya were telling whatever happened to Naina and she was keep on giggling continously hearing that. Pragya “It’s been such a long time I have seen u laugh out from your heart Naina…” Abhi hearing that was surprised. Naina signalled to Pragya not to tell anything further as Abhi is around.
Pragya understood her reaction and said “I take my leave first….” Naina “Are u going alone?” Abhi “I don’t think so as I am dropping her!” Pragya looking at him asked “When did I say u are dropping me?” Abhi “I thought so….” Pragya “No! I will leave myself!” Abhi “You don’t prioritize your friend’s favour to u!” By saying that he looked angry and drank the glass of water on the table. Pragya “You got a point that I can’t deny!” Abhi with a smirk “So shall we leave?” Pragya “Sure! But let me see Cutie in her room before leaving!”
Pragya went inside Cutie’s room and saw her sleeping. She went near her and kissed on her forehead before leaving the room.

Abhi was asking something Naina while Pragya was walking back to where they were standing. Abhi stopped asking once he saw Pragya. Naina was smiling widely and looked at Pragya. Pragya “What happened?” Naina “Nothing…Bhai just had an enquiry of the boy Rakesh!” Pragya “What is there to enquire about him?” Abhi “I was just curious of how Rakesh and Cutie became friends!” Pragya “Really? Why do u have this curiosity?” Abhi “No….Rakesh looks like a boy who studies well as he wears chasma but Cutie is the opposite! That’s why I asked how did they became friends!” Pragya “Not all wearing chasma studies well….what kind of assumption is that?” Abhi “It’s my assumption…anyways u no need to involve in this as I love Cutie more than u!” Pragya “I love her more!” Abhi “That u can’t tell as Cutie have to decide that!” Pragya “Same to u!” They again started their argument.

Naina “Bhai! Pragya!! If u two keep on argue then Cutie would be awake!” Hearing they became quiet and Abhi “Let’s leave!” Pragya “Bye Naina!” Naina “Bye! Call me once u reach home!” Pragya smiled in return and left.
Abhigya reached near Pragya’s house and Abhi “Before u leave I have a question for u!” Pragya standing opposite to him asked “What is that?” Abhi “Why do u think u love Cutie more?”

Pragya grinned hearing his question. Abhi “I need an answer CD!” Pragya hearing the word CD glared at him. Abhi “Okok sorry for the CD but tell me why do u think u love her more?” Pragya “It’s not loving her more…actually in love there is no comparison as if u love more or love less. In love, there is no place for who do u love more or love less. The moment u love a person, it means u have more love towards them, u also have more care towards them. Whatever is Cutie’s challenge to us, whoever wins in it, I will always have more love towards her as a di and as a friend!” Abhi hearing that nodded his head and said “Very deep yet simple!” Pragya “Thank u!” Abhi “But now I am sad….” Pragya curiously asked“Why?” Abhi “Now I know u don’t even care for the challenge! It means there is no competition!” Pragya trying to control her smile said “Sorry for your sadness…” Abhi “It’s okay…” Pragya “Shall I go now?” Abhi “Ya….bye!” Pragya “Bye too! Good night!” Abhi saluted and said “Good night Madam!” Pragya chuckled seeing his action and turned behind to walk towards her house.

Abhi, The moment u love a person, it means u have more love towards the person….Do I really know at which moment I will love a person? How and when will I know it? I can’t say being lost in her eyes as a moment I love her….but what if it’s the moment? Is love is like that?

With that thoughts, he drove back to his apartment.

Days passed and Pragya find differences in Abhi’s behaviour. He always gets lost in some thoughts when she would be talking to him. Abhi was keep on saying lost! Pragya ended up asking where so many times and the standard reply was In you!

Pragya, I am not sure whether is he doing this to irritate me or is he falling in love me! If he is falling in love with me means it’s time for me go missing!
Pragya “I want to ask u a question now!” Abhi sipping his cup of coffee said “Sure! Carry on!” Pragya “Why are u keep on getting lost in some thoughts?” Abhi smiled widely.
Pragya “I need an answer and not smile!” Abhi “You should speak softer CD…We are at the cafeteria! That too with our colleagues!” Pragya closed her eyes and shook her head in disbelief. Abhi “I am sorry…” Pragya opened her eyes and asked “Why?” Abhi “Lost!” Pragya “How many time will u be lost in a day?” Abhi with a smirk “I thought u will ask where am I lost!” Pragya letting a deep sigh said “I am leaving to avoid myself being lost in your wonderland!” Abhi saw her about to stand and he held her hands. Pragya “What are u doing?” Abhi “Holding your hand!” Pragya “I also know that! But why?” Abhi “I need to talk!” Pragya “About being lost?” Abhi “Yes!” Pragya sat down and stared at him for still holding her hand even though she liked his touch. Abhi saw that and removed his hand.

Abhi “I am lost in you…” Pragya “What?” Abhi “I have been telling this many times and u still don’t get it?” Pragya “No!” Abhi “I get lost in your eyes from the time u asked me to look into your eyes and climb the ladder!” Pragya “Why?” Abhi whispered “I think it’s that moment….” Pragya whispered back “What moment?” Abhi whispered “The moment of love!” Pragya screeched “What? How is it possible?” Abhi “Ssssssh! Now u see everyone is looking at us!” Pragya not able to stand this walked off from there. As for Abhi, he looked at others and said “Nothing guys! Just a moment of misunderstanding!”
Abhi, Why did I tell like that? But she was the one who asked me the question and I replied to it!
He also walked away from there and headed to his cabin.

He was making himself busy by doing his work and that’s when he received a call.
Naina “Bhai! What did u tell to Pragya?” Abhi “Nothing much it was an answer to her question.” Naina in a panicking tone “Yes but what is the answer?” Abhi “Why are u asking that Naina?” Naina “Please Bhai! Just tell me what did u answer her!” Abhi “Wait! First tell me what she said to u!” Naina worriedly said “She is missing…I mean she went missing!” Abhi “What? How can it be possible? I thought she went to her cabin!” Naina “No Bhai….she called me saying I am leaving both the office and the town! She also said she will be missing from all our lives forever!” Abhi “Is she mad?” Naina “Bhai…what really happened?” Abhi told everything and Naina “Bhai….I don’t know whose fault in this but u can’t miss her now!” Abhi “I know…let me call her!” Naina “No use Bhai! She is not picking up my calls!” Abhi “Hmm….but is it switched off?” Naina “No…it’s just that she is not picking up the call!” Abhi “Ok then do as I say!” Naina listened to what he said and she was perplexed whether his idea will work out.
Abhi “Are u on the line Naina?” Naina “Haan Bhai but how sure u are that this will work out?” Abhi “I believe in her love towards Cutie!” Naina smiled and said “Ok Bhai I will do this immediately!” Abhi “Thanks!”

Abhi managed to leave his office after Naina’s call and he went to somewhere else.
Pragya checking her things for one last time and looked at the railway track while sitting on the bench there.
Pragya, It’s all my fault of entering their lives again when I myself wanted to be far from them. Why did I agree to the job when I know I can see him. I knew that she would make me meet and mingle with him but then why did I still agree to this job? Why did I fail to control myself from seeing him and thinking about him. Is it because I need him? Or is it because of the impact that he unknowingly had in one point of my life when I was lost in every single battle against the monster that destroyed my life.
Her thoughts were rushing inside her mind with the flashes of her past life. It was just one incident that made an impact of Abhi in her life. That impact impressed her and gradually it became as the moment she cherished as the love towards him.

Pragya came back to senses when she heard her phone ringing. She took it and saw it was an unknown number. She attended the call. Cutie “Di! Friend is missing!” Pragya “What? What are u saying Cutie?” Cutie with crying said “Ma said Friend is missing! He wrote a letter and passed it to security guard…..” Pragya “Is Ma there?” Cutie “No! Ma is crying badly that both of u went away! She is in her room…” Pragya “And u? Where are u?” Cutie “In my room using Rakesh’s phone!” Pragya “Let me call him….u calm down and don’t cry Cutie!” Cutie was keep on weeping and asked Pragya to come home. Pragya “Ok I will come!” Pragya ending the call thought, what is he doing? I made myself distanced from Naina and Cutie so that he can enter their lives again! But now he is distancing them! I can’t believe he is doing this now!
Pragya called him and Abhi seeing her call smiled. Abhi, Now let’s begin the lovely drama!

Pragya in a tensed tone “Where are u?” Abhi “Where are u?” Pragya “It doesn’t matter but where are u?” Abhi in a sarcastic tone “In earth only…not in some other planet….” Pragya “But where are u? Do u know how worried will Naina and Cutie be if u are not there?” Abhi “It’s the same when u are missing!” Pragya “Listen! I am being missing doesn’t matter…but when u are missing after being with them all this while, it really matters…” Abhi “You were with them before me and u can go missing again right? Then why not me?” Pragya helplessly asked “Why are u not understanding it?”Abhi “Cut the call! Don’t find for me and I will not find for u!” Pragya stressed by saying“No! Listen!” Abhi “I am listening….what do u want?” He asked with frustration. Pragya “Are u going away just because I am leaving?” Abhi “Are u mad? It’s your life and u can leave whenever u wish to!” Pragya felt disappointed with his reply. Pragya “Then why u went missing?” Abhi “Hello! I never went missing! I am at a place that is peaceful….” Pragya “What? We are all with no peace after knowing u left and u are at a place that is peaceful! How bad u are?” Abhi “That’s not my problem!” Pragya “Not your problem?” Abhi “Yes! It’s not my problem!” Pragya “Even if Naina and Cutie are worrying badly about u?” Abhi “Who were they worrying about first? U or me?” Pragya was lost for words. Abhi “If what u are doing is right…then to me it’s also right!” Pragya “At least tell me where u are!” Abhi heard the train reaching sound. Abhi “You are at railway station? Am I right?” Pragya “Yes how does it matter to u?” Abhi “Yes true enough….it doesn’t matter to me but I guess u missed something…” Pragya “What?” Abhi “You missed me!” Pragya “Huh?” Abhi “Look behind!”
Pragya stood up and was shocked to see him standing behind him and fluttered her eyes in surprise.
Abhi “You are crying all this while? Why didn’t I realize that when u were talking to me?” Pragya still couldn’t believe that he is in front of him.

She was still holding her phone close to her ears and he walked near her. He took away the phone. Pragya looked at that and was still standing in shock.
Abhi “Hello! Hi! How are u?” Pragya shook her head and sat back on the bench again. Abhi sitting beside her said “I guess u are heavily shocked!” Pragya remained silent. Abhi “Let’s go….” Pragya looked at him in disbelief. She gave an expression as if she doesn’t want to leave. Abhi “Don’t be stubborn as u can’t miss me now! I know u will be missing me if u leave now!” Abhi “It’s okay now I think it’s silent time…” By saying that he carried her in his arms forcefully and she resisted him doing that. Abhi “You can’t be resisting now if not everyone around here would be thinking I am kidnapping u!” Pragya hearing that remained silent. Pragya “My bags?” Abhi “Oh ya!” He left her down and carried her bags. Pragya “Then me?” Abhi chuckled and said “I am not a superman to carry u in one hand and the bags in the other hand!” Pragya gave a pout and looked angry. Abhi “Go in front!” Pragya “Why?” Abhi “What if u run away behind me?” Pragya “I missed the train just now! How can I run away?” She said that by rolling her eyes and walked in front.
Abhi, Pagal Pragya, let me show u what u have done to me soon!

She walked out of the station looking for his bike and at times looked behind to be sure that he is behind her.
Whenever she looked at him, his actions made her smile inwardly as he stared at her and made signals for her to walk faster.
Pragya reaching near his bike looked at him. Abhi sat on his bikes asking her to hold onto the bags. She too sat behind with an expressionless face.
Abhi started to drive and Pragya was thinking that he would bring to her house but he was going on a different direction. Pragya “Where u going?” Abhi “Peaceful place!” Pragya “What do u mean?” Abhi “I am driving! Do u want me to get injured by talking to u?” Pragya felt upset of him telling that way and remained silent all the way in the ride.
Abhi “Reached!” Pragya “This is…..” Abhi “You like railway tracks right?” Pragya “What? Who said I like railway tracks?” Abhi “You were staring at the railway tracks for so long!”
Abhi “Come! Come!” He said it with uttermost excitement and held her hands to bring her to the railway tracks.
Pragya “Are u mad? What if the train comes here?” Abhi “No worries this is a deserted railway track! There is no train running here for more than 25 years!” Pragya “Are u sure?” Abhi “Sure! Believe me….” He said very convincingly and she too went along with him.
Abhi “Take a seat!” Pragya looked weirdly at the track and how dirty it was. Abhi “You find it dirty? No problem!” He took her duppata away and was folding it multiple times. Pragya “What are u doing? How can u just take away my duppata like that?” Abhi “You also allow me to take it…. U never protested! That means u believe me right?” By saying that he placed it on top of the track and asked her to sit on top of it.
Abhi “Now u can sit here!” Pragya unable to understand his actions sat down and he sat opposite to her.
Abhi whispered “Is the seat comfortable? If not I can make it even more comfortable too!” Pragya “How?” Abhi “I can take off my shirt and u can sit on top of it!” Pragya shrieked “Chee! Shameless!” Abhi “Arrey I haven’t even did that and u are saying me shameless!”
Pragya “Now tell me why are we even here? It’s already getting darker!” Abhi “Getting darker doesn’t matter! Wait!” Abhi took his phone and switched on the flash light and was playing by flashing it on Pragya’s face. Pragya “It’s too bright! Stop flashing it on my face!” Abhi “Okok! Then let me place it on the ground.” Pragya let a deep sigh and looked at him.
Abhi looked at her in the brightness and was lost in her again. Abhi, How am I being lost in her again and again?

Pragya was looking at him and trying to interpret his thoughts by looking at his face. She realized that he is again lost in her by seeing the same lost look in his face. She snapped her finger in front of his face and he came back to senses.
Abhi “I am lost in you again and again!” Pragya “It’s not my fault!” Abhi “It is your fault!” Pragya sadly said “Then I am sorry…”
Abhi “Will u speak what I expect?” Pragya “What do u mean?” Abhi “I think I know what would u speak through your heart but your mind is not allowing it to happen…..”
Pragya “My mind is not allowing it? What does that mean?” Abhi smiled widely and was about to stand up but he tripped on top of Pragya. Abhi was lost in her again and this time Pragya was lost in his closeness towards her.
Abhi “I know what would u speak… heart knows Pragya….”

nee enna pesuvaai songs plays at the background….
en idhayam ariyum..
naan enna pesuvaen,
un idhayam ariyum..
What would you speak,
My heart knows..
What would I speak,
Your heart knows..

naam enna pesuvom,
nam maunam ariyum..
andha mounam kodi
paashai pesumae..
What would we speak,
Our silence knows..
And that silence speaks in
Millions of languages..
ulagathile sirandha mozhi
nee pesum mouna mozhi
The best language in the world is,
The language you speak with silence..

reyil oadum vazhiyoadu
oru poochchedi thaan en vaazhkai..
veyiloadum mazhaiyoadum
adhai kaathida vandhdhadhu un kai..
My life was like that of the flower-plants,
That grows alongside the railway tracks..
Your hands came over (me) to protect
From the rain and shine..

nadhi enna? kadal enna?
ada ellaamae mazhai thaanae?
un maegam, en maegam
adhu vaerendraal pizhaidhaanae?
What’s river? what’s sea?
Aren’t they all just rain?
When distinguished as
your cloud and my cloud, Isn’t that an error?

vaazhkkaiyilae sila uravai paadhiyil paarppoamae..
paarthadhumae nam vaazhvin meedhiyaip paarppoamae!!
In the middle of life, we meet few relationships..
When we meet them, we could see the rest of our lives..
mounam oru kadal poala

adhu puyalkal uranggum pagudhi..
puyal thaandi ooduruvum
un vaarthai enum karuvi..
The silence is like an ocean,
Where hurricanes sleep inside..
Piercing through those hurricanes is your instrument, your words..

mounam enum maegathilae,
nee paesum mozhi kaatraaga..
kaatralaigaL moadhiyadhaal
nam vaarthaiyellaam mazhaiyaaga..
In the cloud if silence,
Your words are the breeze
As the breeze crashes on,
Our words shower as rains

mazhai kaatrai varavaerka
Jannal thirappoamaa?
mazhaip paesum mozhi kaetka
kudaigaL thavirppoamaa?
To welcome the rainy breeze,
Shall we open the Windows?
To listen to the words of rain,
Shall we neglect the umbrellas?
ulagathilae sirandhdha mozhi
naam paesum mauna mozhi
The best language in the world is,
The language we speak with silence..

As they were both lost in each other with silence the rain’s shower break their silence.

To be continued…..

Happy Valentine’s day friends and siblings here! So this is the update from my side as a Valentine’s day special. What will happen next? Will there be proposal or something else? Please wait to know that!

Once again Happy Valentine’s day. Every day should be celebrated as a Valentine’s day with small acts that express our love towards our loved ones. But Valentine’s day can be also a day to remind us of our loved ones’ love towards us and a day to celebrate it! Especially in this world that is busy and makes all of us run after a lots of things like goals, work, money etc. we need a day to celebrate love. Happy celebration of love and wish all of u to be filled with love and care! Spread all your love with care to everyone around u! To me personally this month is special as lots of my family members’ birthday is on this month which includes my birthday too! Most importantly my parents’ wedding anniversary is also around the corner!

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